The Girl’s Night Out party had been arranged by Cindy, the newest member of our clique. We’d been giving her the cold shoulder for a while, for no good reason other than we could, but relented, also because we could. She was happy and enthusiastic to join us and said she’d arrange us all a night out we’d never forget. We chuckled amongst ourselves about that, but heck, if she could pull that off, we agreed we might let her start hanging out with us more often. The place she brought us to in the warehouse district looked like it could have been either dangerous, or the most exciting kind of remote exclusive. It turned out to be the latter. A modern techno club with killer lights and sound, and dancing and drinking all night. We were kind of surprised not to have already known about it, so Cindy was starting to look like a real candidate. It was a complete blast, and we all agreed Cindy had done herself proud.

Over the next several weeks though, everyone in the group started acting weird. Gatherings got cancelled, stress levels seemed to be rising. We finally did get back together after a couple more weeks, again due to Cindy’s organizational and persuasive skill. This was just at a reserved private room at one of our favorite local restaurants – almost like our little club room. But over the first round of cocktails, the truths started coming out. Becca had missed her period. So had Aisling. So had Miu. In fact, we all had, and Nicole had missed her second. Each one of us had just put it down to stress or whatever, since none of us were seeing anyone seriously enough at the moment to have a scare. That’s when Cindy spoke up to get our attention.

“All right ladies!” and clapped three times. “Listen carefully.” she said, and then clapped four more, said a word, and the world blinked.

Next we realized we were sitting back around the table. Back, because we’d seemed to have changed places around, and were all facing the back of the room. One of those mini projectors was on the table, aimed at the blank wall of the room.


The projected scene was from the warehouse party of a couple months ago. We recognized the cavernous room and flashing lights, albeit from a pretty cheap rig rather than a high end setup. Weirdly, eerily, there was no sound of music playing. We were dancing, as if to a fast beat, with each other and partners we couldn’t see, all in silence save for echoes of of shoes moving on the floor, the breathing of exertion, and the occasional laugh. It was creepy.

Three loud claps echoed in the video and we all stopped dancing and took seats around the edge of the dance space, which looked a lot like just cleared warehouse floor. Our faces were flushed from dancing, smiling, but uncomfortably blank looking.

A deep male voice called Lucy’s name, and she stood up and moved toward the other side of the frame. Into the camera view stepped a man I didn’t recognize. He was handsome enough – tall, muscled. And naked. He took a hold of Lucy’s chin and kissed her long and deep. It was clear Lucy felt it. Her face visibly blushed, and her eyes closed as she kissed him back.

When he broke their kiss, the man undid her top, and bra, and took them off. She didn’t move or react. He reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down, and she stepped out of them automatically. As he stood, he slid his hand up between her legs, under her skirt, and she gasped. When he withdrew his hand, two of his fingers glistened with wetness.

He picked her up by the waist like she weighed nothing and carried her a few steps. The camera view widened to keep them and us watching them in view. He laid Lucy down on a cushioned bench that was just a little narrower than her hips and shoulders.

He took hold of her thighs in his big hands and bent her legs up, giving him room to straddle the bench below her. He parted her legs, stepping forward. His cock was half hard when he laid it on her stomach, and grew longer and thicker as it came to full erection in full view. It was almost shockingly long and thick when it reached full attention. He slid it down her belly, and then, with no preamble, pushed it inside Lucy, who made her first sound – a deep sensual moan.

He fucked her until her moans turned to cries of pleasure, and then shudders of climax. His rising grunts complimented her cries, and then it was obvious he was cumming, too, hilted inside her. The sounds of their coupling reverberated in the big, silent warehouse.

When he withdrew his massive cock, semen didn’t drip from Lucy, it poured from her as he lowered her legs and her feet touched the floor.

Another man, just as built, just as strong, just as hard, entered the scene straddling the bench and grasping Lucy under the crooks if her knees, lifting and spreading her legs wide apart as his fat cock stretched her pussy lips around it and plunged inside her. Cum from the first man forced out around the shaft of the second. Lucy cried out again, not in distress, but pure pleasure as he fucked her through a second orgasm. And then he too came in her, rooted to the balls.

When the man pulled out and moved off camera, Lucy got up from the bench and began dressing as another name was called. Miu. She moved up to the next man stepping into the frame. He towered over her by well over a foot. By the time she was deeply kissing him, Lucy was sitting down, watching blankly with the rest of us, with no acknowledgement of the wet spot showing through her party skirt.

After the man had finished kissing and partially stripping Miu, he laid her on the bench cushion, letting her feet rest on the floor on eitther side. He straddled the bench and pushed between her legs, reaching down and taking her narrow hips in his big hands. He lifted her to him, lifting her feet from the floor. Her head still rested on the bench and gave her body a lewd, pelvis-raised arch. We again got to see the full length of a massive shaft engorging against a pale belly before he pulled back and jammed the entire thing into her pussy, making her shriek. He fucked her on his cock like she was a rag doll, and Miu came quickly, squeaking and mewling, not stopping until he bellowed out his own orgasm, holding her tight to him as he pumped her full. 

Miu was still shuddering, keening quietly as a second man yet different from the ones we’d already seen, took hold of her hips and did the same thing to her. She seemed very shaky as she got herself dressed after another long orgasm and a second load of cum, and as another name – mine this time – was called. I was kissed, partially undressed, and positioned on the bench on hands and knees. I was taken thoroughly, vigorously from behind by two men, one after the other.The slap of bodies and my screams of obvious pleasure echoed in the cavernous space. Staring, watching at the video, I didn’t move, didn’t even squirm, but I felt the heat of anger, shame, and confusion rise in me, and the flutter of arousal between my legs. Because at that moment, I remembered being fucked, and how good it had felt.

Variations of the same scene repeated again and again over almost an hour as every one of us was called up, kissed, fucked to orgasm twice, and inseminated by two different strangers. Except Cindy. She was nowhere to be seen the entire time.

The video ended with a series of bright flashing lights, an echoing, repeating word “zenith” and the sound of four claps. The group of us blinked and gasped in our seats. The eight of us were sitting around our restaurant table. No sign of a projector or anyone other than just us. We knew we’d all seen the same thing, but none of us could figure out who had gotten us all here. It had only ever been us eight after all. But we’d just seen…what?

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Cassie Andra

Old enough to know better and not care. Vanilla on the outside. Vanilla through and through, except for the mind. You don't want to go there, but I'll give you peeks. Be warned: erotica themes include standard fun, but also the taboo-est of the taboo. Coming of age, infidelity, family relations, dubious and non-consent. Every throbbing inch of it is, however, fantasy, and should be treated as such.

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