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Flash Fiction (500 words or less)

Short Fiction (501 to 4000 words)

Links in titles of multipart stories go to Part 1

  • In with the New May this new year be better than the last.
  • F. C. ‘Tis the Season
  • CrashingSome rebounds are harder than others
  • Given AwayA sharing fantasy fulfilled
  • Pet – The gradual fall into thrall
  • The SocietySneak into an initiation? Easy
  • Certain Skills – An oral epiphany
  • ConfessionsThy will be done
  • Passkey – Invitation temptation
  • UltimatumA last chance.
  • Festival DescentSome family roots are more widespread than others.
  • MurderessBut what a way to go.
  • Secret ServiceA not-so-temporary exchange.
  • 10 by 10Anyone can win the game if they play well
  • Research AssistantExcellent opportunity, unique dress code
  • The Right PlacesGimme dangerous curves any day.
  • AvocationA singular hobby
  • Mrs. Frankenstein’s Monster – The untold story
  • The ContracteeMistaken identity becomes a life changing opportunity.
  • Hot Enough To TouchNot all superpowers are cool. Adapted from a 2019 Smut Marathon entry
  • The Kiss of LocksA romance in recycled art. Adapted from a 2019 Smut Marathon entry
  • Close EnoughClose as you dare
  • Night, With Rose
  • Boom – An encounter of healed damage.
  • A Bit of a Tangle It was Cori’s idea to try this shibari thing, but Jack’s all thumbs. (Posted 4/12, reposted 4/21)
  • AsteriaWe bring our desires and our myths wherever we go.
  • No Fooling – It’s hard enough to find. Let’s not pretend.
  • Gallery Six – Corinne doesn’t know art well, but she knows what she likes. Maybe.  [Part 1] [Part 2] 
  • Balance It can be the hardest thing to own yourself. Sometimes you need help.
  • Come OnA messy request
  • Ball Drop Starting off the new year right
  • CloserA straight razor tale
  • Plotter – She baits me, knowing (Posted Late 2010, reposted 4/21)
  • Hungry – Sometimes I just wake up hungry
  • Heart Giver, a Fable – also at the collaborative blog Eater of Hearts
  • Fall – Sometimes I can feel myself fall asleep.
  • First Asleep Loses – Raising the stakes before bed. May be continued.
  • Start Without Me – That’s what I said. I didn’t now she’d take me literally. (Posted February, 2010, Reposted July 2016)
  • My Bloody Valentine (A Romance of Sorts) – With Remittance Girl
  • Uncoiling – Coming home from a too long day, something shakes loose.
  • Lover’s Game – A lover’s fantasies are pushed to the very edge – but which side?
  • Possessive Tense –  You were, are, will be mine (posted 1/10, Reposted 4/21)
  • Behind you – (Quickie) Is where I long to be. (Included in Through a Silvered Lens)
  • Vertical Hold – A stranger cracks the numb limbo of a crowded elevator. (Included in Through a Silvered Lens)
  • Thievery – Stealing the Heir the oldest way. (Included in Through a Haunted Lens)
  • The Cliff – Casey drives herself to a most dangerous test of love and trust. (Posted 12/09, Reposted 07/16)
  • Grey Dream – I dream of her.  (Included in Through a Silvered Lens)
  • In Your Hands – A new couple takes the next step, but will she accept what he as to reveal? (Included in Through a Haunted Lens)
  • White Xmas – An unexpected storm changes our camping trip for the better. (Posted 12/09, Reposted 07/16)
  • Fog – A misty morning spells a new adventure in the heart of the city. (Posted 11/09, Reposted 07/16)
  • My Turn – Tonight, it’s my turn to be taken. If I can hold on long enough. (Posted 11/09, Reposted 07/16)

Long Fiction (4001 – to 15,000 words)

Links in titles of multipart stories go to Part 1



News / Articles / Guest Blogs / Interviews

Nightmares and Visions

Erotic Flash Fiction shading to the dark (900 words or less).

“Volume 2” are new stories. Visions are listed here, Nightmares listed in The Obsidian  Index. N&V are listed in numerical order, so most recent at the bottom of the list.

Volume 2 (2021)

Original Set (Volume 1):



  1. Eliza

    Just started working my way through the Kiss Me Quick’s podcast. Their reading of Close Enough led me here; and I am here to stay.
    Thank you.

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