Perfect Pair

She caught his scent through the haze of alcohol and marijuana smoke. He was thin and pale, with a smile too bright for the occasion. His feline eyes looked at the women bumping and grinding in the living room with an avidity that made her wonder how they didn’t feel his gaze. He concentrated on one woman at a time.

Sometimes his lips would quiver with a smile. Sometimes he’d frown, or look intensely bored.

Something about this stranger caught her attention – he had a strange beauty to him, like he didn’t quite belong to this century. She casually focused her thoughts on him.

She gasped, and her heart began to jackhammer in her chest. She made a beeline for a dark hallway right off the kitchen. She couldn’t quiet the chatter in her head as she sweat and panted against a bedroom door. The sounds of fucking didn’t do much to calm her down.

Someone cleared their throat next to her. Him.

“Hello.” He leaned on the wall beside her. He was shorter than her.

“Leave me be.” She hoped that he would not.

His long lashes covered the momentary flash of his eyes. “No.” He seemed to grow a couple of inches. She tried to walk away, but there was a big group blocking the entrance of the hallway. She tried to move through them, but she couldn’t. Not without hurting someone. She suddenly felt as if she’d had too much wine. She pushed harder, but more people came. He was powerful.

She didn’t dare look behind her but she could still feel him, growing. It had been too long and she wasn’t sure whether she could resist.

“Don’t run away, Arela.”

He knew her name.

The crowd blocking the hallway was so dense only pinpoints of light broke through and quivered on the wall around her. The people in the bedroom were getting louder. Sweat trickled down the narrow valley of her spine. She pressed her body flat against the wall and tried to ignore him.

She conjured up happy, vague images – her at a black sand beach as a girl, chubby but content. She covered herself in wet sand, making herself look like a Numidian princess. Her mouth watered at the sourness of the beach grapes she ate. She laid on her back and made sand angels in the surf. Her naked belly was warm and seawater seeped up between her thighs to tickle her just so…

“Damn it!” He was already in her head.

He chuckled again. “Meditation’s never worked for me neither.” She still felt the warmth and tickle. He was closer now. “Why do you avoid me?”

Trepidation made her mouth twist into a grimace.

“Ah. I see. You still have not embraced it yet?” he asked.

“It’s dangerous in a place like this. You have to know that by now. Times have changed.”

“Have you completely lost yourself? Times have changed, but people have not. This is what we are made for.” She turned away and tried her best to block him out, but the warmth in her belly was spreading. Her knees got weak. They remained in silence, side by side as the couple moaned in the bedroom. His breathing increased, and his brow got shiny with sweat. “Let me in.”

Heat bloomed fast behind her bellybutton.  She felt a hard and steady vibration on her clit. The woman in the bedroom let out a ragged moan.

“Think of them, please…” She lost her voice as they fell into each other.

He was surrounded by her. She caressed his skin, making every hair on his body stand on end. She crawled between his thighs and tickled his balls, then surrounded them in wet warmth. She lapped against his nipples, which were suddenly so sensitized he felt it in his dick.

He had not expected for her to be so strong. No one had ever been so deep…

She surrounded the head of his cock and squeezed, then rubbed and rubbed and rubbed. Firmly. Maddeningly. Just like she had seen that he loved.

She bit her lower lip, and her eyes moved restlessly underneath her lids.

She thrust herself into his asshole – his whole body shuddered with the sensation. Silkiness and heat surrounded him completely, tweaking every pleasure receptor and making him incapable of thought. Something slid past his shoulder and nudged his lips. He opened his mouth wide and it quivered on his tongue. He wrapped his lips around it and sucked. She was sweet and salty, an intimate flavor that made his mouth water enough to drip down his chin.

The breathing of the man in the bedroom quickened, staccato grunts that made a woman in the blocking crowd whoop. She eyed the two people on opposite sides of the hallway panting and grasping the walls like lizards and rolled her eyes although her belly fluttered with recognition. She dismissed her silly thoughts and went back to her conversation.

She consumef him completely, exploring and savoring every inch of him in the physical realm and beyond. He yielded softly as water to every one of her ministrations, telling her in each movement what he wanted next. His desire filled her perfectly, impossibly pleasurable and penetrating her every pore.

The edges of her mouth were wet with saliva and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. The temperature in the hallway rose.




A man in the blocking crowd suddenly sprouted a boner. His nipples ached underneath his jersey. He was surrounded by men, but the ache was insistent. One of his friends, a strapping brunette with a soul patch and pale freckles, gave him a strange look. He knew that he was hard too, hard and dripping and aching for release. They’d each never (really) had a gay thought in their lives, but they still saw each other with their lips around each other’s cocks, sucking licking and jerking until they tasted come. The urge was so all-consuming they did not think twice. They could not. The brunette excused himself and walked to his car. His friend followed.

A young woman sat on the couch sulking with her best friend. She felt heat crawl up her spine and make her nipples hard. Her pussy was suddenly wet and swollen, like she’d been necking for hours. She had never thought of her friend sexually – he was gawky and red-headed – but she knew he was hard, hard as a rock and eager and he’d make her come harder than her boyfriend ever did. She found she couldn’t take her eyes off him. She stood up and walked to the bathroom. He followed.




Wetness dripped past the hem of her skirt and into the ankle strap of her heels – first one drop, then more. Soon the leather was wet, but she couldn’t feel it.

His whole being surrounded her, and his grasp on her was both strong and gentle. She knew he could hold her down and take her completely but he was allowing her to take him, use him for their pleasure.




“Hey, did someone turn up the heat in here?” A girl asked loudly in the living room. She looked at her flushed friends and felt something that made her look down at her feet in shame even though she’d been drinking.

“I don’t know. I feel funny,” some guy said at the other side of the room. He put his hands over his hips to cover up his growing erection. He got the distinct impression that his friends knew he was hard. Unspeakable thoughts made him close his eyes and hold onto the wall. A strange girl moved his hand aside and caressed the bulge in his pants right in front of everyone. Someone let out a moan. His friend leaned into him.

“Let her suck your cock, man, ” he whispered hotly in his ear.

She unzipped his pants, and his friend’s too. Another girl crawled over the crowd, already pulling down her panties. Her pussy lips were already glossy, her face and chest already flushed.

She thrust her ass in the air. “Fuck me, please.” She wasn’t talking to anyone in particular, but a man materialized out of the crowd, already unzipped and hard. He dropped to his knees and thrust into her balls deep. Their mutual groan galvanized the crowd and everyone began to reach for each other. Mouths moved toward heat and wetness, arms were outstretched to stroke and caress. Clothes came off and legs spread, tongues were buried into twitching mouths, cunts, and assholes.

With a thrust and a cry she finally penetrated his soul.

Savage beauty, passion and eons of wisdom took her breath away. Blinding brightness filled the narrow hallway, and that elusive sensation far beyond physical pleasure finally made her give up control. He slid as deeply inside her as she had into him and began to wrap himself around her mind where her most intense and secret pleasures hid. For a frightening moment his possession was terrifying – no one had been that far inside her for a long time – but he was gentle, flipping through her fantasies like a hallowed book until he found the one she most cherished. He expanded and filled her whole being with those images, melding her pleasure to his own and intensifying it until they both vibrated with it.

They exuded pleasure like perfumed smoke and it slid slowly into the living room, where the mortals lay. As they grew hotter their clothes burned off, exposing their softly glowing bodies. They were both very human, but far more perfect than what humanity had devolved to in the last 4,000 years.

Every body in the slithering crowd pulsed in the same rhythm. When someone caressed another’s skin it felt like they were caressing their own, just the way they liked. Everyone’s pleasure was complete, and no one was left out. The air was so hot above them that it bent light, made it shiver like the bodies below. Orgasm was contagious, and soon the whole writhing crowd was crying out to gods they did not know existed.




They looked at each other with their true eyes for the first time. Their beauty was enough to make any mortal ache with passion because he or she would see whatever his or her heart truly desired. He bowed his head and kissed her lips, something both unnecessary and tender. Although they enjoyed stirring up mortal passion and absorbing their pleasure, nothing was as intense as finding another one like themselves. They had become damn near extinct after the Old Ways had died out and mortals stopped believing in them. For thousands of years they had been forced to hide, cloak their thoughts and avoid consorting with mortals now that open celebrations of love were looked down upon. Love had been reduced into a parody of itself and false superficial beauty held sway, making many mortals miserable in their own precious, finite bodies.

He hadn’t encountered a being like himself since Rome. They were most powerful in pairs, and he had nearly lost hope of ever finding his.

But here She was.

He held out his hand, and she took it. They tread gently over the undulating carpet of bodies in the living room. No one looked up, but each felt the keenest sense of well-being and satisfaction in themselves and each other. All were beautiful. Each was sacred. The room dimmed and cooled as they walked out the door and melted into the night.

They had much work to do.

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


  1. christine

    X – you certainly have a way with words, emotions.

    “but they still saw each other with their lips around each other’s cocks, sucking licking and jerking until they tasted come.”

    It’s like you don’t need any puncuation :)

  2. vanillamom

    Fucking powerful stuff….

    …did you see *them* go by? but wait, we don’t need to see…only feel, and be made whole and well…

    wicked mean kewl…

    (70’s flashback there)….


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