• Marina

    the girl’s mother waited by the lake on an evening when the waters were dark with night and the village lights were like a hundred malevolent eyes. the girl’s mother asked what she carried. the girl replied that she carried two loaves of bread. her mother said: you bring no such things. those are stones.… Continue Reading

  • Tributaries

    Once more, backdated to last Sunday. Bear with me. Enjoy my playful winter’s love sonnet. the way a brook runs under snow on a winter’s night as if you wouldn’t know what lies hidden in plain sight is the way I find you under a winter’s slate of sheets and a pillow or two (uncovering… Continue Reading

  • All Day

    Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I’m backdating this post to last Sunday. That’s cheating, but I’d like to write one erotic poem every Sunday through the end of the year, starting February. I wrote an erotic haiku every day for a year, so I thought maybe one poem a week might be doable. •… Continue Reading

  • The Daimyō’s Son

    One night she woke me, one kiss before her lips enclosed my cock. I latched my fingers in her hair. The sheets slid down my arm and over her head. My back rose from the mattress, but she released me saying: “I had a dream.” “Of what?” “I was the beautiful daughter of a fisherman… Continue Reading

  • The Peculiar Tastes of Yann Moix

    The French writer and television presenter Yann Moix, who I had never heard of until this morning, appears to have batted the hornet’s nest of older women with something like an 80 pound mallet. You can read about him at the Telegraph  and The Guardian, among other sources. His comment? To wit: “I prefer younger… Continue Reading

  • LUX.C4

    This may encourage you to brush up on your Milton. If so, check out this graphic novel, which inspired me as I wrote LUX.C4. Another story to be filed under Erotic Fiction. And as always, consider stories posted here to be first drafts. Hopefully there are enough hits and threads that you can piece together much… Continue Reading