• Past Dream of Future

    This was a real dream I had, some time ago, that I actually wrote down some details because, well, you’ll see. It’s completely gone from memory now. So I treated the scribbles like notes for a flash-fic. It’s been a long time, so we’ll see how it goes.

  • Knowing Better

    An adaptation from elsewhere, but yeah, it’s new. – Raz Knowing better She knows better than to tease in public. But going commando on a warm summer day She has to tell me just a little whisper She has to show me just a little peek She knows better that I don’t care anyone else knowing… Continue Reading

  • Two Mornings

    These pieces were long ago on ASSTR before the blog was started, and then in Silvered Lens when it was in print. They never made it to be posted here in the blog, though they’ve been sitting as a “private” post here for 4 years. While they are Monocle’s, they are Also Raziel’s, I think. Two… Continue Reading

  • Lost in the Map

    Originally posted in January, 2010. Taken down for Silvered Lens. Restored July, 2016 This story had its origins in the same conversation that led to Remittance Girl’s Gift Wrapped. Mine took a little longer to get done…   -Raz Lost in the Map by Raziel Moore “This is the map room. Most of the maps… Continue Reading

  • Start Without Me

    Originally posted February, 2010. Taken down for publication in Slivered Lens. Reposted July, 2016 Start Without Me By Raziel Moore   “I got this. You go ahead and start, I’ll be right up!” I meant it as a joke, chuckling to myself while I put away the last of the groceries. Like half of the… Continue Reading