• Asking For It

    “What’d he say?” Jamille asks. “So he calls us all into the chapel. He just says: I’ve heard enough complaints. Then he launches into this lecture about women and a woman’s proper attire.” She makes air quotes around the word ‘proper’. “That our families sent us to a Christian school because they believed in a… Continue Reading

  • Negatives

    This is written to replace another story in the third book of Daydreams & Distractions. The book is almost fully edited. Lately I’ve been feeling the urge to move away from “high fantasy” in my erotic stories, to write them more in the spirit of literary short stories. Hopefully this story isn’t so far removed… Continue Reading

  • The Complete Monsterotica

    Included here: The four previous stories, lightly edited for now, and the final, fifth addition: The Dappled Tartan Waylayer. Forward Some background on these stories seems in order. These stories come from a slender, hand-written book called A Field Guide to Domestic Monsters and Their Copulatory Strategies. The studies in the book appear to have… Continue Reading

  • 366 Erotic Haiku & Senryu

    Knowing when I started, I was confused that my numbering didn’t add up. I knew that March 1st should have been my 366th haiku. As it turns out, I had ‘mis-numbered’ two of my posts. I went back, this evening, and corrected them. Last night’s was truly and correctly my 366th haiku. Throw me a… Continue Reading

  • 川柳 · 366

    · Could you imagine if every star were an orgasms? she says. Why  not? Life isn’t long enough for that many. But maybe life is long enough for the universe. Her lover makes love to her on the sky’s black sheets. Star dust, she says, endlessly and devotedly. · her ····wetness in the bedsheets—his inside… Continue Reading

  • 川柳 · 364

    · Yesterday’s poem should have been the last. My muse of erotic haiku blows me a kiss good-bye? Yes, she says, perfect. Maybe it still is? But you’re not done yet. But I have you. But maybe I’m also ready for another lover. You won’t. Why not? Because you’re not that kind of a muse.… Continue Reading