What It’s Like

I re-crossed my legs. I loved the feel of the black silk stockings against my skin underneath the cigarette skirt, the sibilant hiss they made. There was a slim black line going from the heel to where they ended, edged in lace, at the top of my thighs. My insteps ached pleasantly in my high heels.

My eyes alighted on a pair of high pale cheekbones. I blinked languidly and looked more closely. There she was, so deliciously exquisite I almost moaned aloud at the sight of her. She wore a tight pair of black tuxedo pants with a visible bulge, a pearly white lawn shirt and a fedora that cast a shadow on her face.  Suddenly, all I could see were her smirking lips.

How does a nice girl get to this point?

I got up abruptly and headed toward the door. Before I reached the threshold a strong arm wrapped itself round my waist and pulled me into a dark corner. I clutched at my bag. My breath was ragged. That pale face swam in front of my terrified eyes—the one I had seen before losing my nerve. Her arms squeezed the breath out of me. Her hands squeezed my ass, then moved up to my waist.

“I saw you walk in… I was waiting for you.” Her voice was so maddeningly husky that I nearly came.

She squeezed my waist again. Her lips were eager, and she succeeded  in exposing a nipple. I put a trembling hand on her neck and pressed her to me. Her hat fell on the floor, exposing thick chesnut hair cut boy-short.  Her hands traveled up my skirt and made trails of heat on my thighs. She bit down hard on my nipple. I yelped. She lifted her face and smiled devilishly. She caressed my naked ass, then squeezed hard enough to hurt.

“I know what you’ve come for.” She traced the crack of my ass, then spread my cheeks.

I clenched impulsively and surged from the wall, scared of what I wanted. She pulled me back, her hand grinding the small bones of my wrist. Her look was penetrating.

“Don’t run away from it,” she said, and pulled me into the empty coat check room.

There was only a sliver of light coming through from the main dance floor. She kissed me so hard I couldn’t breathe. Her fingertips dug into my thighs with passion. I was so wet I  trickled. She licked the outer line of my earlobe, then sucked the firm skin of my neck. I was desperate. I clawed clumsily at her, pulled on her belt and tried to open her fly.

She slapped my hand hard. I stopped cold and stared, shocked. She shook her head gravely and knelt. She pulled my skirt up to my waist and buried her face in my thighs. She wrapped her tongue around one of my garters and undid it with ease – her tongue was skilled. She licked softly toward my throbbing center, a pleasant act of misdirection. As I squirmed, one of her hands snaked between my legs, slid easily into my cleft and inside me.

I nearly lost strength in my knees. Her fingers opened me, teased my g-spot. Her thumb pressed firmly on my clit, making slow circles that widened as I hardened.  I knew she could smell my arousal—a wet fragrant heat that made her lips glisten. I tried to look into her eyes but it was too dark to know whether they were grey, hazel, or green. Maybe I would never know. Excitement made my teeth chatter.  I lifted my leg so she could see the glossy swelling of my cunt.

“Mmmmm,” Her eyes moved from silken cleft to rosy cunt.  Her endlessly greedy woman’s gaze on my pussy made me tighten so hard I dripped to the floor. Her fingers were glossy with my juices. I gyrated my hips, bearing into her thrusts.

She suddenly stood. Her face was hot with arousal, it nearly burned my lips. Her fingers never left off fingering my cunt. She wrapped her arm around my waist and pressed into me, her hips matching the rhythm of her fingers. I sucked on the silky skin of her neck before moving to her open mouth to bite her full lips. As I sucked on her flicking tongue, I felt my orgasm rise quick and hard.  The pleasure was so intense grunted instead of moaning. I shoved my hands down the back of her pants and squeezed her ass, felt the smooth leather of the strap on, then pulled her shirt out. She stopped only to slide another finger inside me – now there were four. I gasped and bucked, and a stream of amrita leaked out of me.

That hasn’t happened in years…

She smiled and her eyes momentarily closed with pleasure. Her dark sooty lashes cast shadows on the apples of her cheeks. I thrust into her hand, gasping, feeling like I was about to explode, the pleasure making everything throb…

She pulled her fingers out and held them in front of her, opening them and looking through the crystalline wetness at the feeble light. I knew she wanted to put them in her mouth and taste me, and my mouth watered sympathetically. She started to unzip her fly. I was eager to help, but she shook her head no again. She pulled her pants down slowly, revealing an enormous black dildo – she was no stranger to drama. I knelt to take it in my mouth but she slapped my face away, albeit gently.

“Not in your mouth. At… least not yet.”  She pulled on the base of the dildo firmly and her jaw muscles tightened. “Do it like that.”  I firmly pumped at the base, knowing it rubbed on her clit. She licked her lips so deliberately I envied her tongue.  I could smell her pussy—that mouth-watering elusive musk I’d only smelled on my own fingers after masturbating. My mouth moved to the place where leather met flesh and sucked. I tongued the silky insides of her thighs slowly, the savage smell of leather and pussy making my head foggy with lust.

She only let me touch her for a few seconds more before she pulled my bra down roughly. My breasts popped out fat and firm, nipples hard as cherry pits. She palmed a tube she’d had in her shirt pocket and squeezed nearly half of it between my breasts, wearing a crooked grin. My eyes narrowed wickedly. I’d always wanted to do it – have it between my breasts, thick and hard, slip sliding on the secret spot that no one knew about – the sheer kinkiness attracted me.

Making her come with my breasts….

I squeezed my breasts together on her cock, looking into her eyes.  She tugged at my nipples as she surged in my cleft, making me whimper.  She caressed my face lightly with her fingertips, leaving slippery streaks of pussy juice on my cheeks. Her fingers moved to my mouth, wet and smudged, and traced my lips with her index finger. I trailed it with my tongue and tasted synthetic cherry and cunt. She pulled away.

“Delicious mouth, but not yet.” She pulled me off my knees. I was a crumpled,  sweaty mess. My head swam and my cunt was so swollen I could feel it as I walked to the place she pointed to. She ripped open a black and gold package with her teeth, then spit the empty packet indecorously out of her mouth, condom in hand. She ordered me to bend over a small table shoved in the corner. I knelt, then timidly bent over. She slapped my ass hard enough to sting.

“Forehead to the wood.”  I complied quickly. My breath came quicker and quicker. The tip of her cock parted the engorged lips of my cunt. I involuntary bucked with anticipation. She slapped my ass again. “Stick that ass up!” Before I could move, she rammed into me so hard it hurt. Her cock was so big! O goodness it was so fat! It was such a snug fit I couldn’t feel her bare stomach against my ass. I could hardly breathe. The table was slippery with my condensed breath and red pulsed behind my closed eyes.  I was nearly in tears with longing.

Oh God, how could a woman feel so good? I’ve never felt this full…

“Fuck me.” My face flushed at the sound of the words. I moved my hips in ever quickening circles, pressing into her as she fucked me.

“Say it louder.” She slapped my ass.

“F-f-fuck me…” She sunk into me to the hilt. My knees trembled. Her hand found my clit. She rubbed hard and fast, knowing exactly how to do it – not too hard.  Her knees nearly buckled as I leaned back into her. She kissed the nape of my neck before her tongue found mine. Her moans were deliciously plaintive as her other hand found my tits.  My cunt gripped her cock and stroked her until I felt her teeth at my neck.

She quickly turned me around and plunged into me again. I could take all of her now and knew exactly how to drive her crazy. My muscles squeezed her deep and hard, pounding the base of the dildo on her clit. She answered by holding my legs so far apart it hurt.  I pulled her shirt up, and her small breasts bounced with her thrusts. Light winked off the little gold bars in her caramel-colored nipples. I sucked first one nipple, then the other eagerly enough to mark her. I cupped her ass and pulled her into me until our bellies slapped together.

Just as she pulled my face from her chest for a kiss, I came again. She could barely thrust into me anymore I was so tight. She held me down and kissed me to stifle my moans as my muscles pulsed around her. She abruptly pulled me from the table to my knees.

“See how good you taste.” Her face was red with exertion as she shoved my head toward her cock. She was still warm and scented with my juices.  I sucked her off hungrily and pumped so hard I thought I would hurt her. She gasped and bucked eagerly – she was coming.  I reached for her  breasts, squeezing over the suck marks as she came. Her pale thighs got slicker, and the air was sharp with her scent. I licked them and unbuckled the strap-on until I could suck at her. She raised her leg and leaned against the wall as I traced her plump slit with a trembling finger. I looked up.

“Please,” She thrust her hips toward my face.

I ripped off the condom and pressed the black glossy head against her slit. We groaned together as her cunt swallowed it, inch by precious inch. Her slit was narrow, but she took it balls deep. Her clit stuck out, fat and hard and pink over the base of the black dildo. I pressed my hand against her belly and worked the dildo in and out of her, feasting my eyes on her silky folds. I was drooling with lust. She looked beautiful filled to the brim, her clit throbbing and her mouth slack with pleasure.

Is this how I look like when I’m being penetrated?

She moved her hand to her clit. “Oh no you don’t.” I made her pinch her own nipples. “It’s my turn now.”

She was losing strength in her legs, so I made her lie on the table. I pulled the dildo out of her slowly, spread her pussy lips and looked at her tender pink cunt twitching.

It’s so pretty…

I slid my tongue inside her.  She tried to grind on my face but I moved my head.

“Not yet,” I said. I wanted to take my time.

I pressed the dildo against her clit. She lifted her legs to her chest, and her pretty asshole winked at me. It was almost as pink as her pussy and before thinking twice I gave it a slow, circular lick.  I jerked her clit as I licked her. She groaned and shivered, and I wagged my ass back and forth with puppy-like eagerness. I slid the tip of my tongue inside her asshole. She was clean and almost sweet.  I hooked my thumb into her pussy, and the heat inside her made my clit twitch.  When I found her g-spot, she bucked into my face.

I want to taste her cum.

I tongue-fucked her asshole like I’d always wanted another woman to tongue-fuck mine. Her legs trembled so hard that one of her shoes fell on the floor. I bit into the firm flesh softly and watched her chest heave. Her breasts jiggled on top of her narrow chest, and I wanted to lick her nipples…but then I looked at her cunt and sighed. She was so wet she dripped down the crack of her ass, and there were a couple of gossamer drops on the carpet just beneath.

“Do you want the dildo, or do you want my hand?” I asked.

“Your hand.” She reached above her head, bracing herself with the edge of the table. I slid my thumb out of her and sucked her clit into my mouth. I teased with the very tip with my tongue. She squealed and bucked. I let it slide out of my mouth with a smile.

 I can make a soft butch squeal like a girly girl? I glowed.

I spread her cunt lips open and slid three fingers into her. She arched and her face contorted with pleasure. I watched her curiously.

So that’s what I must look like…

I kneaded her g-spot like I’d learned to knead my own. She dripped generously around my fingers . I pressed the palm of my hand on her flat lower belly and flicked her clit with my thumb as I milked her. She was opening and closing her lush lips like a landed fish, but no sound came out.

This is what I’ve been missing! I looked at her swollen cunt: spread, open, dripping for me! I felt a pre-orgasmic flutter in my own pussy. I want to fuck her ’till I come. My face crumpled with pleasure, and I panted into her.  Her breath became  shallow.

“Don’t stop!” she said. I felt my own cunt clench tight as she started to come on my hand. Her orgasm trickled warmly down to my wrist and dripped off my elbow. I lowered myself, hungrily licking and drinking up her sweet salty juices. My nostrils flared at the scent of her.

So much better than mine…

I moved my hand, still wet with her, between my legs and slid three fingers into my pussy. I came immediately, the taste of her and the feel of her hard clit in my mouth doubling the intensity of my orgasm. My wetness seeped through my fingers and mixed with her. When I lifted my hand to her mouth she licked my fingers softly, her breath making my oversensitive fingertips tingle.

“I’ve never seen you at any of the local clubs.” She pulled her pants on and helped me to my feet. When she kissed me, our sweaty breasts slid against each other until our nipples hardened again.

“But you will,” I said, my voice heavy with possibilities. “You definitely will.”

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


  1. Anon.

    Usually I don’t enjoy female on female stories, but this was too hot to ignore. In fact, my juices are dripping…Superb job.

    • ximenawrites

      You’re most welcome. Needless to say, I had to take a couple of breaks to ‘cool off’ while writing it.

  2. vanianthicke

    Upon reading this delightful entry I imaged Ximena dabbing her right forefinger into the precum that was pooled at the top of my cock’s head, then tracing a line with it down to its underside and then playfully torturing me by digitally massaging that tender area as she squeezed my balls and licked her lips as her eyes burned holes into mine…

  3. Jade

    I loved this, of course.
    Is this a new ending to another story you shared with me once?
    The beginning seemed familiar.
    Love your imagination!

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