Acolyte ~ Part III

I didn’t feel his presence and whimpered.

“Are you there?” I was covered with sweat, and the leather straps were slippery against my flesh. Something clattered to the floor. He made a sound, then cleared His throat.

“Thank you.”  He noticed my physical reaction to my new submission and made the same sound again.

“Tell me now – what do you fear?” His voice was strained. I lay still and let my muscles relax.

“It isn’t physical pain that I am afraid of…” I started, but He pulled off my blindfold  before I could finish. I looked around for His form, and His face suddenly filled my vision.  His hair was tousled and His cheeks were flushed. His eyes pleaded.  His lips were stained with my lipstick and His cheeks with my mascara. He looked tense and vulnerable.

“Well? Tell me already!” His voice bounced off the walls of his bedroom. He walked to his bed and leaned up against a carved ebony post. My clothes were folded neatly and placed on a trunk at the foot of His bed. The front of His slacks were soaked… had He come, or was all that just me?

He moved lightning fast and slapped me hard enough to make my neck crack, then grabbed my hair to lift  my face toward Him. I hiccupped with a sob, but He held His finger up in warning.

“No time for histrionics now.”

I swallowed the sob, but my lip still quivered. My eyes spilled over.

“I’m sorry… I was lost in thought-” He pulled my hair viciously again and I lost my voice. “You can do whatever you like with me.”

He was not impressed. He picked up the cane.

“Therein lies the rub,” He said, and walked behind me. He wet the tip of the cane in my pussy and then traced lines of wetness on my inner thigh. “It’s you. You’re the one who acceded control to me, even though it seems like I wrested it from you.”

I blinked, confused, and He laughed a bit too raucously.

“Oh, you’re surprised? You with the big tits and hips and the lips, youth and intellect just tease with the promise of control but it’s all a lie!” He waved the cane over His head and it hissed with His overwrought movement.”It’s all just a pleasant fiction.”

I looked Him straight in the eye.

“But isn’t most sex these days a pleasant fiction? What’s the difference?” I was curious to know what He’d respond, but if I were to tell the absolute truth, I felt the exact same way – that’s why I’d been so afraid to give myself away. What was He getting at?

“You flatter me, but you know exactly what I mean.” He dropped the cane again and cradled my face in His hands. “It’s been a while since any woman has captured my imagination like you have, and it’s…”

“Scary,” I whispered. “I think the word you’re looking for is scary.”

He nodded.

“I thought you really disliked me, but I couldn’t help wanting to get to know you more.”

“You thought what I wanted you to think,” He said. “I couldn’t give you the upper hand…” His voice faded to nothing.

“You can have any thing you want,” I said.

His face still looked troubled.”It’s so easy for you.”

“You’re precisely the person who knows best exactly how not easy this all is for me.” I was surprised to hear the irritation in my voice. The tense lines around His eyes faded. “I want to try to make it easier for You to express Your needs and desires. I want to be Your vessel.”

He pinched my welted flesh. My heart rate doubled in seconds.

“Pretty words, but I’ve always been a proponent of action.” I was suddenly full of Him. I tensed up.  He backhanded then grasped my ass cheeks painfully. “Relax!” I tried but I couldn’t – the knowledge that He was finally using me made me pulse around Him powerfully enough to hold Him inside me. He backhanded me again, but it only made me tighter.

“Even your cunt is stubborn.” He withdrew.  His fingers allowed Him more control. He pounded into my pussy and pinched my clit at the same time. He groaned and whispered behind me, and I came twice in two minutes. I was still swooning from my orgasms when He slid his cock into me again.

“Better.” His belly slapped into the bruised skin on my ass and made me hurt. His eyes focused on my winking asshole.

“Take it,” I said breathlessly.  His eyelids were half-mast and there was a ghost of a grin on his lips that made me squirt. He slid two fingers and His thumb into my asshole as He fucked me. I was silent with sensation. He filled me completely. I was in a place beyond orgasm, beyond mere physical pleasure…

But He stopped.

He walked toward my face, His cock bobbing comically. My head snapped back again.

“You want to know one of the reasons I picked you?” He rubbed his cock against my cheeks. When I tried to take it in my mouth, He slapped me hard enough to for me to taste metal. My eyes fell closed. “You are willful, proud… even a bit flinty at times. Your hardness called to mine.”

I remained silent.

“Most women I’ve known need just the slightest nudge to yield. Regardless of what they’ve been taught to think about themselves their pussy rules their actions, just like men’s cocks rule theirs.” He slid His fingers inside me. When I didn’t react, He started to laugh. It wasn’t mocking or cruel, but it was robust. He actually had to hold His knees not to fall over with mirth.

“Uh-oh. What’s wrong, cherub? Has something upset you?”He squeezed my cheeks with sticky fingers. I stared forward, lips pressed together. He tugged at my hair, but I didn’t flinch.

“Aw, a clueless ‘feminist’. How cute.”

Fuck  you.” Should a little bondage and domination blot out 15  years’ worth of staunch feminism? I think not.

He let go of my hair and crouched to eye level. His eyes swam with amusement. “That’s the spirit.” He licked my pursed lips sensuously. It took all that I had not to respond.

“After all I’ve done to you, it’s a simple statement that makes you shut down?” He got behind me again and rubbed Himself against the swollen groove of my cunt. I bit back a groan, but I couldn’t stop from shivering. The head of His cock caught my clit.

“You’re a bitch. A hard, proud, insufferable cunt…” He nudged the device, and it moved so He slid rhythmically on my slit. My plump pussy lips swallowed Him, and I felt every inch. His breath was ragged behind me. “…and possibly my greatest conquest.”

I couldn’t hear Him anymore. I just felt the rough timbre in His voice down to my bones. He was confounding and proud and smug but He was also beautiful and brilliant and so sexy, I admit it, fucking hot and He knew now how many times I have come alone thinking of His hands on me and in me, of tasting His sweat and wishing I was enough for Him to mark me and make me His.

I wanted to be His greatest work, what He’s secretly most proud of.

With a thrust of his hips He was inside me. He didn’t touch me, the device did all the work. That single pinpoint of warmth in my center finally wrested a cry from me but it wasn’t anger, it was desire. I wanted His warmth to surround me, thaw the cold that had made me afraid to express what I really needed for so many years.

A bright flash and whir brought me down from my high. Warmth dripped from inside me…  He had come. I looked back at Him and half of his face was covered by a camera. He licked His lips, and another flash blinded me.

I lay my head against the device and focused on the impeccable white of His walls.

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am

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  1. vanillamom

    fucking whoa…..

    damn work

    damn the power that left me hanging, midstream in this…

    and dammit i sure hope i get an Orgasm tonight!

    This was…stunning.

    intense, painfully slicing into the inner workings of a she-who-would be-Domme/sub….and raw.

    and i loved it.

    the camera? brilliant angle…no pun intended!


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