Zoom In

I didn’t know how I’d woken up in our spare room tied spread to the bed and gagged tight. I couldn’t remember at all what had happened the previous evening. The relief I felt when my mom and new stepfather entered the room turned to ice as they started getting undressed.

When Mom was in nothing but her panties, Jim told her,

“Get her ready.”

Mom nodded meekly and climbed onto the bed between my legs, not even looking at may face. To my utter shock, she lowered her mouth to my pussy, stuck her tongue out, and slid it along, and into my slit! I tried to scream and move away but she grabbed my hips and held me, licking and sucking at me.

Behind her, at the foot of the bed, Jim stood naked. One hand held a camera, pointed at the two of us. The other was slowly stroking the biggest cock I’d ever seen. Not that I’d seen any close up yet. 

Mom knew what she was doing, and she was relentless. Her tongue swirled between my legs, and stabbed hot and wet into me. Her lips encircled my clit and sucked, gently, then hard, sending shocks of pleasure up my spine. I was desperate to get away, but I was firmly trapped, and eventually – I couldn’t stop it from happening – my hips rose of their own accord to press against Mom’s mouth. 

That only made her redouble her efforts. Jim barely moved, merely panning the camera up and down, zooming in, pulling out, languidly stroking his cock. It was fully hard now, a bead of fluid glistening at the tip.

Maybe it was the realization of what was next, what was obviously and inevitably in store for me, that that pushed me over. Maybe it was the rapid flutter of Mom’s tongue against my overstimulated clit. But just then, orgasm slammed into me and I screamed into my gag, arching my back and bucking into Mom’s mouth. She didn’t stop. If anything, she licked harder, faster, making my entire body seize, prolonging the pleasurable agony of climax until I was gasping for air and nearly mindless.

Only when I went completely limp under her, quaking in spasmodic aftershocks, did she relent and crawl off the bed.

Through tear-blurred eyes I saw Jim hand her the camera.

“Get it all,” He told her as he climbed onto the bed. Right where Mom had been, but instead of his mouth, the fat head of his cock lowered towards me. I was too drained, to horrified to move.

Mom dutifully pointed the camera as my stepfather’s cockhead nuzzled against my sloppy wet slit. As he pushed and the hot, blunt head forced me open around it. 

I gasped, skin prickling with the sensation of being penetrated for the first time, feeling simultaneously like I was about to be split open and completed. The knob of his cockhead passed into me almost with a pop and I jerked, my inner muscles fluttering madly against the intrusion.

Jim stopped then for a moment. He looked back at mom, who was zooming the camera in on his face, then mine, then panned and moved so she could center the view right between my legs. Jim turned his head to me and grinned, greedily, lustfully, cruelly. I barely had a chance to register the expression when he tensed and slammed his hips down, tearing through my hymen and impaling me completely with his cock in one one brutal stroke. I screamed into the gag, long and hard, drew breath and screamed again as the giant shaft of flesh throbbed inside me.

I think I went into shock for while there, because the next thing, the only thing I remember is being fucked. Endlessly, relentlessly. I don’t remember stabbing pain of the first thrust receding, or feeling it turn to pleasure, but sensual, violent, deep pleasure was the physical sensation. Being stuffed full and battered inside again and again, my body couldn’t get enough of it and oh, God, I was cumming to it. Over and over. Until Jim, sweating and wild, cursed and growled and hilted in me, just hard and brutal as the first thrust had been. He came inside me as I climaxed helplessly around him.

Each time Jim shows me the video, he remarks on something else. He especially likes pointing out details in the close-up zooms. Like how his balls tightened as they emptied, or how the tiny bit oh his shaft visible outside me throbbed and jerked as he pumped his cum into me. The tear running from my eye as my facial expression obviously showed my orgasm. How my virginal blood and our co-mingled fluids churned into a pink froth around my obscenely stretched pussy lips and dripped down between the cheeks of my ass. Usually by then, Jim is rubbing my rounding belly, remembering out lout how hard he came that first time, pressed up against my cervix like that, Making sure to point out the fact you could see I was cumming too, right then – the tremor of my muscles, the clenching of my anus. But I remember it too. Of course I remember it.

But by that time, his hand is usually between my legs, and I am getting wet, and Jim is calling for Mom to get out the camera again.

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Cassie Andra

Old enough to know better and not care. Vanilla on the outside. Vanilla through and through, except for the mind. You don't want to go there, but I'll give you peeks. Be warned: erotica themes include standard fun, but also the taboo-est of the taboo. Coming of age, infidelity, family relations, dubious and non-consent. Every throbbing inch of it is, however, fantasy, and should be treated as such.

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