In The City

A little interlude I wrote a while back for a friend curious about my writing. Enjoy.


She smiled dreamily as he gave the girl their order.

“…and a nonfat double capp, wet.”

He knew her well.

The navigated the worn sofa islands until they reached a booth against the back wall in a corner that was dark even during the day. She slid in slowly, wincing as she sat down. As usual, her eyes went unfocused as the ache reached her brain.


He scooted beside her until their hips touched. She shivered.

“You’re achy.”

Her unpainted lips were wet with saliva.

She nodded. Her long hair was a sweaty, tangled mess she’d hurriedly gathered at the nape of her neck. He caught a hint of musk as she shifted asscheeks.

“That new flogger was a lot of fun.” Her voice was the kind of rusty that made his whole body rigid – fight or flight.

Well, just fight.

He flashed back to an hour ago, to her strangled screams as the solid knots at the ends of the flogger welted her already bruised flesh. She’d fought to pull her hands and feet out of the restraints. She’d cursed groaned and sighed, but she’d never told him to stop. Her ass had been raised higher than her head, pale with angry red slashes on it that wouldn’t disappear for days. The healing cuts at her inner thighs had winked at him, but he’d resisted.

To her relief and dismay, there had been no bloodshed that day.

“I’m glad you like it,” he said, his hand squeezing the naked back of her neck. She shivered again, more strongly. The girl came wafting on a rich brown cloud of perfumed steam to put their coffees in front of them and disappeared.

She looked down and smiled as he took his first sip at the steaming cup. She wasn’t surprised he could withstand that daunting heat – he’d bowed his head the same way between her thighs, unafraid. His grip tightened.

“Look. It’s a ginkgo leaf,” she said. She didn’t want to ruin the russet design by drinking it. She also didn’t want to get a coffee buzz. She loved the ether of his touch.

“I’ll take you on a walk to see the trees one day – they’re beautiful.”

She smiled dreamily, something he still hadn’t gotten used to. His balls tingled with rushing blood.

“A walk would be nice.”

She blinked slowly. She wasn’t usually so…simple, and that’s what drove him crazy. Her system was so full of endorphins her usually complex thoughts were muffled. To make things interesting, he’d also put her on orgasm restriction for the first time, curious to see how she would fare once he finally gave in. Since they were still new, it was difficult not to keep going when he felt her teetering over the edge because her orgasms were so…physical. He felt as deprived as he imagined she felt, although he’d violently throat, ass, and pussy fucked her until he came numerous times.

As much as he’d primally enjoyed her misery, it wasn’t enough. He wanted her pleasure as well.

As he looked at the lost look in her eye, he realized her wanted that pleasure soon. He grabbed a handful of cotton skirt and pulled. Her eyes opened, and she was suddenly quick. They’d never done anything in public. He watched her face as his hand wedged between her knees. She was holding her breath.

“You’re so ready I can feel your heat and I’m not even touching you yet.” Her legs parted like a well-worn book. He caressed her seam. He exhaled into her face when he felt her pulse on the swollen flesh of her cuntlips. Her eyes entreated.

“Please, this is not the right place.” A violent quiver went up her spine, making her teeth chatter as she spoke. He knew she tended toward being vocal during pleasure, but he wanted to test her self-control. Her hard clit protruded from her lips. He traced a soft circle on it. Her hand turned to a fist on the table and she gave a loud trembling sigh.

“Uh uh uh, you don’t want to make a scene, do you?” He pressed into her and she moaned very softly. He nuzzled her temple as someone passed them to use the restroom. Her rushing pulse made him bold. His fingers parted her lips and rubbed at her opening. She curled up so hard her head nearly hit the table. He looked up to see if anyone had noticed. A couple of college students nursing hangovers blinked soporifically into laptop screens. No one stirred except to drink or type.

She tightened on his probing fingertips, pinching his fingers inside her. His cock nudged his zipper. He took one of her trembling hands off the table and put it on his inner thigh. She squeezed eagerly. Her lip quivered. They heard a whooshing flush, and the person walked by the without a look. His fingertips pushed past the tightness.

She shook her head. “Not now…”

“Haven’t we spoken about this? Coming in a place like this?” His fingers stretched her open. She rubbed at his hardness over his pants. Her deft hands pinched his shaft, feeling for the head. When she found it, she squeezed. His jaw muscle tightened. For a split second, her dark eyes were focused. Defiant.

How does *that* feel?, they said.

He was going to reward her for that, make her pay dearly for her flash of conceit.

He pushed inside her to the knuckle firmly and curled his fingers. Her eyes unfocused and her grip on him loosened. He pressed until he felt her pubic bone, confident of her personal anatomy. She arched and her mouth opened in a soundless moan. He licked her earlobe slowly, looking down. His fingers parted her plump lips, cream on tan on most vivid pink. His cock pulsed.

“How long has it been, pet?” His fingers kept massaging. He knew she would get the count right. She cleared her throat. It was patently sexual. No one looked. He wondered whether it was so obvious to him because every one of his senses was so completely attuned to her.

“Eight days…seventeen hours…” she licked her lips slowly. In his mind her action was deliberate – she knew that magic of that tongue.

“…and, um, 32 minutes.” She went hotter and wetter around his fingers, her body already trained and eager to receive. He laughed. It was a raucous confident laugh that made the sleepy patrons look around, curious about the punch line.

She was right. The solicitous whore was fucking right, down to the goddamned minute. His cheeks tingled from smiling. Although the students were aware now, he was still tempted to crush her  wicked little mouth with kisses, suck on her tongue until she clawed at the back of his neck.

For that, she would have to wait no longer. He slowly pulled his fingers out of her and her face registered her sudden emptiness. He sucked his fingers and slid out of the booth, her coat already in his hands for her to slide into.



Her clit emitted a faint buzz every woman felt as they walked by,  and their eyes went vacant with the memory of their last orgasm. Their gazes drifted from her to him and searched his face, suddenly curious of the man grasping her elbow so gallantly. Their perfume drifted to him and he took it in deep, steeling himself for the fight.

He was on top of the world. In a few moments, he would be on top of her…and hopefully behind, over, and under her as well. He would make her come and come and come until she passed out with pleasure.

Today she would really know him.

She walked beside him, eyes pointed in the direction of his front door.

Latest Comments

  1. paul1510 says:

    a great warm up for first thing in the morning.
    A very hot little interlude, thank you.
    Warm hugs,

  2. Squeaky says:

    *makes inarticulate noise*
    Gosh. That one’s going to keep me warm the next time I’m in a coffee shop….

  3. Julie says:

    Delicious, and very well written.. while my boyfriend and me have endulged in the thrill of being caught in the act before, we’ve never done that in quite such a public setting. I’m not even sure I would want that, but that story certainly presses several buttons of mine. ^^

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