The Erotic Writer

Four writers for the price of one blog


I’m an open book
But it’s written in code
Some of it so dense and indecipherable
that even I can’t figure it out

And so I wait
Worn pages blowing in the breeze
Praying someone will have the patience
Sheer will and kindness to break me



✧    Hungry

✧    While You Were Sleeping

✧    Innocence

✧    Sweet Boy

✧    Triptych On Lips

✧    Promise

✧    Primitive Rhythm

✧    Vow

✧    To He Who Waits

✧    Held

✧    Him

✧    Slow Burn

✧    between the lines

✧    Shiver

✧    Picture

✧    Your Voice

✧   To the Winds

 Erotic Quickies

✧    Marked

✧    Slave To The Rhythm

✧    Sorry About The Mess

✧    Movie Night

✧    A Thoughtful Gift

✧    Rush Hour

✧    Red Hot

✧   Tempting Fate

✧   Lazy Sunday

✧   Indian Summer

✧   Little Bites

 Erotic Flashes

✧   #Shadow

✧   #Flame


✧   The Garden of Earthly Delights  [Part 1] [Part 2]

✧   Acolyte  [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Epilogue]

“Sum of Her Parts” Series

✧   Button

✧   Neck

✧   Boner

✧   All in the Eyes

Lesbian Erotica

✧   Resignation

✧   Almost Like Dancing

✧   What It’s Like

✧   Before the Ball

✧   A Certain Manner

✧   Tooth

✧   An Innocent Mistake

✧   FightHER

✧   On The Page

✧   Pause

✧   The End

✧   Midnight Snack

The Vanilla Bits

✧   The First Time I Was Taken From Behind

✧   Milk and Honey

✧   Something About Her (prologue)A prologue to Redbud’s story Inexplicable

✧   White Icing * A DuetA delicious erotic collaboration with Redbud

✧   Thick (a masturbatory tale)

✧   Where I Want To Be 

✧   The Extra Mile 

✧   Angel In A Centerfold

✧   Blessed

✧   Fat Tuesday

✧   The Afterglow

✧   Pink Bunny

✧   A Certain ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’

✧   Creep 

✧   The Price of Honesty

✧   Covet 

✧   Passion Play

✧   Secret Garden

✧   Green Goddess 

✧   Mental Picture

✧   It

✧   Rub-A-Dub

✧   Golden

✧   What Not To Do

✧   Easy

✧   Siren

✧   In The Dark

✧   Resolute

✧   Cutting It Close

✧   Perfect Pair

✧   Whipped

✧   A True Gentleman

✧   Sweet Sacrifice

✧   [Intro]

✧   In Lily

✧   Something

✧   Pills & Booze

✧  Tug of [Love]

✧   Heat  

✧   PaintHER

✧   Exhibit A

✧   Into the Desert

✧   Room for More

✧   Fascinate

✧   Take What’s Good

Something A Bit Darker…

✧   It Happened On A Rainy Day

✧  Feisty

✧   Feisty ~ Part II

✧   Just Another Random Encounter 

✧   The Reader

✧   Breathless

✧   Eyes on Her

✧   Spank! 

✧   Sharing Is Caring

✧   Red Flag

✧   In the City

✧   Solo 

  Last Day of Summer 

✧   A Macabre Philosophy

✧   Poison

✧   Triangle


✧   Light Lunch

✧   Mine 

   Make Her Happy

✧   Untouchable

✧   An Inkling 

✧   Honey Nut 

✧   Venus as a Boy 

✧   Like A Virgin 

✧    Suck It  

✧   Stroke It 

✧   Anything For Love 

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