In With The New

A threesome for the New Year. May it it be better than the last two. -M

There are not many lower lows than being dumped by your boyfriend on New Year’s Eve. At the fucking new year’s party. And then watching him openly flirt with what seemed like every other girl in the place. Autumn was pretty much too stunned for tears – and wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. She glared, and hurt, and sat at the open bar and decided to get shitfaced.

It’s definitely Winter now, Autumn, she thought humorlessly. Maybe I’ll go throw up on – or in – his car before Ubering home.

She was two shots into her plan when an annoyingly pretty blonde sat down next to her at the bar. 

“Jesus Christ the octopuses are out tonight!” she said, to no one in particular, trying to get the bartender’s attention.

“Octopuses?” Autumn couldn’t help asking.

“Yeah. All arms and hands everywhere. Almost didn’t make it off the floor. Yo! Whiskey straight. Shit – look at that one on my friend Joelle.”

Autumn followed the jerk of blonde curls and pointing finger, and don’t know why she was surprised to see Ted trying to feel up the cinnamon brunette indicated by the gestures. 

“Fuck,” she muttered. “Fucking Ted. My, um, ex. As of 30 minutes ago.”

“No fucking way!” her new seat-mate exclaimed. “Jesus Christ. Hey!” she shouted at the bar tender. “Get this woman another- what is that?”

“Rum and Coke.”

“Rum and Coke. And you – what’s your name?”


“Autumn – I’m Winny. Wait right here, I’m on a rescue mission. Watch my drink.”

She watched Winny barge her way onto the dance floor, and deftly grab her friend’s hand while simultaneously hip-checking Ted into another couple and making it look like an accident. By the time he’d apologized and recovered, the two women were almost back to the bar. 

Maybe annoyingly pretty, but she’s a cannonball! Autumn thought. It’d be nice to have a wingwoman like that.

Winny introduced Autumn to Joelle – “Call me Jo” – downed her shot, and re-upped for all three of them.

“Goddamned octopuses,” Joelle said.

“Bastard boys,” Autumn growled.

“Fuck ‘em!” Winny said loudly. “Or… Don’t fuck ‘em. That’ll show ‘em!” She raised her glass and, the two other women followed the toast. 

It was cathartic, but Autumn soon found herself scowling into my half-finished drink as Winny and Joelle chattered.

Bastard boys. One in particular. But yeah, all of ’em.

“Hey. Hey, Autumn,” Winny caught her attention. “Don’t let a shitty guy stay in your head. Throw him out and forget him. Better yet, make him regret what he did. Get stuck in his head.”

Easy for her to say.

“Sure. I could go kick him between his legs…” Autumn was getting to the point where she could have done that, with only a little encouragement.

“No, not that way. But,” she grinned evilly, “you can hurt him worse.”

Autumn was going to ask how, but Winny was grabbing her hand and pulling her to the dance floor. Before she knew it, she was lost in the music with Winny – and Jo, who had followed them. The three danced in a little triangle, but Winny and Jo sometimes took turns dancing with Autumn one on one, and also with Autumn right between the two women, real close.

And it was fun. Dancing with other girls like this, Autumn discovered, was just… liberating. No self-consciousness, no worries about mixed messages or other weird shit. She’d never even thought of doing this with her other friends, and now couldn’t understand why they’d never thought to.

Too boy focused? Too boring? Whatever. This is a blast!

They laughed, they shook their asses, bumped and ground against each other in their own little territory on the floor. Any guy that tried to horn in got a glare, or a curt no, or even a playful, but serious shove away, and the guys gave.

It was almost midnight when Autumn saw Ted again, dancing close with some other girl, but staring over at her and Winny and Jo. Autmun was between the two, and they were just shimmying away. Autumn caught Ted’s eye and saw, she didn’t know, jealousy? Regret? Whatever it was, she fucking liked it, and I wanted more. Maybe that, and however many rum-and-Cokes, was what made her take Winny’s head in her hands and kiss her, staring past her new friend’s surprised expression, right at Ted while she did it, until the feel of Winny’s lips – and then tongue – on her own made Autumn close close eyes to concentrate on the sensation. 

“Haha!” Jo laughed close behind her, her body against mine. “Mr. Octopus is staring Aut, not even moving. You got him. Oh you got him. But this is going to burn him forever.”

Jo’s hands on Autumn’s shoulders turned her, rocking with the beat of the song playing breaking the kiss with Winny. Jo turned her while Winny’s hands went to Autumn’s sides, and then Jo kissed Autumn full on the lips, the three of them moving together as one to the music. Now it was Winny’s voice in Autumn’s ear.

“Ohhh yess. He’s- ha! He’s trying to leave the floor with his floozy, and she’s not going.”

The countdown to midnight was beginning, and Jo was still kissing Autumn, Winny pressed against her from behind, hips against her ass, one hand on Autumn’s stomach. Winny kissed the back of Autumn’s neck as Jo’s tongue and Autumn’s explored each other. 

“He’s leaving the floor all alone,” Winny breathed in her ear. 

Out with the old.

8 seconds to the new year, 5, 4.

“New year, new start,” Winny said, as the cheers went up.

Joelle and Autumn came up for air to find champagne glasses in their hands, which they drained as the music came back on and the three women danced up a storm again. Ted was… well, Autumn realized she didn’t care where he was anymore. The night blazed on, and it was more fun than she’d dreamt possible. They spun with each other, separating, finding each other again. Autumn got hit on a few times, but rebuffed each with a smile – or by grappling with Win or Jo to show, and maybe demonstrate, that she was ‘taken’.

The trio poured ourselves out of the party to hail a cab at some insane hour. It must have been 3am, maybe 4, maybe later. The closest place was Jo’s so that’s where they headed first, laughing and talking about nothing and everything. When they arrived, without saying anything about the decision, they all piled out instead of each of Winnie and Autumn continuing on. They all, well, Autumn at least, just didn’t want the night to end. And the other two didn’t have any objections. Which is how they ended up in Jo’s living room with another bottle of wine, and more, slower music. The the three women danced there, too. the same way as in the party, but there was more touching involved now. Of different kinds. Autumn found they were dancing into Jo’s bedroom.

Autumn wasn’t a lesbian, not even bi. At least she didn’t think she was. Or she hadn’t thought so. Before that night, she’d never even considered kissing with another woman, much less anything more intimate. But the kissing on the dance floor, even if liquor-fueled, had come so easy. The feel of Win’s and Jo’s bodies against her own had been so good. Clean and uncomplicated. And now, between them at the foot of the bed, and then on it, hands and lips exploring as clothing slowly disappeared, it seemed so natural, so sensual, so right. Lips moved over soft skin, tongues, hands.

Octopuses. The thought made Autumn smile to herself.

Win’s hand was on her breast as they kissed. Jo’s breath on her thigh, and then lips and tongue kissing between her legs sent Autumn straight to heaven. She was coming in no time, hands in Jo’s hair pressing her face and delving tongue to Autumn’s pussy as Win sucked on one breast and massaged the other. 

Jo pulled away as Autumn started coming down from her amazng, enlightening climax. Autumn turned into Win’s kiss, hand inexpertly moving to explore between her new friend’s – lover’s? – legs. 

“Ohh, there’s time for that, Aut, but first…”

Win rolled Autumn to lean back against her soft breasts, sitting between her legs. She whispered “open,” before pulling Autumn’s chin up to kiss her again. Head spinning, Autumn obeyed, spreading her legs again, wider until her outer thighs brushed up against Win’s inner. Autumn expected the return of Jo’s devouring mouth, but instead of lips, the slick, blunt knob of a phallic shape divided her pussy lips, stretching her open and pushing inside, making her moan loud into Win’s mouth and squirm as she was impaled. The shaft vibrated faintly, pushing deeper and deeper until Jo’s body settled against Autumns. With satisfied sigh Jo ground her own mound into the vibrating base of the fake cock, pressing it firmly, deeply into Autumn.

“Oh god, oh god,” she murmured into Win’s mouth as Jo started fucking her.

“That’s right. You don’t need any silly boys do you,” Jo’s voice was low, seductive.

Out with the old.


In with the new.

“This is going to be a great year,” Win kissed, then licked behind her ear.


“Mmmm. Come for us, Autumn. Come for us then show us what your mouth can do.”

Autumn came for them. And then showed each of them what her mouth – and fingers – could do while they took turns fucking her from behind.

The three women more or less passed out in a sweaty, satisfied pile as the first dawn of the new year broke through Jo’s bedroom window. 

It was going to be a great year.

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