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Summer 2016 project: In the coming weeks I’ll be going through and reposting older stories on this site that were removed for publications that are no longer in print. There may or may not be new work coming, but at least some of the dead-end links here will change.

Newest stories at the top of each section. Newest since last update of this page are marked by ***.  Some of my stories have been taken down as they are now in published form. Teasers for all of those remain on the blog, so you can determine if those stories might be to your liking. For information about the Obsidian Lens stories, check the dedicated page tab, or this link.-M


Reposts (It may take a bit for links to reposts to be fixed on this page)


Order of Sections: Series – Flash Fiction – Short Fiction – Long Fiction – Poetry – Articles/Interviews/Guest Posts – Podcasts – Nightmares


Flash Fiction (500 words or less)

Short Fiction (501 to 4000 words)

  • Close Enough – Close as you dare
  • Night, With Rose
  • Boom – An encounter of healed damage.
  • A Bit of a Tangle It was Cori’s idea to try this shibari thing, but Jack’s all thumbs.
  • AsteriaWe bring our desires and our myths wherever we go.
  • No Fooling – It’s hard enough to find. Let’s not pretend.
  • Gallery Six – Corinne doesn’t know art well, but she knows what she likes. Maybe.  [Part 1] [Part 2] 
  • Balance It can be the hardest thing to own yourself. Sometimes you need help.
  • Come OnA messy request
  • Ball Drop Starting off the new year right
  • CloserA straight razor tale
  • Hungry – Sometimes I just wake up hungry
  • Heart Giver, a Fable – also at the collaborative blog Eater of Hearts
  • Fall – Sometimes I can feel myself fall asleep.
  • First Asleep Loses – Raising the stakes before bed. May be continued.
  • Start Without Me – That’s what I said. I didn’t now she’d take me literally. (Posted February, 2010, Reposted July 2016, Included in Coming Together: By Hand)
  • My Bloody Valentine (A Romance of Sorts) – With Remittance Girl
  • Uncoiling – Coming home from a too long day, something shakes loose.
  • Lover’s Game – A lover’s fantasies are pushed to the very edge – but which side?
  • Behind you – (Quickie) Is where I long to be. (Included in Through a Silvered Lens)
  • Vertical Hold – A stranger cracks the numb limbo of a crowded elevator. (Included in Through a Silvered Lens)
  • Thievery – Stealing the Heir the oldest way. (Included in Through a Haunted Lens)
  • The Cliff – Casey drives herself to a most dangerous test of love and trust. (Posted 12/09, Reposted 07/16)
  • Grey Dream – I dream of her.  (Included in Through a Silvered Lens)
  • In Your Hands – A new couple takes the next step, but will she accept what he as to reveal? (Included in Through a Haunted Lens)
  • White Xmas – An unexpected storm changes our camping trip for the better. (Posted 12/09, Reposted 07/16)
  • Fog – A misty morning spells a new adventure in the heart of the city. (Posted 11/09, Reposted 07/16)
  • My Turn – Tonight, it’s my turn to be taken. If I can hold on long enough. (Posted 11/09, Reposted 07/16)

Long Fiction (4001 – to 15,000 words)


Articles / Guest Blogs / Interviews


Nightmares and Visions

Erotic Flash Fiction shading to the dark (900 words or less). I share a couple below, on the blog. The rest are collected and for sale at Republica Press: Nightmares and Visions, 100 Flashes of Dark Erotica



  1. Just started working my way through the Kiss Me Quick’s podcast. Their reading of Close Enough led me here; and I am here to stay.
    Thank you.

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