Come On

“I want you to come on me.”

Nica knew how to put things in my ear to make me hard; her breath, her tongue, her words.

“You want what?”  Of course I’d heard her clearly. But this was something new – something strange, and while the words sent that shiver down my spine, I still pulled back from our embrace to look at her. Nica looked back at me, eyes hooded and lusty. She tugged on my stiffening cock, which she’d sought and found during our ever-more-loosely-clothed embrace.

“I want you to jack yourself off. And when you come, I want you to come on me.”

Stereotypical bad porn scenes – stuff I don’t care to watch – flashed through my mind.

“Isn’t that… degrading?”

She looked at me with her ‘you’ve got to be kidding’, look.

“If I ask you to do it, do you think I’d think that?

Well. If I didn’t know her, I wouldn’t have been able to answer that. After six months, did I really yet know her well enough? When do the surprises in a relationship stop? They’re never supposed to, are they. Still, I had to ask:


Her expression was, if anything, more carnal. Hungry. I couldn’t recall having seen her ever look quite like that.

“Because, Daniel. Because I want to see you do it. Because I want to be the one you do it to – the one who makes you want to do it. Because I want to feel it on my skin.”

I didn’t understand. I wanted to, but I didn’t. My favorite thing in the world, and I do mean this literally, was coming in Nica. It was the holiest of pleasures to let myself go deep inside her cunt. It was the darkest of thrills when she swallowed me down her throat, or, when we were feeling truly base and I took her ass. This seemed… such a waste. Like jerking off with her there.

Maybe that was it – or part of it. She said she wanted to watch me. Despite what she said, it felt, well, unequal; objectifying. If that was something Nica got off on… I didn’t know how I felt about that. Not yet, anyway. Frankly, however, any objections I might have made would have been empty protests. I wouldn’t deny her the request. She’d made me curious, after all, as well as turned on.


She smiled broadly and pirouetted out of our hug. She moved to the bed and methodically propped up some pillows, bending over with the obvious intention of giving me an eyeful. Watching her undress was always a voyeuristic pleasure that made my hands itch, but then she reclined like a queen, bare and dusky on our white sheets. She opened her legs slowly, planting her feet to either side and patting the space between them.

“Right here.” She said it sultry. Slutty even. So not like her, but even as I questioned that, I was moving towards her. As I knelt and moved forward on the bed, she drew her hands to her feet and traced her fingertips upward on the inside of her legs. By the time she reached her knees, I had my cock in my hand. When her self-caress arrived at her inner thighs, I was jerking myself; and when she traced the outside of her cunt and moaned, I echoed her.

My gaze darted all over her. When I jerk off usually, my eyes are closed. I’m usually imagining, well, Nica – her face looking something like it looked right then. I usually imagine her sweet body open for me – like it was just then. I usually imagine, also, fucking deep inside her. But there, then, fantasy and reality diverged. With open eyes jumping from juicy cunt to rising and falling chest, to the intent, ravenous expression on her face, I wasn’t imagining anything at all, and her lustful visage laid waste to the visions of fantasy.

She watched me the same way I watched her, and I wondered if our appearanaces were likewise similar to each other. I wondered what she ‘usually’ thought when she masturbated. I also wondered how I would keep myself from lurching forward and fucking her brains out.

“No touching, Dan. Not this time.“

My eyes caught hers. Of course she knew what I was thinking. But her expression was pure lust; surely some part of her wanted me in her just as badly as I wanted to be, but for some reason the rules were different this time.

Nica tweaked her clit and cooed. My cock twitched in my hand, a shiver of pleasure following up my spine. I wasn’t going to have any problem doing this for her. Coming for her. Coming on her. I was going to make a mess on that girl I liked so much, and I found I liked the idea. A lot.

“I’m… watching… you,” she said between gasps. My hand was much rougher than hers when she would sometimes jack me off. I don’t think most women know how rough a cock can take it. I made up my mind to show Nica. Later. Just then, though, I could feel that hot pooling at the base of my spine.

“Where?” I asked. The word was more of a bark; curt, and bitten off.  Nica let her knees fall farther open, stroked up her belly to her breasts and back down, drawing an outline  with her own wetness.

“Here,” she said with a sigh, returning her hands to their work of self-pleasure. Every move she made was further seduction.

“Tell me,” she breathed.

“Oh, God, Nica, I…” I shuddered, cock as stiff in my own grip as I’d ever felt it.

“Watch me,” she said.

Nica arched, presenting herself to me, a perfect, wanton target, her eyes smoldered, boring into me like an imperious whore’s. I didn’t have time to think about that impression as my orgasm came fast and hard, nor did I have the presence of mind to aim. It was just luck where I ended up pointing; my first ejaculation made an audible splat just above her belly button.

I’d never taken the effort to scientifically measure how much I come.  There, then, I felt like the most clichéd firehose, like a geyser. I jetted right onto her quivering stomach, the sound of liquid hitting skin quite clear. Spurt after spurt as the automatic reflex took over, landing higher and lower on her body, splashing thick over clean skin, some of it already dripping downward.


Nica’s eyes were half closed as my pulsing cock ebbed, dripping its last onto her mound.  Her hands slid up over her ribcage, smearing my stuff, pressing down to meet at her cunt, to push cum-coated fingers inside. That’s when she went off.

Nica cried out, back bending sharply, head snapping back. I couldn’t help myself; I laid my hands on her, feeling her shake, her muscles clench. I wiped my spunk over her like finger-paints; belly, breasts, pinching her nipples with sticky fingers as she shook and screamed. I worked my cream into her skin. I don’t think I’d ever smelled my own ejaculate so strongly – but mixed with Nica’s sex… it was dead hot.

Nica beamed as she came down, lowering herself bodily back to the bed. She was a fucking sexy mess.

“Is that what you wanted?” I asked.

“Mmm. Yes. It’s… hot on the skin when it first lands. Like lava. I think you scalded me.”

I nearly said “I’m sorry”, but she giggled maniacally. And hell, I wasn’t sorry. Watching her idly rub her fingers over herself, maybe I began to see a little more what she saw in it.  My hands still caressed her slowly; her skin had a slippery, sticky quality to it now. Nica looked me up and down as well.

“I’ve painted you with my own color, haven’t I.”

“I think you liked it, too,” she said, moving a hand from herself to my half-hard shaft and pulling gently. I growled.

“Come here, Dan. Put the next one where you want it.”

I smiled, showing teeth, moving my tacky hands to her knees to open them. Her gentle, coaxing touch me shiver.

“We’re going to get stuck together.”

“Would that be so bad?”

It wasn’t bad at all.

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I am the little devil on your shoulder, stroking your neck with my tail, whispering obscenities into your ear, and looking down your blouse. One third of The Erotic Writer blog.


  1. ximenawrites

    I think we’re going to have to add ‘mutual masturbation’ to the tags. Anyway, what happens in the bedroom need not be marred by the steroetypes present in the bad porn we’ve watched in the past. Just as long as the two people involved are loving it,who cares what other people might say if they knew what they were doing? Spanking or handcuffs might sound stereotypical, but if they’re done *just so*, it never gets old.

    “Mmm. Yes. It’s… hot on the skin when it first lands. Like lava. I think you scalded me.”

    I was just slack-jawed with lust before, but I had a giggle at this. It’s very true, but then it cools off so quickly.It’s a pity she didn’t get to taste him when he was done :)

    • Monocle

      Thanks, Ximena. It’s also the discovery of the more hidden corners of your partner. What do they do to you? Do they challenge you? Do your not-quite-secrets challenge them?
      Taste is definitely something this couple indulges in – but not this time.

  2. vanillamom

    wowza. intensely erotic, hot. hot….what ahell of a perspective…i feel a bit like i was peekin’ in through the keyhole…

    and playin with myself while watching…


    • Monocle

      Hey, that’s great! If I can turn you on and make you feel like a voyeur at the same time, I call that a double win.

  3. Wow! That seemed very real. I’m interested to find out if this statement is true: “Mmm. Yes. It’s… hot on the skin when it first lands. Like lava. I think you scalded me.” Lava, you say? I will test this out tonight. My lab partner thanks you.

    You’ve seemed to have entered a new chapter in your writing: young male POV, characters with regular sounding names, vanilla sex and overall lighter tone.

    It’s hard to believe the author of N&V wrote these recent submissions. I’m not complaining, mind you. I love all your work be it dark and twisty or romantic and fun. I’m just amazed by your range and ever evolving style.

    • Monocle

      Thanks, Emma. It’s always an exploration. I’m sure I have more different things in there somewhere. I have thought a bit about it, though – 100 nightmares, for example, is a lot. There are certainly more, but I felt I’ve ‘done’ them – at least for a while. There’s more to do. More to play with. Who knows what’s coming next, though. Not me!

  4. Meme

    The entrance was blocked, but the door was open. The stairs were littered with strewn lingerie…gasping she tore down the barricade. Thoughts that permeated the interior of her heart.


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