This story’s got a little of everything that I know our audience loves. Enjoy. -X

“Good evening,” he said unctuously as he let her in. His apartment smelled of weed and scented candles.

“Shut the fuck up.”  She threw her bag on his sofa and kicked off her heels. She was halfway through taking off her dress when he touched her waist lightly. She quickly pulled the dress back on and scratched him.

“I’m used to that, you know,” he said, his brown eyes dancing. He sucked the bead of blood off the back of his palm and watched her strip. She wasn’t trying to entice him, just get naked, but her nipples hardened despite her anger. He began to stroke himself slowly over his jeans. She wasn’t the most beautiful woman he’d seen naked, but what was to come made his lower belly ache like it did before a good fuck.

“Undress already,” she said. Her tits were streaked with glossy tendrils.

A cat jumped into his lap and he caressed it, never taking his eyes off her. “I’m stroking my pussy,” he said, and laughed at his own joke.

She looked around the cramped living room. “I don’t want to do it here.”

“I’ve done a lot of great fucking on this sofa.” He patted the space beside him.

“You’re so gross.”

“You love it,” he said, but his smile faded. He gently pushed the cat off his lap and walked to his bedroom. The walls were covered with artsy graffiti. His bed was huge and covered in a blue sheet that didn’t look very clean. “Make yourself comfortable.” He flipped a switch, and the room went from normal to otherworldly. The graffiti on his walls had been underpainted with invisible blacklight paint. Beautiful bodies writhed naked all around her.

“I got the inspiration from photos of Pompeiian murals.” He took off his shirt and kicked off his jeans. He wasn’t wearing underwear. His skin glowed ghostlike as he slid into bed and on top of her.

“Oh, God no,” she said and tried to push him off, but he put his whole weight on her, pulled her legs around him and licked the hot skin of her neck. She hissed, but her legs opened further. His cock was hardening fast on her belly and he wanted to get the first orgasm over with.

He licked her earlobe.”Suck my dick.”

“Uh-uh. That’s not why I came here.” She tried to push him off, but he pinched one of her nipples hard enough to make her yelp with anger. “You fucking bastard!” She dug her nails into his ass. He groaned and stuck his tongue into her mouth. She struggled, but underneath the taste of cigarettes there was something else that made her wet.

He was sweet.

Damn chemistry. She found herself kissing back, hard, pulling the thick hair at the nape of his neck and writhing. Her other hand traced red lines up his back, and the thought of drawing blood again made her moan into his mouth. He moaned with her as she bit his tongue.

“Get on your back,” she said. Her breath was already short. He sucked on his bruised lip and obeyed. When he tried to caress her, she slapped his hands away. She straddled his face and got a good grip on the hair on top of his head. “I’m not getting up ’till I come.”

Her cuntlips parted on his nose. He could only take the shallowest of breaths, but she smelled of perfume and piss. His first taste made his hairs stand on end. Her clit pulsed on his tongue, fat and hard, and he knew how to treat it right – slow lick from perineum to bud, circle, flick, suck. Her thighs began to tremble on his face quicker than he thought they would but he kept at it, teasing her very lightly with tongue and tooth until he was nearly drowning. She ground on him hard enough to make his face hurt but he pressed her into him, his fingers digging into her ass as hard as hers had done earlier. One of his thick fingers slid down her wet crack and into her ass. She was virgin tight, and it made his cock weep onto his belly. He  tonguefucked her, letting her rub her clit against the bridge of his nose until his chest burned for air. She was tense all over and gasping.

“Take it all, you fuck. Every drop.”

He tasted that familiar hit of musk that signaled an orgasm, but she rose off his face and straddled his hips. She tore open a condom wrapper with her teeth, slid the sheath on him, then sank into him with a groan. She pinched his nipples roughly, making him arch.

“Look at me!”

He’d barely focused on her face when she slapped him. He tasted blood. She kissed him, sucking the saliva out of his bewildered mouth. She rode him rough and bit his lip again, then bit his chest. He jabbed into her, making her squeal. He was balls deep and he knew that it hurt, but she ground into him whoreperfect and dug her fingers into his chest right where she’d bitten to make sure he’d bruise. He tried to kiss her but she slapped him hard enough to make his jaw creak.

“What the fuck?” he said, but she groaned and licked the pink streak of saliva dripping from his swollen lip.

“Come on. Get it while you can.”

Her thigh muscles tightened tellingly on his hips, and before he could sit up to suck on her nipples she was coming. She ground out her last spasms and rolled off him. She bounced off the bed and her legs almost went out underneath her, but she got her footing and headed back to the living room.

“Why in such a hot hurry to leave?” He leaned naked against his bedroom threshold and watched her gather her clothes.

“‘We’re done, right? We both got what we wanted.”

He walked to her as she bent to pick up her shoes and grabbed her hips. “No. We haven’t.” She stabbed his forearm with her heel, but he didn’t let go. “What are you so afraid of?”

“You know this isn’t about fear,” she said. She turned around and jabbed her stiletto on his chest. He didn’t flinch. “You stunt cock son of a whore.” Her pretty mouth twisted with anger.

“Is that what I am?”

She was beginning to pant.

He just cocked an eyebrow and put his hands up. “It wasn’t my idea. She came on to me.”

“You waste of life!” She tried to claw at him, but he grabbed her wrists and slammed them against the wall hard enough to make her lax. He leaned in close, keeping his hips away from her kicking legs.

“You know what she said to me the last time I fucked her?” His voice was soft amidst her snarling. “That she wanted to watch me fuck it into you. Make you hurt.”

“Bullshit!” She spit on him, but his sardonic grin didn’t fade. He licked the sweat on her temple.

“She said – swore, in fact – that you want it as much as she does. You’re just too much of a prude to admit it.”

She kicked high and nearly got his balls. He whipped her around and slammed her against the wall again with her arms high behind her back.

“Lying sack of…!” He twisted her arms until her voice faded to nothing.

“Nope. I’ve got the videos to prove it. Turns out she’s into being recorded.” He pressed a button and the apartment was flooded with the familiar sound of her girlfriend’s sex moans.

“Oh my God,” she said slowly. Her chest heaved with a precursor to a sob. She knew that her girl had cheated and lied. She hadn’t imagined she was proud of it.

“Told you.” He wrapped something around her wrists to keep her arms behind her back, but she wasn’t fighting anymore.

“You’re a monster.”A tear rolled down her cheek and wet the wall.

“That’s why she keeps coming back,” he said as he slid his hand between her thighs and inside her. She twitched around his probing fingers.

“You’re disgusting.”

“Really?” He curled his fingers and jerked on the upper wall of her cunt. She nearly lost strength in her knees.

“You’re a-” He jerked again, hard and fast until she squirted and wet them both. He laughed as she groaned and spit at him again. Sweat had replaced tears, and her eyes were getting the faraway look he knew well. He yanked her head back by the hair and rubbed his wet hand on her face, smearing her come all over.

“Am I disgusting now, hmm? Was that orgasm gross? You’re on number two now.”  He rubbed his cock on the wet groove of her ass and bit the back of her neck. “She told me you can squirt with fingers, but she’d love to see you do it on a dick.”

“See me?  What?” She didn’t understand. He pushed her to the sofa and she fell over the armrest, ass up. He thrust into her with a growl. She concentrated on her girl’s grunts and moans as he fucked her. She couldn’t believe that there were fantasies that she had not shared with her.

Was this what she thought of when she fucked her doggy-style with her biggest dildo? Her, tied up, face jammed repeatedly into the cushions of this asshole’s shitty sofa as he thrust into her?

She moaned softly at the though. He chuckled and slapped her ass, then clawed. “Arch your back. Show me that pussy.” She got up on tiptoes to oblige him. He withdrew, licked her clean, then continued to fuck her. The way the armrest pressed against her lower belly made her begin to tremble at her thoughts.

Did she want to see her pussy swallow this cock – living flesh, not plastic – until he shot come deep inside her, filling her up? She groaned in unison with her girl as the crown of his cock caught at her opening, then rubbed against her oversensitive clit.

She suddenly tightened when she didn’t feel rubber. “Shit!”

“What?” he said soporifically as he slid into her again. He was close to coming, but he needed her to squirt on him before he was through. He closed his eyes and concentrated.

“Oh, God. I’m not on any kind of birth control.”

“Aww…” he groaned as he slid out all the way, then thrust into her again. Her swollen cunt and her coyness were proving a formidable challenge to his stamina. “That might be a problem.” He grabbed her hips hard and pounded into her once. “When was the last time you bled?”

She panted as he jabbed deep in her womb in a place that made her hot and liquid. “I can’t…remember. Fuck!”

“Might be important,” he said, then began to fuck her fast and hard. She tried to think but she couldn’t. The pleasure was preempting anger, jealousy, shame. Her girlfriend’s moans only made her tighten hungrily around his cock. Did it feel this good to her? Did she want it this much too? Her recorded groans sounded suspiciously like the ones escaping her lips. He was wheezing like a bellows behind her. Their chorus of pleasure was becoming too much to bear. He withdrew again. He was surprised when she looked behind her.

She cleared her throat and fidgeted on the armrest. “Um…uh…”

He parted the lobes of her ass and licked her sweat. Her legs trembled and her pussy was a beautifully sloppy mess. Her clit poked out with the aplomb of a little cock and he polished the tip with his tongue. She let out a long, low groan and bucked into his face.

“What were you saying?” he said into her pussyflesh, knowing the bass of his voice would make her shiver.


“You sure?” He slid three fingers inside her and pressed down and a trickle of liquid dripped down his wrist. She was about to burst, but right then if he even thought about friction, he’d come. He walked to the kitchen.  He appeared in her line of sight, cock in full attention as he guzzled from a quart of milk. As she waited, she noticed her lower belly was full and hot. She was so swollen she  felt like pissing although there was nothing inside her. She stared at him. His cock shone with her juices. His sparse pubic hair stuck to his groin with them. She suddenly realized she wanted to taste him, and the pressure between her legs increased to an ache. She shoved her face into the cushions.

“Aw, what’s the matter?” The cushion dipped with his weight. His cock was so close she could smell him. He raked his fingers through her hair and pulled her head up. “How long has it been?”


He chuckled and tensed so his dick slapped her cheek. “Since you last tasted cock?”

“More than long enough. And I… didn’t cheat. ” She hiccuped as he rubbed himself against her lips, then surprised him by sucking on the skin underneath the head softly. He bucked and a bead of come appeared at the tip of his cock.

“Nice,” he said, but his heart beat fast. He’d been saving himself for days just to fill her, and he had only one chance. He got behind her and took a deep breath. It was all or nothing. He pulled her hair until she arched and slammed into her. Pleasure made him hazy but he still counted off each deep jab in her womb, praying that she sprayed before he did.

She was so far gone that her whole pussy was her sweet spot. She felt every centimeter of him stretch her. Another tear mixed with her sweat as her eyes rolled and she let out a hissing breath.

Her cheating bitch of a girlfriend had been right. She liked it. In fact, she loved being tied up, sweaty, and fucked so deep it made her insides quiver. By a hard-cocked man, not a dildo. The edge of her mouth actually bent up in a crooked grin as her cunt pulsed the warning before the flood. If only she could see her now…

She let herself go all over him with a rattling moan, but the ejaculation was just the beginning. Her orgasm grew and grew, making her whole body tremble. She bit the sweaty fabric of the cushion because he didn’t stop fucking although the sensation was too much. He lifted her hips high and she felt his first powerful pulse inside her. With panting breaths he ground every drop of his seed inside her. She went lax, then started to fight again when she remembered what it meant, but he held on tight until his cock softened and slid out naturally.

He untied her and she rolled onto the sofa, crying and wiping herself against a cushion.

“It’s too late, doll.”

“This was just supposed to be a revenge thing. I just wanted to balance the books, hopefully start over,” she said softly. “What happened?” She was still shivering as she put her dress back on.

“What was meant to happen,” he said and sat naked on his dirty sofa.

She gave him a bewildered look as she stumbled out.

Seven Minutes Later

There was a familiar knock at the door. He didn’t even bother to dress or look through the peephole. It was her.

“Took you long enough,” she said as she pushed past him and into the apartment. “Jesus, it smells like a whorehouse in here.”

He ran his fingers through his hair and scratched his flat belly. “It was your whore.”

She slapped him hard. “Don’t talk about her like that. Only I get to do that.” He chuckled and sat back down on the sofa. “So … did you do it?” she said.

He threw a memory chip at her. She caught it expertly in mid-air, a mannish gesture that made him harden. God, he loved lesbians. She noticed and rolled her eyes.

“You gonna let me keep a copy of those videos?” He spread his legs. She could still smell her pussy and perfume.

“Do what you want, but you know the deal. If I see them on some porn site, I’ll hunt you down personally.” Her phone beeped, something she hoped would happen.

Baby we need to talk. Come home.  Now.

“She’s home.” Her heart beat faster.

“How can you be sure she won’t get a morning after pill, an abortion… any of that shit? It was just one shot, so to speak.”

“Before she found out about us, we did a bunch of tests. She’s fertile. Really fertile. And she’s a staunch believer in the sanctity of life.” She chuckled as she eyed his hardening cock with a flash of nostalgia, but she resisted. Hopefully, her life – both their lives – would change after tonight. The memory card was burning a hole in her pocket. Insurance.

“Why me?”

“Because we have history. I trust you’ll sign those papers giving us full rights to the child, should there be one.”

“All that paperwork is your sign of trust?”

“Damn straight.”

He chortled. “Listen, if you don’t plan to get on this dick, I’ve got shit to do.” He walked into his bedroom. As she was walking out the door, he called her. She paused.

“I just want to tell you now, before you see the video – she loved it.”

“Shut the fuck up.” The door slammed shut.

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


  1. vanillamom

    well fuck…!

    and whoa…

    dirty, dark, nasty, delightfully good/bad….


    In other words, perfect, X, just perfect!


    • ximenawrites

      Thanks, Nilla!

      Despite her dominance, how quickly things changed once she felt she had permission to love grudgefucking the guy…ha.

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