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On the Deaths of Lovers

April 30, 2015

On the Deaths of Lovers
by Will Crimson

I, death, prefer that my name not be capitalized. To capitalize my name suggests a formality and importance utterly misplaced; yet I digress before I even begin. Where I ought to begin is late August, and unexpectedly. Two lovers, having received Halloween costumes several weeks in advance, are inspired to try them on.

IMG_0102His costume is a skeleton. Hers is a ghost.

Naturally, in the course of trying death on, they must be naked and resplendently alive. This frivolity doesn’t go unnoticed. In the time it takes to discover if death fits, they shed the giddy presentiments and make love. The costumes go in the closets; but neither of the youths are oblivious to the delicious incongruity: death and procreation.

But then, who isn’t?

But let’s be generous and allow each generation its rediscoveries. Let them flirt with the poetry of a ghost and skeleton making love. If you can’t make fun of death while you live, then when?

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April 26, 2015

by Will Crimson

it’s how I describe it.
it’s when
you’re in my lap, your back
turned to me,
and my
cock is the curve of your spine.


tumblr_mmaa0rjJFj1r8bs07o1_500it’s when I take you
by surprise,
and every
is a shock; and your
orgasm stuns and confounds you.


it’s when I thrust
a last time
and force you—hold still,
the way your nipples burst as if too much
filled you.


April 13, 2015
And here’s another man —
Wouldn’t you know? —
Kissing your coy and artful hand.
He’ll be an also-ran
In a night or so.
And here’s another man
Who wears a wedding band
And look how slow! —
tumblr_my0m3pBZMn1qfbon7o1_1280Kissing your coy and artful hand.
I know how this began.
I should go.
(And here’s another man).
But here I am as planned,
Another gigolo
Kissing your coy and artful hand.
What’s not to understand?
Beauty is the status quo
And here’s another man
Kissing your coy and artful hand.
William Crimson: April 13 2015
  • I wrote this today as a rewrite for the upcoming Erotica: 101 Daydreams & Distractions.

川柳 · picnic (version 2)

April 11, 2015

erotic haiku by William Crimson

shared basket—returning from June’s late sunset

川柳 · picnic (version 1)

April 11, 2015

erotic haiku by William Crimson


June sunsets—returning from the picnic



April 10, 2015

tumblr_msgm2mVbkS1s1gbk8o1_500the way he orders you
to your knees
to lick, make slick
and slippery with your own mouth

the same cock
that will penetrate you
from behind on the glide of your own spit
as if it were

your own
tongue in your cunt
breaking you for and before the plunge of his own

Will Crimson: April 10 2015

川柳 · white duvet

April 9, 2015

an erotic haiku by William Crimson



the white duvet, her nipples—flowers under a late, April


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