About Us

And Who We Are.

I’m a story-teller.

And erotica is just one of the many kinds of stories I tell.

I didn’t set out to write erotica but now that I am, I’ve begun to appreciate erotica as an art form in and of itself. Along with that realization comes a developing belief that my erotica should reflect what’s best in us (as much as any art form). I find love-making, and the variety of ways we express it, to be beautiful.

To the extent that I want my stories to reflect what’s best in us (and what’s best about our natural sense of fun, humor and curiosity when it comes to sex, love, and lovemaking) I don’t write about the under-aged, about physical or psychological abuse, incest (parent/child), humiliation or rape.

Enjoy life passionately.

William Crimson a.k.a RedBud

Art by Yarek Godfrey

I started writing (very bad) erotic fiction half a life ago, initially  to name and confront the demons and succubi dancing in my head since adolescence. I continued writing because I found I liked it, and it provided catharsis for fantasies I would never contemplate acting out, or ever condone in beyond the realm of imagination. I am more attracted to erotica (whatever the medium) written for or directed toward women (and if it focuses on my own preferred kinks, all the better). That is also often the way I end up trying to write. I love the emotion of the act of love, and the animal passion of pure sex. I believe the two are far more easily separable in fantasy than in reality.

I sometimes explore the darker themes and fantasies, including reluctance to non-consent. But I also state categorically that I think rape, in the real world, should be a capital crime. I do not believe that these two statements are contradictory in the slightest. Fantasy and its exploration are places where we may safely face that darkest part of ourselves. But fantasy it must remain.

The issue of control and lack thereof is not always central to sex, though there is often an element – or an instant – where control is lost. The exploration and study of it is something that draws me consistently, but not uniquely. There is so much to explore in the world of passion, love, lust, and sensation, and we have both so much, and so little time to indulge ourselves.

Raziel Moore ≡ Monocle

Necessity is the mother of invention, and it has a lot to do with why I started writing erotica. Every time I read a story, I’d always be left thinking “I loved it…but what would have happened if she did that, or if he had said this?”

I’m fascinated with the relationships between men and women, and sometimes cringe at all that remains unsaid and undone because of fear, pride, or even worse — convention.What if a hundred years from now, people thought that we were as closed-minded as some of us think the people who lived a hundred ago were? I want to move forward from the thinking that “men are pigs” and “women are long-suffering, innocent creatures of comfort”. We both possess good and bad in equal measure, and if we took the time to find that balance, it would be a much kinder, more beautiful world.

What I do is truly a labor of love. I put my thoughts, feelings, and desires into writing as a journal of sorts, so that people will see that we won’t set ourselves on fire and burn to ash for showing others our hearts and sharing our desires. My writing explores all sorts of fantasies, and it sometimes veers toward the darker or harsher realms. I like to occasionally delve into what proper society might consider taboo — bdsm, homosexuality, and certain fetishes come to mind — but you don’t have to follow me down that path if don’t want.


All is Love.

Each of our erotic stories is like a letter,
And the response from our readers is the reward for writing them.
Why else write erotica publicly? Before you read and leave please remember:

If you would like us to keep writing, please write back to us.


  1. April

    I also stumbled into this site, but found myself caught and drawn in. These stories are beyond description for me. I started reading out of a simple desire for a good sex romp. What you ALL write is so much more! I plan on commenting more in the future, and maybe (hopefully) become one of those few allowed to see more. Please don’t stop stop writing, the world ( at least my part of it) would be bereft without yor beautiful words.

    • Thank you, April. We’ve all been very quiet for the last couple of months. I think we’re all a little exhausted, but I have more stories I want to write. Responses like yours remind me of the good in these stories. :-)

  2. I love this blog. It’s one of the few I’ve found out there expressing the erotic in truly rich, poetic ways and I appreciate that very much. You all evoke the emotions and feelings to which I aspire as an erotic romance author myself. Thanks for the master classes! Please carry on. ♥

  3. I write for many of the same reasons. There are stories in my head that want, need, demand to be shared. As far as I’m concerned, Erotica is just as valid a category as mystery, thriller or Sci-Fi.

    I’m glad I have found your blog and I enjoy the writings of everyone here. :)

  4. exxiex

    Your blog was suggested to me as a place to learn more about erotica and the writing of it..since I try to write it myself..and I am glad to have found it..This is wonderful erotica as the artistic form that it is..

  5. Erotica is simply a designation. Most great authors have erotic content in their works. For example, Mailer in his ‘American Dream’ describes a man who throws his wife over the balcony then goes down stairs and has anal sex with the maid. Updike, Roth, Jong, you name it, it is literature. My book “HE” similarly is literature but seems to have been labeled erotic by some. So be it.
    Stephan Morsk

  6. Cille

    I’m long time fan. Excited to find new things to read. Saw this article today and thought you all would find it interesting.

    Have any of you heard of this author or any of his pseudonyms? Sounds like his work would fit in here.

  7. thesinnersaintdiary

    Dear Ximena,

    I really love your writing and have followed. I am fascinated by the relationships between men and women too. I am particularly intrigued with how sexuality impacts relationships in so many ways. I think you might appreciate my blog, The Sinner Saint Diary, so I invite you to check it out. http://thesinnersaintdiary.com

    The Sinner Saint Diary features incredible, true stories to explore the mutually impactful interaction between sexuality and relationships. Sinner Saint invites readers into an autobiographical catharsis and ignites your passions with intelligent, compassionate, reality erotica.

    I would be honored to have you browse by and give The Sinner Saint Dairy an opportunity to spark your interest. I’d be humbled to have any of my words read by a writer as experienced and masterful as you.

    If you like the like the blog, I am always grateful for any help I can get in getting the word out. Thank you so much.


  8. Caryatid

    I’ve been reading your stories for probably a year, but have never been able to post a comment till today. I’m not sure what’s changed. I am glad to think I will now have the opportunity to give you feedback on these posts I have been so enjoying.

  9. Amiele

    You guys! 😥
    I came over from RG (which I love too) and feel on love/lust with your writings. Each of you have a wonderfyl style and I switch from one to the other depending of my mood…
    X – if you knew the ideas you gave me 😉
    Redbud – ‘What Turns Her On’ is officially my favorite erotic sentence ever.
    Raz – Invisible Lines was… haunting.
    I dont write when I read your stories, but they have fueled my imagination (and my man’s, since I send him links that make me think of us when we are apart too long…)
    So well. Love you guys. And would love to read the darker stuff… 😈

    • Thank you so much Amiele. I write this every time, but getting positive feedback from readers really makes all the difference. Just when I’m down, thinking I could have written War & Peace (who knows, right?) I get a note like yours reaffirming the goodness of all literature. :) Thank you.

      Will | Redbud

  10. Cille

    Will! Tentacle has a cameo in the movie the Handmaiden. Thought you should know.

    Must say I’m not loving the mobile version of the new theme. It’s not working correctly. Or it something. Could be my old phone too.

    Love reading the works by you, monocle and ximena. Thank you for sharing so much. 💜

    • So… I went out looking for previews of the movie. The preview, at least, looks great! Love the soundtrack. Definitely. Must see.

      So what’s up with the new theme? What’s not working? There’s an android app (maybe for Apple too?) called WordPress. It’s for creating content and reading WordPress apps. If you haven’t already, you might try that?

  11. Cille

    Will, I never replied to your inquiry about the new wp theme. I find it hard to navigate on mobile. I did get a new phone since that first post but it’s still kinda tedious to find things.

    Saw this today and thought of you all of course. I can’t be the only one turned on by a robot… 😬😂

  12. drkwolfhound

    Ok Wil I AM. monocle got me to this site, I have sent you an email after losing my mind, you are a prolific writer and what I have read so far…well WOW. can I get the PW for the protected site please? and where have you gotten all your pics, dude they are some of the most thought provoking, erotic, sensual, for shadowing photos and drawing I have run across, and let me tell you I have been trolling the internet since BBC’s. Like Farmers insurance I have seen a thing or two.
    Thank you in advance for your sharing of all your stories, I really enjoy them.

  13. Midnight

    Absolutely love this whole blog and am thrilled that you are still active on it. I would love love the password to the protected site so I could enjoy more, how would I go about getting it?

  14. Posy Churchgate

    I stumbled across your blog yesterday, recommended by my good friend Asrai Devin. Wow! I could NOT stop reading, each piece was thrilling, exciting – sometimes a slow burn, other times burning hot. Some topics were uncomfortable but the sex was always beautifully set out for reader enjoyment. You offer so much to choose from. Bravo. Please keep going.

  15. Inzomniac

    Greetings everyone! Love your work, very evocative and creative, sensual in the extreme, and especially love the sheer breadth of topics and genres you all touch upon.

    As it happens, I have a question for you all: There was a post a couple years back saying you were open to doing stories on commission? I’m wondering if that’s still on the table. I’d love nothing more than to see some of the things in my head get hammered out into something tangible by talent such as yours.

    Thank you for all the good work, for a very subjective definition of the word!

    • Monocle

      Hi Inzomniac, Thanks so much for the kind words. Commission stories have fallen by the wayside. It was an experiment that didn’t pan out.

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