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Daydreams & Distractions: Book One

The first book of 101 Daydreams & Distractions, containing the first 25 Poems, Fables and Erotic Stories.



Daydreams & Distractions: Book One Also available at Smashwords.


Libidinous Zombie, with Monocle’s “Spell Failure”

Edited by Rose Caraway, Stupid Fish ( October, 2015)

This book is erotic. This book is horrifying. This book is cunning.
This book is edgy, seductive, violent, fiendish, indecent, and unfair.
This collection is a work of fiction. Consider yourself trigger warned.

The erotic horror stories of #8Authors lie within.

The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 13, with Monocle’s “Invisible Lines”

Edited by Maxim Jakubowski, Robinson ( Jan, 2015)

A collection of over 40 original, sensual and provocative sexual adventures, this thirteenth and last volume of The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica offers the very best new work of both deservedly well-known names and up-and-coming talents. The previous volume included stories by Peggy Munson; Elissa Wald; French author Emma Becker; award-winning SF writer Kij Johnson; an acclaimed crime author writing as Pat McStone; San Francisco photographer Charles Gatewood; and I. J. Miller. Here you will find an exciting diversity of erotic writing which explores the full breadth of human emotional, sensual and sexual experience – vanilla is emphatically not the only flavour – in stories which are by turns intriguing, shocking, fascinating and enchanting.

Best Bondage Erotica 2014, with Monocle’s “My Own Device”

Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, Cleis Press (Jan, 2014)

Rachel Kramer Bussel ties her readers up in knots each year as they anticipate the very best BDSM stories of the year. And, she does not disappoint, defying the odds and occasionally gravity with tales of bondage at its best. These whip-smart tales of domination, submission, spanking, and other highly imaginative acts keep readers in a frenzy. Best Bondage Erotica 2014 features 21 hot bondage tales that titillate from the bedroom to the dungeon and beyond. Handpicked by best-selling erotica editor Bussel, these kinky stories show and tell exactly what it means to wield the special power of being in charge of someone else. These characters manipulate rope, handcuffs, leather straps, a St. Andrew’s cross, a chair, and, in Raziel Moore’s “My Own Device,” a special contraption crafted just for bondage, with the ultimate aim of pleasing each partner. Here, bondage takes place behind secret doors, at sex parties, at the office, on a mountain hike, and, of course, at home.

Go Deeper Press
Come read Monocle’s flash, “Shadows”, in Dirty Little Numbers

Edited by Lana Fox and Angela Tavares, Go Deeper Press (October 2013)

This collection of super-short erotic stories features dozens of talented authors. From the romance of sex in taffeta as the sea whispers beside us, to the power of a birthday menage-a-trois and an attraction as compelling as Nabakov’s Lolita, these tales strip off fast and pop like champagne.The works in this anthology are a mix of LGBT, heterosexual, and kinky erotic pieces by Erzabet Bishop, Benji Bright, Daniel Burnell, T.J. Caliber, Heather Day, Stephen Dorneman, Arianna Douglas, Jeremy Edwards, Tamsin Flowers, Lana Fox, Abyssinia Grey, Nikki Haze, Madeleine Hennefield, Mia Hopkins, Waffle Irongirl, Regina Kammer, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Adrea Kore, Axa Lee, Annabeth Leong, Kristina Lloyd, Jacob Louder, Raziel Moore, Giselle Renarde, Shane St. John, and Angela Tavares.

Come read Monocle’s story, “Come On”, in The Big Book of Orgasms

Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, Cleis Press (October 2013)

What happens when you bring together 69 authors sharing their hottest orgasm stories? If you have top notch erotica editor Rachel Kramer Bussel, you get The Big Book of Orgasms! This climactic collection captures top erotica writers serving up steamy scenarios all focused on The Big O. Whether getting off from exhibitionism, voyeurism, or a very special pair of blue jeans, the characters in The Big Book of Orgasms explore all sorts of ways they can come. Go “Under the Table” with Elizabeth Coldwell and cheer for “The Pink Team” by Kelly Rand. Discover the thrill of hot wax and even hotter sex; these short stories bring the heat on every page! With a foreword by Ecstasy is Necessary author Barbara Carrellas, these are climaxes you’ll want to relive again and again.

Sudden Sex with Monocle’s “Possessive Tense”Edited by Alison Tyler, Cleis Press (April, 2013)

Alison Tyler says: “My favorite short stories brand new. Crisp and focused, taut and tight. The pieces in this collection are waiting for you to slide them on, button the fly, then turn and admire how well they fit your kink. Because—as everyone who knows me understands by now—I’m all about the kink. This collection features BDSM, spanking, toys, tools, girls gone bad and men who need it just as bad. I’ve assembled stories from writers I’ve worked with for nearly two decades as well as wordsmiths who are new to me… His hand is under your skirt; her palm is on your cock—we’re all adults here—no need to fight the fact that sometimes what we crave is simple: sudden sex.”Take a breath. Bite your lip. Get ready to get off.

SenSexual with Monocle’s “Balance” and “No Fooling”  Edited by Susanna Meyer, SenSexual Press (February, 2013)

Fifty authors have contributed tender memories of love, spirited sexplay and spicy communications to this exceptional two-volume anthology, transporting the reader through heart-pounding, seductive, occasionally kinky works to celebrate the diversity of sexual fascinations and desires. The generous selection of styles, intensity and scenarios can act as a catalyst for couples to share their erotic fantasies and explore their sexual expressions. Individuals will also have the opportunity to discover what turns them on verbally.

Best Bondage Erotica 2013 with Monocle’s “A Bit of a Tangle”Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, Cleis Press (December, 2012

)Some say bondage is the ultimate intimacy. Once you have allowed yourself to fully explore your fantasies of giving in and surrendering to pleasure, you may find you need a firm but gentle hand to guide you. Editrix Rachel Kramer Bussel and her writers put it all out on the page in stories using everything from silk ties rope to shiny cuffs, blindfolds, wires and everything you can imagine and MORE. These stories of forbidden desires and sexual fantasies, penned by the “masters and mistresses” of the genre, will shock, scintillate, and mesmerize.

Coming Together: In Vein with Monocle’s “Blood Tint” (Chapter 1)Edited by Lisabet Sarai, eroticenthology (December, 2012)

Do you love the undead? Coming Together: In Vein features he crème de la crème of vampire-themed erotica and erotic romance.All proceeds from this anthology will go to support Doctors without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières).

69 with Monocle’s “Summoned” and “Closing Distance”Edited by Alison Tyler, Harlequin Spice (August, 2012)

For those who like their erotica fast and frenzied, the genre’s most popular raconteur offers you 69: Sultry Short Erotic Stories of Need and Desire. In this delightfully dirty collection, Alison Tyler has gathered the crème de la crème of erotic fiction authors to pen sixty-nine brief romps-among them, Violet Blue, Donna George Storey, Thomas S. Roche, John Albert, Kristina Lloyd, Justine Elyot and Jeremy Edwards. Each story will leave you dizzy with satisfaction.

Arm in Arm in Arm
Coming Together: Arm in Arm in Arm (Nobilis Reed) with Monocle’s “Dehra”Edited by Nobilis Reed, eroticanthology (August, 2012)

Coming Together: Arm in Arm in Arm... is a collection of erotic fiction with a tentacle sex theme edited by Nobilis Reed. All proceeds benefit Oceana, the largest international organization working solely to protect the world’s oceans.

Hot Summer Nights with Monocle’s “Blade”Inner Child Press, Ltd. (July, 2012)

Hot Summer Nights is an Anthological Collection from the Voices of the Global Poetry and Writing Community and their Erotic, Sensual Words. This book is a definite Bedside Companion that includes Poetry, Prose and Short Story.

Gotta Have It (Rachel Kramer Bussel) with Monocle’s “Plotter”Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, Cleis Press (March, 2011)

Rachel Kramer Bussel has collected a wide and wild variety of original erotica stories that are deliciously short — just one orgasmic bite at a time. In 1,200 words or less, these authors explore every which way you can “get it on,” including threesomes, sex toys, public sex, BDSM, fetishes, and much more. There are pecan rolls dripping in caramel and meals where lovers feast on nothing but each other. From crossword puzzles to Godzilla, these tales are perfect for reading aloud before you live out your own frisky fantasy. For those who like their sex quick and naughty,Gotta Have It has a host of erotic offerings to get you going.

Coming Together: By Hand (Alessia Brio) with Monocle’s “Start Without Me”Edited by Alessia Brio, eroticanthology, (November, 2010)

Masturbation is the safest form of sex, and we want to celebrate it in this collection! Coming Together: By Hand is a multi-author anthology of auto-erotic (masturbation themed) fiction and poetry edited by Alessia Brio.ALL proceeds from the sale of this volume will benefit a not-for-profit, activist organization providing teens with candid sex education materials, such as the Coalition for Positive Sexuality.




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