Thick (a masturbatory tale)

You give the word a different layer of meaning.

It’s still light outside,  but I can’t wait until you’ve come home to enjoy you once again…I pull aside the wet panel of my panties and close my eyes, and think of you.

I repeat the word in my head as I get on my knees and press my tits to the hopefully hardening bulge in your jeans and unzip them. I sigh it before I wrap my lips around you and suck your cock, and my mouth waters because of it.

“Thick,” I whisper when you pull me up and make me stand in front of you so you can pull down my panties and bury your face in my pussy to take in my smell, and I’m thinking it when you part my lips with your tongue to lick my hard, hot clit. Even as you slide two fingers inside of my wet cunt, as you lick me hungrily I still see it behind my closed eyelids; I taste it, feel it, and your mouth isn’t enough – not this time.

I tremble when you pull my naked hips toward yours and sink your cock into me, slowly, and I let out a ragged sigh. I don’t notice when you pull off my blouse and rub your lips against my hard nipples over my bra, then pull it off because that little voice is getting louder as I lift and grind my hips on your cock in quickening circles…

This one word is my reality now, just your cock stretching the walls of my pussy almost painfully but deliciously, and I bear down on you until I can feel your balls pressing on my slick perineum. I barely feel as you press your face between my tits and wrap your hands around my waist, then move them down to my ass and squeeze, and I barely register when you wet a finger or two with my cuntjuice and slide them into my ass. You suck my hard nipples and lick around them and maybe lift a hand from my bucking ass to tug at one but for me, the pleasure is emanating solely from your cock; there is nothing else, and it’s so intense I don’t see anything, or hear anything but my own blood roaring in my ears. I’m so far gone in my own world, so completely lost in the sensation that I even drool – not much – just the slightest bit of wetness at the edges of my lips that you lick off along with the sweat beading on my neck and between my jiggling tits.

I stop and open my eyes and look toward the open bedroom door. I’m throbbing, and so aroused I’ve made a wet spot underneath my ass. I pull off my soaked panties, loving the way my swollen lips rub against each other, and bring them close to my face. I feel my face blushing, but I smell them anyway, wondering how you’d react if you could take in my smell. I imagine you walking through the door and seeing me with my legs spread wide open and three fingers parting the plump wet lips of my cunt, and wonder what you’d do or say when I didn’t stop rubbing, and reached down to pinch my hard nipples through the gauzy fabric of my black silk blouse.

I moan, and my eyes close slowly and my fingers continue moving.

You feel me tightening around you, gripping you so hard it’s a bit difficult to thrust into me but I beg you not to stop, not with words, but with moans and soft bites on your shoulder. As I feel my orgasm approaching I’m thinking of it, of you being sucked and squeezed by my hungry cunt and picturing your pleasure, how hard you’ll hopefully cum from fucking me. I envision your balls tightening and your cock pulsing and filling me up, leaving my cunt creamy with cum.

I see my cell phone lying on my nightstand through eyes half-closed and blurry with lust, and something occurs to me. I don’t think twice – I grab the phone with sticky fingers and moan your name into it, and it dials you automatically. I continue to fingerfuck myself deeply while it rings once, twice, three times-

“Baby? I’m on my way home alread-” you start, but then grow silent when you hear my ragged breaths. The sound of your voice, that delicious bass more felt than heard, pushes me over the edge and I start to groan and sigh as my orgasm makes me arch my back and drop the phone.

Mena? Mena, baby are you okay-” I hear you ask, but I’m thinking about my pussy gripping your cock as you thrust into me, nearly clawing your ass as I slam my hips into you, my mouth gaping wide open and almost growling with lust.

“Come home…I’m cumming…” I groan, my face turned toward the phone by my head, and I hear you gasp audibly.

What the fuck?” you say, your voice rising with indignation, but I don’t stop. I turn on my stomach, still fucking my hand, imagining what you’d feel if you saw me doing it, my ass bouncing lasciviously in the air, my back arched and my hand spreading the lips of my cunt as I fuck myself, wishing it was you.

“Come home and fuck me,” I moan, and your strangled little yelp when you realize what you’re hearing gives me another orgasm. I press my sweaty forehead on the pillow and moan your name, spread my legs wide over my hand and continue riding it, short hard deep jabs into my tightening cunt that make my eyes roll and my mouth slack.

“I’m almost there,” you say, your voice already thick with arousal, and hang up. I lay with my hand still stretching my throbbing pussy for a couple of minutes, waiting for my blood to stop rushing. My eyes flutter open, and I pull your pillow towards me, taking in your smell and looking forward to hearing your footsteps in the hallway.

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


    • ximenawrites

      Very good foreplay…for the man to come home to.


      Men aren’t the only ones who suffer from runaway lust for their partners *smile*

  1. vanianthicke

    Consider me charmed (and enthickened) by the captivating chronicling of that most cajoling cuntscapade, my comely comrade.

  2. vanillamom

    i read this at work last night.


    i was so amazingly turned on, so…so…the only word that comes to mind, frankly, is torrid.


    no more reading your posts at work!


    ps i *adored* this.
    your details, Ximena…are breathtaking.
    (pps…i am woefully behind on reading posts, but attempting to catch up from holidays ..)

  3. Meme

    Vani- The ~.* is a surprised, yet fun loving exclamation expression. Inferring or….what? Perhaps you have answered my question though. #confident I guess was your choice of answers.

    Very well, would I agree I can’t help wondering. Confidently pleasing?

    Ciao Bello~


  4. drkwolfhound

    Hello Just wanted to not have you think I have left you out or wasnt thinking about your writing. I found you through Monocle and I am working my way through all his new stuff and just getting to Reds. Wanted to quickly scan your stories and ….well there are some titles and pictures to stories that if they contain what I hope …well you can be sure I will be sharing my thoughts with you in abundance. Right now I am not in the …shell we say right mind set for those type of stories, but to my chagrin my likes and interests are just so eclectic it has taken all three of you to even begin to scratch the surface. Thank you

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