“I’ve got a surprise for you, Clark,” Jamie said with a giggle in her voice. She clambered up from their pile of blankets and straddled his backside, covering his eyes as he laughed quizzically.

“Let me guess. It’s a naked girl on my butt,” he said, making to roll over under her.

“Nope! Well, yes! but also nope. Just hold still for a minute.”

Jamie leaned back and grinned at me as I tiptoed around them. Clark was lying on his stomach and he’d been holding onto his pillow before Jamie had sat on him. Now his hands were palm down on the blanketed floor as if to push up to turn and look at his wife, my best friend. Jamie winked as I stepped in front of them, legs to either side of Clark’s hands. Carefully, I lowered myself down.

“What have you got planned, Jamie? Some kind of-”

He stopped as my butt lowered far enough to brush the top of his hands, which instinctively turned up to cup my ass, and I settled down on top of them.

“What?! Hey!”

“It’s a little birthday present, Clark. That’s all.”

“But Jamie!”

“Shush, honey. You know I’m OK with it. Obviously. Now, maybe you should see to your present.”

With that, she guided his head forward, his eyes still covered by her hands, until his mouth brushed the open, desperately wet lips of my pussy. He stiffened. I sighed. Tentatively, his tongue came out and licked me once, then twice, and I groaned and pushed my mound up against mouth.

It turned out he didn’t need more encouragement than that, and Jamie smiled at me as he grabbed my ass hard and pulled me to him. He began to devour me. Oh, my fucking god, he had the best, most talented tongue I’d ever felt. He knew how and were to lick, where and when to suck, and nip. He rendered me breathless, then shuddering, then rising high and fast to orgasm. 

Just as I was on the brink, Jamie removed her hands from Clark’s eyes. His eyes were closed as he sucked hard on my clit, following the instinct that that told him it would send me over right… now. He was so right. I screamed and crashed into climax as he opened his eyes. 

Through the haze of the best orgasm ever, I saw my brother’s eyes widen in surprise and confusion, then a look of horror. 


It took me a few moments for the pleasure to subside before I could catch my breath to speak. I smiled at him.

“Happy birthday, Clark.”


I laughed.

“We were both trying to figure out what to get you. We kind of came up with the idea together. Actually, Jamie realized it was a way to kill two birds with one stone – although kind of the opposite, really.”

Jamie had already slid back on Clark’s dumbfounded body and was pulling his jeans down past his hips as I stood, a little wobbly. He stared up at me, face wet with my juices.

“It’s always been so hard to get presents for you twins,” she mock-complained. She got his pants down below his knees, which was certainly far enough, then pushed on him to roll him onto his back. Still in shock, he just followed her direction. His cock was rock hard, and sticking straight up. I straddled him as Jamie moved to his head.

“Yvonne is your birthday present. And you are hers,” she explained, and I sank down on his cock. 

Any objection he might have had, any words at all, never got out. Instead, he moaned loud as my pussy swallowed his shaft, and my voice joined his as he filled me. Clark’s sounds then got muffled a little by Jamie’s kiss. I started fucking myself on him while she moved forward to straddle his head and bring her own pussy over his mouth. She leaned towards me and started singing “Happy Birthday,” Kissing me between lines.

She never finished, as my brother’s tongue started working its magic on her, pausing only to jerk his hips up and fill me with his cum, pushing me into climax a second time.

Clark, and Jamie and I traded presents through the night. It was the best birthday either of us had ever had.

Jamie’s birthday was almost six months after ours. It was funny how she was the one who’d actually gotten knocked up at Clark’s surprise birthday party. She wasn’t even showing when they got married two months later, but everyone said she was glowing.

She invited me over to celebrate, of course, and, as she rode my brother’s cock and my tongue simultaneously toward orgasm, told us what she wanted for a birthday present.

“I want the full family unit. I want playmate for our daughter.”

Neither Clark nor I took much convincing.

Jamie shook and came when we agreed. I leaned my head on her swelling belly as she shuddered, but she didn’t let me stay there long. She lifted herself from Clark quickly and directed him to the bed. 

“He hasn’t cum yet,” she told me. “But he wants to.”

His eyes moved from Jamie to me. I could see the lust in them, and I had no doubt mine matched his. 

“Go make my present, Yvonne,” Jamie said. It was an order. A very sexy order.

I scrambled to the bed, crawling over Jamie and trying to catch his cock with my pussy. I was too eager, too fast. He kept slipping away. Jamie laughed.

“Let me help.”

She steadied my humping ass, and grabbed Clark’s cock, positioning it at my entrance, and I slid back on the bare shaft.

“Mmmm. That’s it. Fill her up Clark.”

He grunted his ascent.

My daughter will be six months younger… but they’ll be in the same grade at school. Winter and summer birthdays.

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Cassie Andra

Old enough to know better and not care. Vanilla on the outside. Vanilla through and through, except for the mind. You don't want to go there, but I'll give you peeks. Be warned: erotica themes include standard fun, but also the taboo-est of the taboo. Coming of age, infidelity, family relations, dubious and non-consent. Every throbbing inch of it is, however, fantasy, and should be treated as such.

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