The Price of Honesty

♥  This is a longer one, and it goes a bit deeper than I usually go in the emotional side of sex. I still hope you enjoy – X

He gently sucked her plump lower lip, then slid his tongue into her mouth – but not too deeply, because he knew she didn’t like a lot of tongue unless they were fucking.

She buried her hands in his hair, but he took her hands and laced his fingers with hers.

She sighed into his mouth. She didn’t notice her hands were moving until they were over her head, pressed against the wrought iron head board.

She heard a metallic click – a familiar sound that had made her once dark little heart pound.

She stopped kissing him.

“Handcuffs?” Her mouth twitched with a sudden urge to laugh. She’d been very open with him about her tastes in the beginning of their relationship, but he had always seemed to prefer a vanilla sex life. She’d been perfectly okay with it since he made her so happy in every other way.

Besides, no other man could make her come with only words like he could.

And now, her sweet, unassuming fiancé had handcuffed her to his bed. She cleared her throat noisily to muffle a giggle.

“Mi amor, really – you don’t need to do this.  I’m more than satisfied with what-”

He got up and walked out of the bedroom without even letting her finish.

She sighed and looked down at herself. She was topless, and she wore a pair of coral panties he told her ‘brought out the color of her cunt’.

He walked in holding a peach from the fruit bowl in the kitchen, and something long and thin.

“Can I have a bite?” she said, and wriggled sensuously. He crawled on the bed and straddled her chest. She blinked with surprise. “Hey! I’m not a piece of furniture, mister!” He squeezed one of her nipples. He put the object down between her breasts, and took a sloppy bite from the peach. Juice ran down his chin and dripped onto her breasts and neck.

“What are  you doing, damn it? You know I hate being sticky!”

He arched his eyebrow and smiled. “Is that so?”

She tried to buck him off but he grabbed the object between her breasts, flipped his wrist and exposed a gleaming blade.

A balisong? He owns a fucking balisong?

Although she was pissed and she could barely breathe, she laughed. He was the last person on Earth she’d expect to own any kind of weapon scarier than a chef’s knife – and a relatively dull one, at that. He started to make fluid practiced movements and the knife flashed and circled just inches above her face. Her mouth dropped open, and he winked at her.

“You know, our relationship thus far has been a voyage of discovery,” he said. “And we’re going to take quite a trip tonight.”

She didn’t giggle when he reached down and pulled two bobby pins out of her hair. She couldn’t quite believe what was going on – how did he know how to handle that knife like the men in the movies…and what was all that talk about a voyages and trips? It was cheesy, even for him.

He put the half-eaten peach down on her chest, then dried his wet hand on his t-shirt and grabbed the knife. He brought one bobby pin to his mouth and pulled it open slightly with his teeth. The peach was warm and wet against her breast – stereotypically suggestive. With a quick flip of the wrist he closed the knife and put it on her chest. He knocked the peach off her.

“Oh God, I just washed these,” she said, referring to the sheets. She saw his hands moving in her peripheral vision, and felt a sharp pain on one of her nipples.

“What the fuck?” She looked down at her breast. He’d used the bobby pin to clamp her nipple! Her mouth dried up with sudden lust, but she still couldn’t believe what was happening. He was a nice man, her man, not some ruthless Dom.

He pinched her other nipple deftly, and she trembled with pain. Her mouth moved but she couldn’t figure out what to say to this stranger. He squeezed the small metal tines of one bobby pin until she groaned.

“Ever since I first spoke to you, I knew that I would fall in love you,” he said, and his hand moved to the other breast and squeezed. She sucked in breath and shivered with the pain. “In fact, I’ve often wondered to myself whether I fell in love with you before that and I am not believer in love at first…whatever.”

She licked her lips, but her tongue was dry. “Me neither, but I loved you instantly – ever since you first made me laugh.” She was surprised at the huskiness of her own voice. He sat down beside her and started to play with the knife again. She watched him with bated breath, expecting him to cut off a finger at any moment.

“I used to do this all the time – dick around with knives. They helped to relax me,” he said, not taking his eyes off his hand. She flinched when he suddenly put his hand near her face. She saw all the little silvery scars that she’d previously dismissed as sports abrasions. “As you can see, I wasn’t always this good.”

She shook her head as if to knock something loose. Her nipples had begun to throb.  It had been a while since she’d felt that kind of pleasurable ache, but she was confused. She couldn’t imagine her fiancé as a man who once played with knives, much less endured pain to play with them… but she couldn’t deny the strange light that she saw in his eyes as he flipped it back and forth between both hands.

“I could once do it with two, but I lost the other one when I moved,” he said, and then looked down at her breasts. Her nipples were nearly purple, and he licked his lips so slowly that she felt it in her clit. She wanted him right then, but not like this – she wanted her old boyfriend back.

“Darling, you don’t need to do any of this to impress me – you’ve already impressed me enough,” she said, trying to lighten the mood. “Let me go, and I’ll suck the come out of your cock.”

“Don’t patronize me, dah-link.” He cut through one side of her panties.

“Aren’t these your favorite?” Her voice was squeaky with fear. Although she’d told him some aspects of her past, she’d never disclosed the fact that she was terrified of knives. It was one thing to watch him play, but another entirely for him to use it on her.

“Yes, they are.” He  sliced easily through the other side and pulled them off. He looked at her pussy and smirked. Her lips were glossy with wetness, and her clit already stuck out between her plump cunt lips. He’d once told her eating her out tasted like sticking a whole Maldon salt caramel into his mouth; sticky, sweet, salty.

She giggled nervously and closed her eyes so her heart would slow down. He loved her, so he’d never use that knife on her…right?

He pressed the flat of the blade against her inner thigh. She squealed and tried to pull her hands from the cuffs.

“Please, baby, let me go. I’ll do anything you like, but put that goddamned knife away!”

Her teeth chattered, and she sweat with fear. His features were smooth – he exhibited a calm she’d never seen more than ten seconds after an orgasm. He was still playing around with her ruined panties,  and as she watched, he sliced them in two through the crotch. The knife was so sharp he barely had to pull on the cloth. It occurred to her that he wanted her to see that.

“What made you think that telling me about your previous sexcapades wouldn’t fuck with my head?”  He put the knife down on her belly and threw one piece of her panties over his shoulder. Again, she didn’t know exactly what to respond. He’d asked her questions about her past, and she’d answered them as honestly as she could because she loved him.

“I told you because I didn’t want to keep anything from you…if I remember correctly, you told me-”

He interrupted her.

“It ill-behooved you, baby. I find it surprising that you’d think it proper to tell me about strange men hurting you for pleasure.” He rolled the piece of underwear in his white-knuckled fist. She’d never considered how her confessions might hurt or unnerve him, and she suddenly felt very selfish.

“I’m so sorry…I never meant to make you feel less of a man for-” He stuffed the panties in her open mouth and then patted her face a bit too hard. She was so in shock that her eyes filled with tears.

“Save it,” he said.

Her face still stung from his slaps, and her sorrow quickly turned to anger. Who was he to judge her? How long had those feelings been festering, and why had he asked her to marry him if he was secretly furious?

Her chest burned with heartache, so she closed her eyes and clamped her legs shut.  If he wanted to play under those conditions, she simply would not respond. Was he so clueless he didn’t know that he had to ask for permission first?

She set her mouth in a straight line when he chuckled mirthlessly.

“So you’re just going to shut down, are you?” His voice was close to her ear. She felt the flat of the blade beneath her belly button, and her breath became ragged with fear.

“You let those strangers do frightful things to you, Amira, but you’re closing your legs to me, your ‘beloved’?”

His voice was rough with either lust or anger, and her lip started to quiver. She’d told him she felt horrible after she had allowed them to do what they did since she’d yet to understand why she craved the violence. When he’d come along, she’d felt like she did not need it anymore.

He slapped her out of her reverie, and she nearly swallowed the wad of cloth.

His eyes were on fire, and his mouth was curled into a crooked grin that scared her. She sobbed and turned away, and her legs remained resolutely closed.

“Open your legs, Amira.” His voice was almost gentle. She didn’t move. The sharp edge of the blade scratched at the little patch of pubic hair above her slit, but she remained still.

“Open your legs for me,” he said, and his voice was a little colder. She sniffled and shook her head no. He pressed the blade below her belly button hard enough to sting.

“Open them,” he said again. When she didn’t move, he dragged the blade across and made a long, shallow cut right above her pubic mound. She felt the sudden burn and bucked with surprise, and he opened her legs easily and slid four fingers inside her. She cried with shock when she looked at the impossibly crimson drops of blood oozing from the two ends of the cut.

His hair tickled her thighs as he slammed his hand into her. She focused on the oozing wound on her belly, but prickles of pleasure made her toes curl and her heart beat so fast she could see it in the edges of her vision.

He bared his teeth as he tried to thrust his fingers deeper inside her, but her pussy was too tight. His cock lifted the front of his boxers. Was all he was doing actually turning him on?

He spread her legs as far as they could go, then pulled his cock out of his boxers. The tip was already messy with precum. She tugged at the handcuffs and tried to close her legs, but he thrust his hips forward and rubbed his cock between her pussy lips. He looked intently into her eyes and moaned, and her cheeks burned with frustration. She was hurt, but she still arched her back. He smiled at her.

“You’re a well-trained whore – maybe I should thank my predecessors.” He leaned back to look at her cunt.

She couldn’t believe he’d called her a whore. So now she was well-trained, like a damn bitch? He got her attention by pinching one of her pussy lips painfully. She tried to close her legs again, but he put his shoulder in between them and pinched her other lip.

“You have a perfect cunt for pounding, and I use that word deliberately,” he said, then backhanded it sharply. It sounded like a wet plop, but his knuckle hit her clit and she bucked with pain. He got really close to her pussy and she could feel the heat of his face.

“I can see my hand,” he whispered, and licked slowly around her clit. She moaned through the cloth, but something caught her eye. His hair had fallen in the wound, and it made feathery red lines on her belly. When he lifted his head, and his lips were wet with her. He darted forward and licked around the wound, and her eyes widened with a mix of disgust and arousal. His tongue was still red with her blood when he bowed his head back between her legs and resumed licking her. Her thighs clamped on his stubbly cheeks, but he spread her legs and slid two wet fingers inside her ass. She arched again and lifted her knees to her chest.

He’d never touched her there.

She wiggled as he slid a third finger inside her and stretched her out, and her pussy closed and open slowly. Wetness dripped down to her ass.

“What a sprightly slut,” he said. He slid his fingers deeper and gave her pussy a long, slow lick.

She wanted to be angry at his name calling, but instead she opened her legs further. He pulled his fingers out and used his other hand to squeeze her cunt lips so she dripped freely onto her asshole. He sighed.

“I’ve never seen anything more profanely lovely,” he said, and pressed his cock into her asshole.  She watched him as he slid his cock into her ass for the first time. His face was serious until he was completely inside her. When she clenched around him, his mouth pursed with pleasure.

Her nipples hurt as he fucked her but the pain only made her more eager. He reached down and pinched and rubbed her clit as he fucked her ass, and his eyes didn’t leave her swollen cunt. She knew he could see her tender pink pussy flesh pulsing and tightening around nothing.

He spread her tiny inner lips to expose her fully, and her  pussy winked at him.

“Fuck, that’s pretty,” he said, and slid his thumbs inside her. His eyes fell closed when he felt her warmth from both holes, and his fingers played with her hard clit as he fucked her.

It felt so good to feel him doing that to her – taking her like that – and she couldn’t stop watching him. He could do whatever he wanted to her;  he’d always been able to, and she was so happy that he wanted to cleanse her of the memory of the other men who had taken her before him.

She wished she could tell him that he was already better than anyone she’d ever been with, and she’d known that from the first time he’d made love to her.

What did it matter what others had taken? He’d given her far more in return.

She tightened around his thumbs, and he knew she was close to coming. He pulled his thumbs out of her pussy and tickled her clit as he fucked her. Although he was acting like a stranger, he still knew her body so well!

The handcuffs clinked and ground as she curved into herself with her orgasm, and she squirted and twitched as he watched. He gave a high-pitched whistle and pulled out of her ass.

“And I thought it was just a myth,” he said, then licked her clean. She writhed and moaned into her gag and came again as he swirled his tongue inside her. His face was wet to the cheeks when she stopped shivering. She was lax and her eyes were closed when he slowly pulled the cloth out of her mouth and kissed her. His face was scented liberally with her, and she smiled.

“I love you so much, mi bien… so very much,” she said, and he nodded his head. He flicked her nipple, and she sighed with pain. He quickly pulled off the bobby pins, and tugged at one nipple and licked the other. She writhed and sucked her teeth from the pain, but the heat of his tongue on her made her clit throb again.

He straddled her chest. Her breasts screamed with the pressure and weight, and the shadow of his cock cut diagonally across her face.

“This might be unpleasant.” He slid his cock into her mouth. She bucked as he pressed into the back of her throat, but she opened it and relaxed before she could throw up. He grabbed a handful of hair and thrust into her mouth. “You took theirs, so you’ll take mine too,” he said, and her heart dropped. Tears slid down the sides of her face as he slammed into her mouth so deeply his balls pressed against her chin, and her lips trembled with humiliation. He pulled his cock out, and long strings of spittle dripped onto her chin. She took big bites from the air and hiccupped.

“I loved you most of all… far more than anyone before you,” she said, and her voice was thick with pain. “I just want you to know that.”

His eyes got shiny, but he slid his cock inside her mouth until she trembled with her need to gag. Once it passed, she undulated her tongue on the underside of his cock and sucked on him hungrily. She tasted her ass, but his taste was stronger and completely irresistible to her. Her mouth watered, and she moaned deep in her throat. His balls tightened on her chin and he pulled out of her mouth mid-suck.

He moved between her legs and slid inside her in one fluid movement, and although he felt amazing, she still leaned up and shook her head no.

“I’m not fixed, and you’re not wearing a condom,” she said, but he already knew the risk he was taking. He fell on top of her and dug his fingers in her hips as he ground into her. She tried to steel herself against him, tighten up as if it would somehow stop the inevitable, but her body was too attuned to him and she couldn’t help moving her hips to the rhythm of his thrusts. He bit into her shoulder hard enough to make her groan.

“You’re mine now,” he whispered between thrusts.”No matter who happened before, only mine.” He grunted and pressed his face into her neck, and it felt slippery with sweat.

“I was always yours,” she said, and tightened around his cock. He fucked through the delicious tightness and she knew she would come again, and then he would come  inside her, and their lives would change. He’d plant a piece of himself deep inside her womb, and it would mix with a part of her and bind her to him forever. She groaned with unexpected pleasure at the thought.

Sweat dripped from her neck down onto the bed, and his ragged breaths sounded wet against her skin. She heard him whispering softly into her neck.

“Only for me,” he said, and she felt his cock pulse inside her. She gasped and her heart raced – there was no turning back now – but the fact that he was filling her willingly with himself, marking her for himself – made her pussy suck and grasp at him. They came together, and even after their bodies had stilled, he remained inside her. Their mingled sweat made her pillowcase wet, although her brow wasn’t sweaty.

He reached over to the night table for the key and unlocked her handcuffs. Her shoulders were tingling painfully, but she still put her arms around him. She cradled his face in her hands, and noticed that his long lashes were dark and wet, and his eyes were red. She realized it had not been sweat dripping down her neck as he took her, but tears. Her heart nearly burst with love, even though her wrists were bruised and her belly stung. He was still semi-hard, and she knew he was inside her so not even a drop of his come dripped out until his seed had taken root.

“Only for you,” she said, and wrapped her legs around him and took him deeper inside of her.

Latest Comments

  1. Marie says:

    Most erotica turns me on and it leads to me masturbating, but this piece was so sweet. It appealed to my emotional side and I enjoyed it very much. I’m a sucker for sweet couples (even though this was based around sex…)

  2. paul1510 says:

    Ximena. a bit dark, even for you, but very, very hot.

  3. Squeaky says:

    Oh, Ximena! This is absolutely, stunningly beautiful. Thank you, darling. Thank you.

  4. vanillamom says:

    Ximena….this was so frigging intense. Hot, undeniably hot, but emotionally intense too.

    i was weeping with it, my heart swelling up to near bursting with the emotions this stirred in me.

    Truly one of your most outstanding pieces…


  5. stephaniesubmits says:

    This is a love letter to love – the real, scary, life-affirming kind. And this line hit me hard: “He’d plant a piece of himself deep inside her womb, and it would mix with a part of her and bind her to him forever.” I think having children together gives new meaning to the concept of forever. Just stunning.

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