Shadows has been taken down from the blog, because was accepted for Publication in “Dirty Little Numbers” by Go Deeper Press.

Go Deeper Press
Come read Monocle’s flash, “Shadows”, in Dirty Little NumbersEdited by Lana Fox and Angela Tavares, Go Deeper Press (October 2013)

This collection of super-short erotic stories features dozens of talented authors. From the romance of sex in taffeta as the sea whispers beside us, to the power of a birthday menage-a-trois and an attraction as compelling as Nabakov’s Lolita, these tales strip off fast and pop like champagne.The works in this anthology are a mix of LGBT, heterosexual, and kinky erotic pieces by Erzabet Bishop, Benji Bright, Daniel Burnell, T.J. Caliber, Heather Day, Stephen Dorneman, Arianna Douglas, Jeremy Edwards, Tamsin Flowers, Lana Fox, Abyssinia Grey, Nikki Haze, Madeleine Hennefield, Mia Hopkins, Waffle Irongirl, Regina Kammer, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Adrea Kore, Axa Lee, Annabeth Leong, Kristina Lloyd, Jacob Louder, Raziel Moore, Giselle Renarde, Shane St. John, and Angela Tavares.

Latest Comments

  1. Phoenix says:

    Brilliant as ever totally know that look or did once from someone x

  2. Eva St. James says:

    Loved this. You make me want to write while I want never to try again.

    • Monocle says:

      Oh, do try, Eva. even something small. And thank you. I started with this one visual, and it came from there.

  3. RosieQ says:

    Oh god, Raz, that’s got to be one of your best.

  4. paul1510 says:

    I wonder if I ever had the look.
    When my partner and I were newly wed, she would say that I scared her a little, but in a good way?
    Who knows!

  5. Squeaky says:

    “Before it turns from making love to… being taken.”

    Yes. Oh, *so* yes.

  6. boadicaefemme says:

    That possession, so male, so very yes!

  7. Mystique says:

    One of my favourites from you, love the twining of both love and darkness in this story.
    It literally took my breath away since the air around them had that tension that felt like the calm before a very wild storm.

    Left me wanting more as well, no chance of expanding on this story, huh? :p

  8. vanillamom says:

    the first word that comes to mind is “delightful”…because it is so perfect.

    it gives me a chance to see the other side of that view…

    and makes me smile with remembered delight…


  9. Fabien says:

    Very nice ! Did you think about a character like “Dexter” when writing this story ?


    P.S. : would it be possible to have access to your “private” posts ?

  10. Change My Body...Change My Life says:

    You captured that moment where sweetness becomes primal…the instinct to possess. Fantastic.

  11. Cille says:

    Oh no! Will it ever come back? Or is it available for purchase somewhere?

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