Sharing Is Caring

“I haven’t had such fun at a party since college.” The front door slammed behind her.

She was so drunk she just laughed. As she twisted around to get at her dress zipper,  her companion grabbed her by the hair. She lost strength in her legs and fell to her knees, but his grip didn’t loosen. Tears made her mascara melt and sent little needles of agony to the back of her skull.

“What’s going-” He stuffed one of his leather gloves into her mouth, pushing it so deep into the back of her throat she gagged.

He tugged on her hair until she looked up at him. “I suggest you relax, or you’ll asphyxiate before the real fun begins.”

She was quiet, but she shivered with nerves. He slowly pulled her up by her hair until she stood and walked her toward the living room, where she was surprised to see some of her new friends waiting. Her pale cheeks were streaked with chalky grey and a leather finger stuck out of her swollen lips like a black tongue. She was so drunk she waved at them and tried to pull away from his grip, but the tall young man with glasses and the metrosexual velvet coat grabbed her wrists.

“I thought you’d never get here,” he said to him over her head as his hand wrung the delicate bones painfully. “The longer I wait, the more ravenous I get.”

The metrosexual’s twig-thin girlfriend pulled down the strapless bodice of her dress. She was surprised to see her burgundy lips purse before sucking one of her nipples into her mouth.

A shorter, older man wearing a brand new white dress shirt and jeans pulled the twig away from her and took her breasts in His hands, weighing them like a connoisseur. His face was calm and handsome, and His thick hair shone like mink. He squeezed her nipples hard and gave her a smile when she whimpered.

“I’m glad you can finally follow directions,” He said to her companion. He let go of her breasts. “I like people to handle My things just so.”  He slapped her breast viciously and stood quite still as a red hand rose on her flesh.
“You’ve done well,” the Man said, and gave her friend an intimate look that made her blink. If she didn’t know any better, she’d think they were fucking.

The twig pulled her dress off, and her companion pulled so hard on her hair that she stood on her tip-toes in her ultra high heels. Her eyes closed with pain. Hands slid into her panties and pinched her pussy lips.

“The cunt’s wet as October,” a female voice said, and then she pulled on the delicate lace of her panties until they tore. “It’s almost a shame. I don’t want her to enjoy herself too much.”

“Quiet!” The older man said, and everyone was still. Even their breathing was muted. “Be silent, or I’ll have you sit in the car and wait.” He was talking to the girl, and she groaned audibly. She heard a slap and a yip, then she was silent. “You – get my bag and start organizing my things like I’ve taught you.”

Her friend let go of her hair, and she dropped to the floor like a sack of flour. She started to pull the glove out of her mouth, but the metrosexual pulled her arms painfully behind her back. She tried to focus through the alcohol haze but her head wouldn’t stop spinning long enough for her to process all that was going on.

She was in her boyfriend’s apartment.

These strangers were touching her.

Her and her boyfriend played rough, but they’d never done so with anyone else present…

The twig put a blindfold on her, and all was black. She heard the clink of metal and a sibilant hiss that made her nervous, but the metrosexual held her so painfully she didn’t dare move a muscle.

“Pull her up again and hold her still – I want to take a good look at her,” the Leader said, and she felt familiar hands tie her wrists together and pull her to standing. He kicked her feet further apart, and pushed painfully into the small of her back so she’d arch. Hands traced down the line of her flat belly and cupped her pussy. He tugged at the little patch of hair right above her slit until her hips jutted forward to avoid the pain.

“Nice – very nice,” He whispered, and she realized for the first time that he smelled like bruised green things – clean and fresh. How deceptive. His breath was suddenly close to her cunt. He pulled her lips apart and caressed her little inner labia, then pinched her clit until she moaned.

“Hard to believe she’s still so new, right? She was acting like such a whore,” her friend said near her ear, and the Leader just grunted somewhere near her hips.

“Says you?” He said, and the man’s teeth clicked he shut his mouth so quickly.

She heard the rustle of cloth, then His hands parted her nates and tugged at her hips until she was nearly bent double. A hot wet finger pushed its way into her asshole even as she squirmed, then another one followed.

“A little too tight, but that can be remedied,” He said, and the twig giggled somewhere to her left. By then, she’d cried all the makeup out of her eyes and her blindfold was steamy hot against her eyelids. The taste of leather was making her nauseous.

“Tie her up – first position,” He said. He sounded sure of His authority. Her friend walked her a couple of steps, then pushed her onto the coffee table. The polished wood was cold against her ass. Someone grabbed her ankles and tied them firmly to the legs of the table with rope. Her legs were spread and she was so exposed she could feel the cool air on her clit.

“She looks good enough to eat,” the twig said, and the metrosexual groaned.

“Jesus, could you be more corny?”

She giggled again.

“Get rid of the blindfold, I want her to see My face,” the Leader said softly, and everything was bright. He knelt close to her and caressed the sweaty hair off her forehead. She stared at Him, and his full lips curled into a smile.

“You like your new friends?” He said as His hand moved down her body.  Three fingers slid easily into her pussy and pressed until she seeped liquid. The twig knelt between her legs and licked eagerly over His fingers. He didn’t even acknowledge her. “Watch me work.”

He got up, and she noticed that He was hard. The twig licked her pussy,  burying her tongue as deep as His fingers had gone as if to taste Him inside her. She was confused, but her hips still strained toward her mouth. One of the men moaned and when she turned her head, He was on his knees in front of one of them. He sucked him off slowly, wetting his cock copiously with His saliva and caressing his balls before taking him deep in His throat again.

Her eyes widened as she watched her Man, who she thought was the epitome of macho, giving another man head. Her friend’s hands were clenched to fists at his side, as if he’d been trained not to touch Him unless He asked… He took him in His throat one last time and sucked until his cock popped audibly out of His mouth.

“All this time, and you’re still my favorite dick,” He said as He got up and wiped his chin. Her friend trembled with unspent lust, but He turned back to her and caressed her face.  He looked deep into her eyes, and her pussy tightened involuntarily.

“Come on, show me how you fuck a wet pussy,” He said to her friend, and he moved quickly between her legs. He didn’t break eye contact as the young man slid into her and fucked her, the ghost of a smile on his lips neither fading nor growing.

“He certainly tries, doesn’t he?” He whispered to her, and she was so enthralled by His gaze she barely registered the man thrusting between her legs. She winced when His hand suddenly moved toward her face, but He just tugged the leather glove out of her mouth. Before she could close it, He spit a clear stream of saliva into her throat. She curled up and coughed but He grabbed her cheeks, squeezed her mouth open, and spit again. This time, she drank before she choked. His saliva was mildly sweet, and she licked her lips clean.

“You want more?” He said softly, and she found herself greedily breathing in His exhaled breath. She blinked, but she couldn’t really speak.

She felt colder when He stood up and made a hand signal to the metrosexual. Her lips were parted by his long, narrow cock, and he throat-fucked her until she gagged. Since she couldn’t see Him, now she heard all the sounds around her – the repetitive wet slap as her friend’s balls hit her perineum, the twig cooing somewhere beyond him, the metrosexual groaning as he rammed his dick into her mouth. Fear suddenly seized her and she started to cry and fight against her restraints, but no one stopped what they were doing. She couldn’t scream because her mouth was full of cock, but-

A hand squeezed her jaw painfully before she bit down.

“People pay dearly for ruining My property, and he’s My property too,” He whispered in her ear, and her muscles relaxed with His touch. “You don’t want to displease Me, do you?

She looked up at him, her swollen lips still dripping spittle. He slid His tongue into her open mouth and caressed her tongue with His. She suddenly felt the cock in her pussy, the girth and weight of it, and came so hard he couldn’t move inside her. He got up.

“Spectacular, isn’t she?” He stood behind him and squeezed the base of his cock. “Come inside her,” He said, and pinched one of his pierced nipples. “For Me.”

Almost immediately, his eyes rolled back and he shook with a powerful orgasm. His face was beautiful with submission. When He saw his come oozing out of her swollen pussy, He smiled and tapped his belly with approval.

“Good boy.” He signaled to the metrosexual and the twig, who had been fucking as they watched. He walked between her legs, and the twig straddled her head and sat on her face without preamble. She was surrounded by the sharp scent of freshly fucked pussy and filled with cock at the same time.  The twig twisted her nipples painfully.

“Lick it,” she said, her voice sluggish with lust. He pumped into her fast and deep and since he was bigger, she curled into herself with her next orgasm. The twig whistled shrilly and leaned toward her pussy as she humped her face.”Ooh, again!” she squealed, and licked her clit as her boyfriend fucked her. She was still so tight each thrust hurt, but the pain only made her have a succession of mini orgasms. The twig’s cuntlips seem to vacuum lock her  mouth and nose so she felt panic through the pleasure. She began to chuff and buck until she finally lifted her hips. Just as she was about to smother her again, He grabbed her hips and pulled her off.

“You can play with her, but I didn’t give you permission to dominate,” He said, His voice smooth as oil. She pouted, but then knelt and jerked off her hard clit as her boyfriend fucked her. When He smiled His approval the twig’s thin, pale face blushed with pleasure. The metrosexual withdrew, and she felt so empty she groaned.

“Look at that. She wants more,” He said, His voice piqued with amusement. He looked into her eyes. “Do you?”

She didn’t talk or move, and the smile faded.

“Third position – now.” She felt hands all over her as she was untied and then tied again so that her arms were bound tightly above her head, and her legs were bound and tied close to her chest so her pussy and ass were completely open and exposed.

“Bring my things,” He said to her friend, and he brought Him a black leather bag – a doctor’s bag. She couldn’t see what He pulled out, but she felt something cold and slick pressing against her asshole. Before she could coomplain He pushed the buttplug deep into her and jiggled it. Pain radiated from her ass, bounced against the insides of her hipbones and settled in her pussy. She heard a low buzz and something vibrated against her clit. She tightened around nothing and her messy cunt dripped.

He slid the vibrating egg deep into her pussy and played with her clit.

“This cunt can suck all our balls dry and twitch for more,” He said to His audience. They nodded gravely around Him. He pinched her pussy lips and separated them, then tugged at her tender inner labia.

“Come here,” he said, and brought the twig forward. “Look at it – this pussy was made for pounding.” She licked her lips greedily and nodded. “Yes, Master. It’s beautiful.”

“And to think when I first found you, you’d wrinkle your nose at the sight of a wet cunt.”

“You taught me better, Master.”

He caressed her pussy, then grabbed something from His bag she couldn’t see.

“It’s beautiful, but not ready for Me yet,” He said, and lifted a tawse in his hand so she could see it. He rubbed it against her sensitive flesh. It was so cold compared to His hands. His face shone with anticipation.

He brought it down hard on her pussy, and the sharp wet slap was drowned out by her scream.  Someone stuffed the glove into her mouth again, and she fought against her restraints to no avail. It came down again and again, and He began to groan after each blow. She tightened every time, and she ached all over – her asshole, her pussy…she hurt all the way to her belly button. He waited a couple of seconds between blows, squeezing her bruised pussyflesh and cooing before artfully striking her again.

She wept freely as a white ball of energy grew deep in her belly. Why wasn’t she angry or indignant about this interesting little surprise?

More importantly, why had it taken Him so long to share them with her?

The egg vibrated deep inside her, and as she tightened with every blow.  She got closer and closer to yet another orgasm, regardless of her agony. His eyes took her in hungrily and it hit her – she wanted to make Him come. In fact, she needed to, desperately. She suddenly wanted Him with every iota of her being – she wanted Him to take her and make her His like no other man had really ever been able to do with His lesser pets as her witness. He held a mirror up near her pussy.

“Look at how beautiful you are,” He said. He had spanked a pretty herringbone pattern into her pussy flesh. She groaned and nodded her head. His cheeks were flushed now, and His eyes flashed sparks that made her flesh tingle. What a sweet burn!

He pulled out the buttplug and slid three fingers into her aching asshole.

“Now you’re ready for Me,” He said, and unbuttoned His pants. The head of his cock was purple and glossy with precum. His other pets groaned when they saw it – He had trained them well.

Her eyes darted to his face, and the sudden, intense flash of jealousy made Him smile.

“Ah, precocious pet,” He said, and then the bulb of his cock pressed into her asshole. Her nipples hardened and she closed her eyes. He backhanded her pussy rhythmically as he pounded into her. The pulsing ball of energy in her belly grew with each thrust and her thoughts, which she’d never been able to silence in any other way, faded into a buzz quieter than the one emanating from between her legs. Even His precious groans faded, and all she could feel is the while light expanding to fill her up completely, pushing up against her closed eyelids…

She heard her orgasm moans as if from far away, and He grunted as her ass muscles pulsed around His cock. He slid His fingers inside her pussy and pressed in the place they’d discovered together and she came again, squirting so copiously she heard liquid hitting the cloth of His shirt.

Then, there was nothing.


She woke to the feel of His tongue on her pussy, licking off their mingled come. She wasn’t tied up anymore, and she had been placed lovingly on His huge bed.

“They’ve all gone,” He said. He crawled on top of her and kissed her face. She caressed the back of His neck and nuzzled His cheek.”Are you happy now? We finally have no secrets, and just like I promised, what’s Mine is now yours.”

She nodded and bit into his shoulder until He groaned, marking Him like He’d marked her.

“May I ask whether you told them who I was before setting them loose on me?” she asked. She licked His freckled skin where she’d bitten.

“Of course not – that wouldn’t have been much fun, would it?” His voice was thick with sleep.

“You’re positively wicked,” she said, already looking forward to the looks on their faces when they met their new Mistress.

Latest Comments

  1. Paul says:

    you have such a rich vein of fantasy and write so well.
    Yet for me it isn’t quite real.
    Still I enjoyed.
    Warm hugs.

  2. Paul says:

    my comment isn’t a criticism of your writing, rather of my upbringing. :D
    I find the whole Master, Mistress and dominants thinking that they own their subs/slaves rather hard to swallow. ;)
    While I am acquainted with several couples who live in their different D/s (sic) styles.
    I am of the opinion, [and I’m being very careful here], that such a poly setup, human nature being what it is, can only be successful in a fantasy fiction situation.
    Never the less, I will continue to read you with pleasure.
    Warm hugs

  3. ximenawrites says:


    I see where you’re coming from and I agree, to an extent. Sometimes bdsm politics can get a bit confusing, but ever fascinating – there are no cookie-cutter situations, and everyone’s experience and definition of the lifestyle varies.

    Anyway, why else write erotic fiction, if not to sometimes put fantasies to paper (or computer screen, ha ha!).

  4. SushiK says:

    I have been reading your articles for a couple of months now and I must say, you have quite an imagination… keep it up.

  5. willcrimson says:

    The combination of tears, pain and arousal is common to many of your stories.

    I’ve never felt as though I could pull it off or make it believable. I feel as though I want to know more about what your character is thinking and feeling. It’s a kind of sharing and relationship I wish I understood (more than I do).

    • ximenawrites says:

      Well, pull up a chair for I’ve a whale of a tale to tell…<>

      I *would* write a whole psychological background for why some of my characters cry, but I don’t think anyone but the dacryphiliacs would find it arousing.

      Such intense scenes can cause a strong emotional reaction in certain people, right? It’s not outside the realm of possibility. Maybe the tears are tears of sexual frustration, or anger and humiliation at the fact that she wasn’t told by her better half that her future pets would get a go at her, or simply an involuntary reaction to the mix of pleasure and pain.

      I don’t know what it is about intense physical pleasure mixed with strong emotions that gets me to hiccupping like people do right before they start to sob (although I may not cry). It’s a release, and it’s nice to be literally ‘overwhelmed’ with pleasure once in a while… it reminds me I’m not a remote, jaded fuckstress, but a woman.

      Honestly, if you make a woman cry (at least once) while you’re deep in the vortex of the fuck, you’re doing things right. The trick is to not stop unless she asks you to :P

    • willcrimson says:

      That actually helps (between you and Nilla). The emotional ride must be self-evident to the woman writing the story.

      The feeling I got the most, from reading the story, was the fun you were having in imagining the scenario. My favorite line: “The cunt’s wet as October.” That is a great line.

  6. vanillamom says:

    yes, and yes and yes…

    this, IMHO, was hawt…no other words do it justice, frankly. And i read this * voraciously*, chewing down the words like candy.

    there were hints, here and there of who he was…but that she was also a top, yes, that was a nice twist!

    i cry during really intense sex. (drives Master nuts, coz he things its too much pain, but really? Its so much happy….and so much intensity…its good crying…

    You did *such* a wicked awesome job describing the “white ball” of lust/pain…that commingling of each as He fucked her ass (and clue here–)fingered her pussy in ways they’d discovered before….

    My gosh it’s hard to describe that pain/lust/pain/hurt/throb/Orgasmic bliss…and you did it! Beautifully, and for me at least, very evocative of the entire experience.

    All that said?

    i freaking *LOVED* it.

    Sorry i am so behind on your older posts…seriously? I try not to read them on ZNN days (no orgasm days)…coz they are so intense for me.



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