It was driving me crazy, and worse, I couldn’t seem to do anything about it. Xavier was an old friend of my parents staying in town for a week for a conference. Since it was being held was nearby, and he was on a tight budget, my parents had insisted he stay in our little in-law suite. It had privacy for him, its own entry, and a door to the main house either side could lock. The man was nice enough himself – a perfect gentleman really. He wasn’t really attractive either, at least not the way I usually thought of hot guys.

But for some reason, if I was anywhere near him, I found myself getting fidgety, antsy. Horny. For him. I didn’t understand why. He wasn’t making any moves, or suggestive comments, or leering. Nothing. Hell, at dinner together the Sunday he arrived I learned he had kids around my age that I’d actually met when I was a little – I had no memory of it, or him. But now I couldn’t get him out of my mind. If I was in the same room as him for any amount of time. I could feel an almost magnetic pull – and an undeniable, impossible to ignore tingle between my legs. I wanted him.

It didn’t make any sense, but I couldn’t keep it from happening. That first day, Xavier entered – and dominated – the fantasies in my daily masturbation. Which became more than once daily over the week. If I happened to be in his proximity for more than a few minutes, I almost always needed to take care of myself as soon as possible after, lest my dampening panties stain another skirt or pair of pants. I found myself making sure I was awake and downstairs for breakfast as he was partaking of Mom’s coffeemaker, getting ready to leave for the morning. I made sure I was studying in the living room instead of my room in case he stopped in to chat with the folks after meetings or when he came back from whatever evening affairs he had. I had it bad.

Which is why I was grateful the three adults were all going out from work for the evening on Thursday after Antoine’s meeting day. I was on finals schedule – off Tuesday and Thursday, studying for finals, Wednesday and Friday, and had the house to myself those days. I’d been too busy studying for History on Tuesday to do more than close my eyes and get myself off to visions of Xavier parting my legs and lowering himself onto me – a few times. Still, I took advantage by studying naked, for easy access during those ‘break time’s.

Thursday, though was different. Friday’s exam was calculus, and I had that locked. It was a good thing, too, because I was far enough gone to want to take advantage of the day in a way I would never have thought of if I were in my right mind. A half-hour after everyone was out of the house for the day – and evening – I took the spare key to the suite from its “secret” hiding place and let myself in. The whole place smelled like him. Spicy, musky, making me see him in my minds eye. I imagined him waiting there naked, hard – for me – and found myself pulling my own clothes off and climbing on his bed, which was redolent with him.

I spread my legs, found my slit with my fingers and got myself off, hard and fast, face buried in his pillow and screaming, imagining my fingers were him. It wasn’t enough and I did it again, cumming harder, and then again, until I was exhausted enough to fall into a stupor for some time, visions of him on me, in me dancing in my head.

I awoke to the late afternoon sun, shocked I’d just been lying there, naked on a virtual stranger’s bed for what must have been hours. But ‘he’ was still there. In the air, in my mind. One more, I decided, then I’d have to clean up the room a bit and get out.

But oh my god, this one was going to be big. My pussy and clit were sensitive. My mind was buzzing. I heard my own voice whining, then panting, chanting crying out “Oh, Xavier!” as I worked myself into a frenzy.

I didn’t hear his rental car pull up, or his key in the door, or him entering the room – stopping by to change out of a coffee-stained shirt before meeting my parents for dinner. I didn’t notice him stop dead and stare at his friends’ daughter face down, ass up on his bed, humping her hand, frantically frigging herself and calling his name. I think anyone would forgive him.

I was on the agonizing rise to a climax I knew would be one of the best – and most unfulfilling – I’d ever had. It was so hot, so intense, but it wasn’t what I so desperately wanted. I heard my voice rising toward a pleading crescendo. My hips also rose in anticipation and need. Even my vision began to get gold tinged as I saw my fantasy in my mind’s eye.

And then the fantasy became real. For a moment I was certain the feeling of hands on my hips, and hot flesh nuzzling between and past my fingers into my slit was a pre-orgasmic hallucination, but then the grip tightened, and the heat surged forward, becoming a stretching filling sensation that grew and grew. More real, and wider and deeper and- it was a cock thrusting into me. More, it was Xavier’s cock! I knew it without seeing, without thinking, even before the scent of him gripped my awareness as firmly as his hands held my hips. I knew it in my bones, in my womb, that Xavier had just buried his cock balls deep inside me.

I screamed his name as I came violently; every nerve in my body fired with pleasure, with disbelief, with release and relief.

It lasted a long, impossibly log time, and by the time I was able to be aware of anything other than orgasm, the only thing I could be aware of was Xavier fucking me like nothing I’d ever experienced. This was not like my on again, off again boyfriend. He was fucking me like a man taking what was his due, like he – like we were both fulfilling a the only natural, vital imperative there was. I was still cumming, but this was more than that. Every second of my frustrated desire, every dream, every tingle I’d had over the week was being answered by Xavier’s amazing cock filling me again and again. I never for a second thought about how wrong it might be, how forbidden, how risky. It was everything I’d imagined, dreamed, and so much more.

The world buzzed and glowed, echoed with my want noises. My pussy contracted and spasmed as the thick shaft dragged against my clit each time it thrust in. The fat glans mashed up against the end of me as his abdomen slapped against my ass, making me gasp at just how full of cock it was possible to be. I was babbling, whimpering his name and “fuck me” again and again, when I wasn’t completely incoherent.

When Xavier came, minutes (hours?) later, it was another upending of my universe. I heard his bellow, sexy as anything I’d ever imagined, and rocked under his final sharp thrusts. And then the swell, and throb and jet of his cum shooting as deep inside me as any cock could be. I had been cumming before, endlessly, but my orgasm changed in fundamental nature as Xavier seeded me. It was a claiming – hims of me, me of him. Climax became a profound, perfect pleasure – a completion more than anything I’d ever known. I screamed again, loud, long telling the world this woman belonged to this man. The pleasure peaked and took me completely away.

I came to myself only minutes later, it must have been. Sweat was just beginning to cool on my body. My vision came to focus on Xavier buttoning a nice clean shirt, and putting on a silk tie. He was getting ready to leave, to meet my parents. He saw me watching him and smiled, warmly, almost shyly. He didn’t say anything. Neither did I. Before he opened the door to go, he looked back at me, surveying. I was still splayed out on his bed. From his angle I was sure he could see my well-fucked pussy, and the thick cum I could feel slowly flowing, dripping from me onto his sheets. He nodded at me and was gone.

I stayed there a few more minutes, a few more years, before dragging myself from the bed, gathering my clothes, and stumbling naked through the house back to my room, and then the bathroom for a long, hot shower. Every time I cleaned and rinsed between my legs a there was another drip, another dollop of cum oozing out a minute later. It turned me on as much as distressed me. More than.

I finally gave up and put a pad in my panties after I dried off and got dressed. I was studying at my desk in my room when I heard everyone come home. I went down to see them – to see him. Being in the same room, I still felt him. I still wanted him, but something deep inside told me I had him. That something was satisfied, pleased, fulfilled. Which was a good thing, because pretending nothing had happened would otherwise have been very difficult.

Xavier was leaving late Saturday morning. We all were, actually, Mom and Dad were going to take one of their occasional “parents’ weekends” at their favorite B&B a couple hours into the hills Saturday night. I had arranged to stay at a friend’s house while they were gone. Which meant I only had another day. That night I lay in my bed, fingers, finding my slit still gooey with cum, wondering what to do. After bringing myself off one last time, biting my pillow as I smeared the sticky warm stuff over my clit and convulsed, I settled into a fitful, dream-filled sleep. By the morning I had a plan.

Friday’s exam was a breeze, and the last I’d have to worry about before hearing about college applications. I didn’t let my daydreams interfere with that, but the rest of the day was kind of a loss. Greg asked me out on a date for that night – dinner and a movie, with the implied fun of dark movie theaters and desserts of one kind or another after. I accepted – but put him off to next week. Greg was three months older than me, but suddenly seemed so… young. Still, he wasn’t leaving in less than a day.

Xavier’s meeting had a final banquet that night that had him out late, I found out. That was ok. I unnecessarily announced to my parents I was exhausted from finals week and was going to bed early. They figured its was so I could stay up way too late with my friend on the weekend. Excited, nervous as I was, I actually did manage to sleep for a few hours.

A very quiet alarm tone on my phone woke me up at two am to a silent house, and immediately my heart started racing, but I didn’t rethink my questionably irrational plan, because I’d woken up with the same hunger I’d gotten the temporary reprieve from the day before. Maybe more intense, because I knew exactly what I was hungry for. I felt empty, and I knew how to fill that void.

I stalked silently out of my room. It wasn’t hard to do – a kid knows how to sneak in their own house. What made it nerve-wracking this time was that I was doing it stark naked. That and the purpose, the direction of my stealthy trip through the house. To the spare key. To the suite’s door and though it. To Xavier’s bedroom door, opening its as quietly as I could.

The window blinds were only partly closed, so barred moonlight outlined both his form and the bed. I had frozen for a moment taking in his scent. I had not noticed it nearly as strongly for the lat day, but now, I could imagine pheromones entering my nose and activating whatever nerves caused my pussy to get wet.

Xavier moved on the bed, reaching out to turn on the lamp on his side table, catching me standing in his doorway in bright light. My breath caught, but he didn’t yell at me. He didn’t say anything. Just like the other day, he smiled that smile, holding my gaze for a moment before looking slowly down and up my body.

I took a deep breath, then giddily, stepped into the room, to the side of the bed, raising a corner of the sheet and climbed under, sliding toward him. His head turned to follow my every motion, but as I moved toward him, he slid out of the other side of the bed. I stopped confused for a moment, wondering instantly if this was all a big, big mistake,

Xavier stood beside the bed in a fairly conservative pajama set, only for a moment, before he began pulling the night clothes off. I almost sobbed with relief, and lust when that happened, instead just watching, rapt. He wasn’t unattractive, just… middle aged, I guess? Fit enough, a little thick in the middle. Hair beginning to grey. None of it mattered, because my body reacted like he was Adonis himself.I literally shivered in anticipation as his pants came off, revealing a rapidly hardening, lengthening cock. His hand reached for the bedsheet, and flung it off.

I gave a little yelp at the sudden uncovering, and he put his finger to his lips as he looked down at me, smiling behind it at my wide-eyed expression.

There we were naked, hard, wet, staring at each other. Potential energy about to fall. I let my gaze pass from his face down too his cock. God, it was big. For a moment I was afraid of that, until I remembered it had been, every inch of it, inside me already.

My emptiness demanded.

I shifted on the bed, rolling from my side onto my back. The sheets were soft under me as I parted my legs; as I bent my knees and spread them wide apart, showing him how wet I was for him. How much I wanted, needed. His cock throbbed visibly, and twitched. A little glistening droplet appeared at the tip.

Xavier climbed onto the bed, up between my widely splayed legs. His eyes roamed my body, settling between my legs, where his cock now pointed. He loomed over me. I raised my knees, ankles leaving the bed, turning my pussy up to him. His hands settled to either side of my shoulders as his cock lowered to me, and I watched as it kissed my dripping slit, and began pushing its way in.

I whimpered at the sight. At the sensation, and heard a soft “shhh” from him as he stretched me open, slowly, and started sinking in.I watched the shaft begin disappearing into me. Feeling every fraction of an inch. My sounds didn’t stop. I couldn’t stop them from getting louder. I felt him shift over me, the invasion of his cock pausing for a moment. A warm, strong hand settled over my mouth, effectively cutting off nearly all sound. My eyes flashed up to meet his, and he held my gaze. He had silenced me, which gave me permission to make as much noise as I needed to.

So when he resumed his inexorable penetration I was free to cry out – or try to – into his hand, And I did.He filled me and filled me, and I screamed in overwhelmed sensation into his palm. The emptiness was gone, inverting to fullness, to yes….

His body pressed mine down into the mattress. I was breathtakingly stuffed. Breathing through my nose made every inhalation full of the scent of him. I imagined feeling myself get wetter, even stretched tight around the massive cock. He still looked down at me, so many expressions on his face, but I recognized lust in his eyes.

Xavier fucked me then. Not the hard frantic fucking of the afternoon before. No, this was slow, deliberate, patient. Trapped under his hand, I couldn’t cry his name, or beg him to fuck harder, but I tried. His slow, complete rhythm didn’t change though. Even when I seized under him and came, he fucked right through my contracting muscles, making it even more. I panted hard through my nose as I came down from it. He was going slow enough that the wave could actually pass, mostly, but there was another, bigger one building behind it. He fucked me through that one, too. Until I felt the tsunami behind that one building. My eyes must have shown something, or the bucking of my body against his maybe changed, because he seemed to know what was about to happen.

That was when he changed his cadence. Faster harder, possessive, taking. It was everything. Wonderful frightening, exhilarating. He lowered his head next to mine, the angle changing the feel of his thrusts, making them seem even more intimate. My muffled noises under his hand were constant, but I stopped when I heard his strained whisper in my ear.

“Cum for me,” Xavier said, thrusting hard and deep.

And I did. The orgasm was every bit the equal of the previous high, yet different, My thighs hugged his sides, my heels dug into his muscled legs. My body wracked in pleasure. Some noise couldn’t help but escape his muffling, and it seemed to drive both of us higher, harder.

“Fuck,” his whisper was harsh, on edge. “Fuck. Yess.”

Xavier’s hips pressed me hard into the mattress as his cock erupted inside me, and I felt every throb, every spurt of cum as it happened, molten pleasure spreading through me on the heels of every other.

We held that tableau for I don’t know how long. I shook. He throbbed, on and on until we were both utterly spent. His and lifting off my mouth was almost like the end of a kiss – but he replaced it with his lips, for a real kiss. Deep, moving, and I felt my heart skip a beat even as the echoes of pleasure made my pussy and his cock twitch again.

Sometime later, Xavier was on his back on the bed, I was curled against him. My head rested on his chest, listening to his slowing heartbeat. One of my legs was thrown over both of his, which meant my pussy was pressed up again his upper thigh, smearing our co-mingled cum against his skin. There was so much. It would be dripping from me for hours and I loved the thought of it.

But all dreams end.

“When do you leave tomor- this morning?” I didn’t really want to know the answer.

“Ten, so I’m out of the house at 8 – four hours…”

“Not enough time.”

“I know.”

I reached for his hand. The band of gold on his finger meant something real. Something outside this perfect little world of now.

“I think my flight has a mechanical problem, though,” he said.

I looked up at him, confused. He wasn’t on his phone or computer. How did he know?

That smile.

All dreams end, but they don’t have to end right now.

Xavier’s plane did have ‘mechanical problems,’ but not before Mom and Dad left for their B&B retreat, and he didn’t really feel the need to tell them his departure was delayed a day. My Sat night sleepover also got cancelled – I was a little under the weather after all, and didn’t want anyone catching a cold over there.

I heard the Uber driving up to the house minutes after my parents texted they had arrived safely at the B&B. It wasn’t much past 10 when the doorbell rang, and I opened the door wide. Xavier froze in place and just stared. I couldn’t not giggle.

I had raided Mom’s dresser. I knew she had at least a few sexy things, and we were just about the same size now. I had not quite realized the selection of lingerie her drawers presented me with, and it made me re-evaluate my parents’ sex lives for a smiling few minutes. I shook that off, though – plenty of time for that later. I was hunting for something, and knew it the second I saw it. Not because it was any risqué look particular, but it was sheer. The bra and panties covered everything, but hid nothing.The stockings were thigh high and the same fabric. Same with the blouse-like, buttonless top. I felt very sexy, very seductive, very grown up, putting it on, My skin had tingled with goosebumps against the silky fabric.

From the look on Xavier’s face, clearly it the outfit worked exactly as it was supposed to.

“Please come in,” I said, meaning that phrase in so many ways.

Xavier entered and I closed the door.

He took me the first time right there in the entryway. First a kiss that made my knees weak, then he spun me around, yanked his pants down, pulled the thin panties to the side, and guided his cock up into me as if he’d been doing that every day. I shrieked in surprise and pleasure, finding myself looking at my reflection – and his – in the entryway mirror, hands braced on the little key and sundry table, as Xavier thrust into me. I’d never watched myself be fucked before. Never seen myself cum. And it was another, strange, wonderful first experience, culminating in another flood of cum inside me. There was going to be more of that. Much more, and I’d already decided I wasn’t going to try to clean it up every time. I would figure out how to clean semen out Mom’s delicates. Later.

After that first “hello,” we went to the kitchen for coffee and talked, really talked, for the first time. Just him and me, about so many things. He knew, we both knew, we’d bought another day for… this, but thats a’ll. We didn’t talk about that, though. Instead, we talked about families. College plans, everything else but our little bubble of time and place and each other. All through it, as Xavier’s cum stained my mother’s lingerie, I felt the tension build again, and let it happen. The want, the need. More intense because I knew I would have it but not for much longer.

I offered him another cup, which he declined, then rose to bring the cups to the dishwasher. his hand took mine as I reached for his cup and he pulled me into a melting kiss, his other hand on my leg, sliding up, around, to my soaked panties. I whined into his mouth. He tugged then down off my hips as I fumbled with his belt, still locked in a kiss. I took his cock in my hands, I realized for the first time, marveling at its heat and weight, and how it stiffened under my fingers. He guided me to straddle his lap and I started down between us, past my gauzy top, to the spear of flesh pointing up between my legs. I let myself down, impaling myself on him, holding his shoulders to steady myself, then hugging him close wonce I felt him solidly inside.

There, in my own kitchen, I fucked myself silly on Xavier, bouncing up and down on his cock, kissing him, squealing, panting, increasingly frantic, until I just let myself fall fully ion to him. Raising my feet off the floor, arching, letting my head fall back until his arms caught me, I cried out my climax full throated, until all I could do was shake. I felt him lift me, then, and didn’t know where he was taking me until I felt the cool of wood under my back. He’d brought me to the kitchen island, and laid me on it, cock still embedded inside me, then slid me up along the knife-scarred surface as he climbed up with me to give him leverage for a good and proper fuck. Which he did, finishing, with a roar and a deep kiss as he pumped me full of cum once again.

That afternoon, evening, night, we fucked in every room of the house – except the suite, because the bed was stripped. Xavier took me from behind on my own bed. He lifted me onto him in one of our showers together. The couch in the family room. The floor in the den. On the stairs, he leaned me back and went down on me. I’d never been eaten out before, and it was yet another complete world of pleasure and orgasm I’d never felt before.

We cooked dinner and ate together, naked. And for desert I went down on him. I didn’t have a lot of experience with it, but quite a lot of enthusiasm, and he guided me, with words, and his hands in my hair, and rewarded me with an appreciative, dead-sexy groan and a salty sweet spray in my mouth that I swallowed down.

He remarked, with appreciation and maybe some wonder in his voice, that he hadn’t fucked so much, cum so much, in such a short period of time since he was a teenager. I took it as the compliment it was. I was arousing him as much as he was me. I was giving him pleasure on levels he hadn’t known, if not ever, than for a long time.

Of course we went to bed in my parent’s room, in their bed, I’m not saying we slept much, but we did go to bed, and I screamed and came, and was filled and fucked in more ways than I knew were possible. I had no idea how much cum he filled me with, just that it seemed he had an endless supply. “Only for you,” he’d said, and I believed him. We made utter exhausted messes of each other, finally collapsing more unconscious than asleep, in a tangle in the wee hours of the morning.

We woke late in the morning with the sun streaming in, sore, sated, lazy, and the first thing we did was fuck again, and it felt so good. An hour later we dragged ourselves up, showered, and began cleaning the house from the debauchery of the previous day. There was a lot to clean, but by the time the Uber needed to be called, we’d erased everything except a slightly darker stain on the kitchen island wood block. Mom’s lingerie was hand washed and dried and put away. All the sheets changed, everything in its place. We’d talked more was we cleaned, still ignoring the elephant in the room.

“Xavier,” I said as we folded the last towels away, “I- I think I’ve fallen in love with you. A little bit? A lot?”

He stopped, and waled over to me, taking my face in my hands, and kissing me tenderly on the lips.

“I know I’ve fallen in love with you as well. And yet.”

“And yet. What am I going to do? No one can make me need – feel like you!”

“I don’t believe that is true. You have a long time to find someone who will.”

“I don’t want to wait.” I wasn’t a whining. I was resigned.

“I know.”

Slowly, almost reverently, he hugged me, then took me by the hand and led me up to my room. He gently pulled my top over my head, undid my bra, and pulled my skirt and panties down with is warm hands. Then he stripped himself one last time and lay down on my bed, his proud cock standing straight up, hard and beautiful was ever.

“Take what you need from me,” Xavier said.

And I did. I climbed on him one last time, sinking down on him, fucking myself to one orgasm, then two, then a third, crying openly by then, until I stared down at him through tear blurred eyes, ground myself down on him and practically ordered him – “Cum for me!” One last time, as I squeezed him tight in the height of pleasure and sorrow, he filled me again.

His ride arrived as we were both finishing getting dressed. Time enough for one more kiss, and he was out the door. I didn’t know when, if ever, I’d see him gain, but… that was all right. I felt warm cum slip between my pussy lips to dampen my panties, and I smiled.

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Cassie Andra

Old enough to know better and not care. Vanilla on the outside. Vanilla through and through, except for the mind. You don't want to go there, but I'll give you peeks. Be warned: erotica themes include standard fun, but also the taboo-est of the taboo. Coming of age, infidelity, family relations, dubious and non-consent. Every throbbing inch of it is, however, fantasy, and should be treated as such.

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