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The Horrible Adventures of Tentacle

Daydreams & Distractions

For those of you who came to this site through JanesGuide, the sampled story was from Thanksgiving. All checked(✔) stories, having been edited, have been removed and will reappear, revised and improved, in the Book — Erotica: 101 Daydreams & Distractions. If you want to be notified of its availability, subscribe to the blog. I’ll post when it’s ready. Soon!

Book One

Book One is now an ebook ( in ebook and Kindle format) I’ll be publishing each collection, 25 stories each, as Book One though Four. Alternately, if you feel like waiting, the four books of The Daydreams & Distractions, totaling well over a thousand pages, will be published as one book later this year.

Daydreams & Distractions: Book One

The first book of 101 Daydreams & Distractions, containing the first 25 Poems, Fables and Erotic Stories.


1. Let Us be Foul
2. Scarecrow
3. Words
4. The Supplicant
5. Stung
6. Vicky’s Secret
7. Out of the Blue
8. All Day Long
9. Tentacle
10. Possessive Tense
11. Grind
12. Swinging
13. Leda & the Swan
14. The Blues Man’s Woman
15. Droit de Cuissage
16. The Bet
17. Cinderella
18. Identities
19. Kisses
20. Ode to a Urinal
21. A Good Girl
22. Angelus
23. The Ecstasy of the Masculine & Feminine
24. Waiting for the Ferry
25. Lavinia’s List of Sexy Things

red riding hoodBook Two

1. Haiku
2. The Thief
3. Bristle
4. Dear Mr. Editor
5. Xtians Do It Best
6. Pan
7. Mr. Washmore™
8. Tentacle Eats Woman
9. Patty Cake
10. Prize
11. The Voyeur
12. Wanted
13. On the Deaths of Lovers
14. The Casebook of Frank and Joe: Catch & Release
15. Forcible Entry
16. Girl Chaser
17. Thanksgiving
18. Sundress
19. The Demon
20. Little Red Riding Hood
21. The 7 Stages of Foreplay
22. Desert Island Gal
23. Falling
24. Lyra’s Near-Death Experience
25. What I’d Do

Book Three

1. Rapture
2. Bite
3. How Babies are Made
4. God
5. 45
6. Tentacle Eats In
7. The Birdhouse
8. Watching
9. Envy
10. White Icing & White Icing Duet
11. Inexplicable
12. Tell Me
13. Secrets
14. How Did He Know?
15. Cheated
16. Come
17. BlueBeard
18. Experts
19. Hurt Me Good
20. Beauty & the Beast
21. A Slave’s Tale
22. The Several Meanings of ‘No’
23. Jacob’s Ladder
24. Pygmalian
25. This is Just to Say

Book Four

1. Bell & Hammer
2. Pornography
3. She Says to You
4. Clean
5. The Stranger
6. Sex in Plaid Flannel
7. Sex in Black Flannel
8. Passing Lane
9. Things That Go Bump
10. Zipper
11. Orgy
12. Not Sure I Should
13. Impreg
14. Innocence & Experience
15. Cat & Mouse
16. Pink Pussycat
17. King Stork
18. 7 Variations on a Sexually Inappropriate Comment
19. The Three Frilly Girls Gruff
20. Shibari
21. The Little Mermaid
22. The Forbidden Trilogy
23. Anal Sex, Lasagna and a Momentary Lapse of Reason
24. Sketches in Dominance & Submission
25. Just Plain Love
26. Unsayable




Erotic Vignettes.

Vignettes inspired by Erotic Images

  • Hurt me Good
    A story dedicated to Remittance Girl
  • Parable
    A musty Victorian parable about an island where men and women live in separate tribes.
  • Pygmalian
    A young woman possessing tremendous talent is pursued by an anonymous Art Collector and connoisseur of music.

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