• Two Mornings

    These pieces were long ago on ASSTR before the blog was started, and then in Silvered Lens when it was in print. They never made it to be posted here in the blog, though they’ve been sitting as a “private” post here for 4 years. While they are Monocle’s, they are Also Raziel’s, I think. Two… Continue Reading

  • Sunday Tease

    Originally posted in December, 2009, taken down for Through a Silvered Lens. Reposted July 2016. Sunday Tease by Monocle A word about my wife. She’s beautiful, smart, sexy, kind, and funny. Her hair is auburn and she’s a half head shorter than I am. Her bright hazel eyes are the most expressive I’ve seen outside… Continue Reading

  • Spooning (Epilogue)

    Spooning (Epilogue) The clock read 9:42. The man stirred, stretching his long legs down and his arms out, both over and under the woman’s torso. The woman leaned her head back, opened her eyes, and looked into the man’s. “Good morning” “Morning” 9:46 “That was some dream I had last night,” he said. “Me, too.”… Continue Reading

  • Spooning (Matt’s Morning)

    Spooning (Matt’s Morning) The sun from the window falling on my eyes woke me into a red haze. God, what a set of dreams! I could barely remember the details, and what traces remained were already fading, but the intense eroticism still echoed through my foggy brain. It felt deep, animal-like. Eyes still closed, I… Continue Reading

  • Spooning (Lyn’s Night)

    The first part of Spooning (Lyn’s Night) was posted in December, 2009 and not taken down, but Matt’s Day and the Epilogue were taken down for publication. The repost will restore all 3. Spooning (Lyn’s Night) We went to bed spooned, as we often do, but this evening I just couldn’t seem to fall asleep.… Continue Reading

  • White Xmas

    Originally posted in December, 2009 (hence the holiday theme), taken down for Through a Silvered Lens, Reposted July 2016 A little story for the holiday season. Not everyone has the same holidays at the same time. Sometimes you need to make your own when you can. — White Xmas by Monocle Our sleeping bags zip… Continue Reading

  • Fog

    Originally posted in November, 2009, this story was taken down for inclusion in the now-out-of-print Through A Tinted Lens. Restored here and now. I shift the authorship here from Monocle to Raziel, because this story is, I think, an early part of Raz’s emergence. (This vignette riffs on some themes and ideas I’ve loved from Will’s… Continue Reading