Just Another Random Encounter

♠ Fair warning: if this story was a color, it would be maroon…or maybe even black.

The sharp smell of sweat cut through the liquor haze in the air. I watched as he drank from the bottles on the table in front of me, not even acknowledging my existence. My feet hurt in the ultra high-heeled boots he liked, and my arms screamed from my shoulders to my wrists.  I was tied to the doorway between the dinette and the bedroom of the motel room where we always met.

I didn’t know his real name or what he really did, and at first, I had liked it that way.

We had found each other through a profile in one of those BDSM personals sites you can find if you’re looking, and from the moment I had heard his gentle voice on the phone, my adoration had been complete. Such a delicious dichotomy; he was small, compactly built, with tight hips and broad shoulders.

His features were severe but his eyes…his eyes!

They could be limpid pools or hard as glass from one moment to another. His lips could be full suckable rose or a clean-cut gash on his face. We had gone from seeing each other twice a month to twice a week, and as time went on, he had become a necessity to me.

I shook in the stale humid air and waited patiently for him to drink his fill. He seemed to need the liquor to brace himself for the fight. My hands were numb. I wiggled my toes in the glossy leather boots he had bought me. I whimpered with the ache, and he exploded from his chair. He grabbed my face so hard that my molars cut into the tender flesh of my cheeks.

“You impatient, spoiled cunt!” he growled, his eyes gone smoky with rage.

He slapped me with all his strength, and blood flew out of my mouth and onto his face. He wiped it off with apparent disgust and turned his back on me, mumbling.

“…you want attention? Oh I’ll give you attention now, whore…”

He rummaged through the toys in the chest on the floor. Dildos, butt plugs, floggers, etc…anything and everything to inflict pleasure and pain. He came back up with a leather flogger. His face was livid with lust. My pussy contracted, and my knees went weak.

That look meant the keenest pain and pleasure for me.

He walked around me once, ducking underneath the sturdy leather thongs that held my arms up in the door frame, and gave my ass a hard backhand. I sucked in breath and tried to stay on my feet. His breath was warm on the sensitive area on the back of my neck. I moaned quietly and turned my head.

And so it began. I heard the hiss of the leather splitting the air before it landed on my ass, my stomach, my taut nipples… I was so wet my pussy juices ran down my stinging thighs. The more viciously he flogged me, the more I fought against my restraints.

I moaned low in my throat and begged. “Please. Please, I need to come…need to come…”

His face was red with passion and his lips were peeled back from his strong white teeth.

If I climaxed without his permission I would receive a far more severe punishment, and I had learned the hard way that he was prodigiously talented in the art of humiliation.  I winced at the rusty taste of blood in my mouth, but my cunt began to open and close faster and faster…

My vision went blurry with the intensity of my orgasm. My juices squirted out of my pussy so forcefully I was wet to my knees. I groaned with pleasure but my eyes still rolled up and looked into his. His mouth was set in stone. Tears rolled down my burning cheeks.

I felt a delicious stab of fear at his expression.

“I’m so sorry.”

His eyes were impassive, but his pants tented suggestively at his crotch. I continued to whimper my apologies, but he turned around to the toy chest again. When he turned to me he had a small knife that looked like a hooked talon. I squealed with fear. A cold smile broke the line of his lips as he pressed the knife into the skin directly below my belly button. He moved it up lovingly and the tip scratched my skin a bit – just enough to leave a miniscule red line up my abdomen.

“-so  sorry-“

He whipped his head up sharply as if I’d broken some kind of reverie. With lightening speed, he moved the hook to one of my still erect nipples. A tear rolled down the bridge of my nose and dropped off into nowhere. The cold steel nicked the tip of one of my nipples. Before I could gasp, one arm then the other dropped to my sides.

I fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes. I lay immobile until my heart slowed down, and when I finally had feeling in my hands I moved one of them to the nipple and looked at my fingertips. They were bright red with blood.

I looked at him and he sat on the chair again, trembling and pale. His face was animated as if his thoughts were moving so fast he could barely keep up with them. His beautiful hands, stained lightly with my blood, picked at the label of the bottle of JD he had just taken a swig off of.

I felt an almost oppressive longing, a desperate adoration that made me want to sob. I crawled to him and put my trembling hands on his knees without a word. He looked down at me and caressed my face softly, and his eyes were suspiciously shiny.

“You’re so good to me,” he whispered, his deep voice cracking on the word “good”.

I moved my hands up his legs and toward his still hard cock, but I saw the cracks in his armor close completely, shutting me out. He snapped to attention and slapped me hard, right where my teeth had broken the skin of my inner cheeks. I squealed again and reared back, and I saw him pull a pair of double lock handcuffs from his pocket. He lunged toward me and pulled me with preternatural strength toward a cold radiator that stood by the wall. I held my hands up docilely, and he chained me to the steam pipe.

I knelt awkwardly until I realized I could slide down so that my elbows rested on the floor, and I sneezed at the dust bunnies underneath the radiator. I lay my forehead on the floor momentarily, savoring the vicious sting of my cut nipple.

In the silence, I realized that I needed to pee.

A lot.

I shook my restraints and he came closer, and I could hear him breathing heavily with excitement. I turned my head to look at him and he slapped me hard, again.

“Forehead to the floor,” he growled, and I complied obediently.

By now I could taste blood copiously, and my bladder was beginning to complain in earnest. I squeezed my trembling pelvic floor muscles and jumped when I felt his fingers probing in my still soaked pussy. He put three fingers inside me without preamble, so deep I felt them in my throat. My pussy contracted around them in response, and he moved them in and out and I let out a groan of pleasure. He pulled out and slapped my cunt hard, then I heard him sucking the pussy juice off his fingers. I pressed my knees together and began to fidget. I lifted my head.

“Please, Sir, I need to-” I started, but before I could finish I got such a stunningly painful slap on my left ass cheek that it momentarily went numb. His hand moved to my hair and pulled hard, and he knelt behind me and wrapped one of his hands around my throat, half choking me. I grunted with pain and he shoved his other hand in my pussy, fingering my clit hard and fast.

“Oh my God,” I said as he manhandled my cunt. I would come again and all hell would break loose…

“ This is what you get for disobedience.”

I felt three fingers stretch and spread my tight hole eagerly. I moved my hips in rhythm with his powerful hand, but my need to pee suddenly became unbearable.

“I’ve gotta go…” I said, but he just continued to stroke my clit roughly with his thumb as he finger fucked me. My pelvic muscles burned with the strain but he was relentless, relishing the way I was already beginning to squirt pussy juice on his hand, wetting it to the wrist. He rubbed himself briskly on my ass, and I shifted my hip so his hard little thrusts would press on my asshole, an exquisite tease.

I pressed into his dick, and his grip on my throat temporarily loosened with pleasure. I moved my ass in fast circles, grinding on him…but then he grabbed my throat so hard he made me gag, and with dread I felt the stream of piss begin to flow powerfully over his pumping hand.

I heard his sharp intake of breath as I peed on his hand, copiously. I whimpered in despair as I felt the warm puddle spreading and wetting the floor. He let go and stood up quickly and waved his hand, and piss hit my face in warm fragrant droplets. His shadow loomed furious over me, and I trembled in the cooling puddle that continued to spread around me.

I looked down and tried to remain still, and he didn’t make a sound for a full minute. I turned my face up toward him, but just as my eyes rested on his downturned face he grabbed my neck with his vise-like grip and forcefully pushed me down into the puddle and rubbed my nose in it.

“Lick up your mess like a good little cunt,” he hissed.

I obediently stuck my tongue out and licked the filthy floor. I tasted the lukewarm tang and I retched, but he pressed my face so hard into the floor that my nose cracked. I licked hard, feeling the bile rise up in my throat and my tears mix with the piss. He let go of my neck and sat down on his chair, rubbing himself and whispering as I continued to lick the floor.

“That’s right you nasty bitch, clean it up…”

Although I was so humiliated I cried, as my tongue swabbed the floor I saw his pale cheeks bloom with color and his erection grow, and I realized that my pussy was throbbing almost painfully. I leaned down and licked long and hard, my eyes never leaving his, and his smile went away and he bit his lower lip like he did whenever he wanted to fuck.

Oh to suck on that lip, bite it hard enough to draw blood, but not harder…

He suddenly came toward me again with something in his hand, and he pulled my legs apart and pushed my face to the still damp floor. My long hair was wet with sweat and piss and my nose was aching. He parted my ass cheeks and spit into my winking asshole. He rubbed the warm spit on it and slid his thumb in, and then his index finger. I sucked my teeth, and he slapped my ass hard. I tightened around his fingers, but he just spread them mercilessly as he moved them in and out. It hurt so much I stayed completely still, but he spit unceremoniously on me again, slid his two fingers in deeper and spread me until I gaped wide enough to please him.

He picked up a glass dildo off the floor beside him, wet it generously with lube and stuck it in my ass. I exhaled explosively and leaned into him and he began to move it in and out, deep and slow, and my asshole squeezed deliciously around it. I moaned deep in my throat, my hands were wrapped around the cold steam pipe and I forgot about the urine and filth; I just felt his warm breath on my back as he leaned into me and fucked my ass and whispered dirty things in my ear. It always took me over the edge to hear his voice in my ear, so gentle, moan and call me a sleazy fuckin’ cock tease, a fat-tittied whore.

I leaned up and turned my face toward him, my eyes docile, and he actually kissed me – he moaned into my dirty, dirty mouth and stuck his tongue in it.

I came, wave after wave of intense pleasure making me wink so hard around the dildo it hurt, but he continued the deep in and out until every last convulsion had been teased out of me.

He unlocked the handcuffs and pulled me by my collar to a steel frame bed and locked me onto one of the bars of the chipped headboard. I had a nasty taste in my mouth, blood and lust and piss and bile, I was covered in sweat and urine, and I laid on my back with my arms secured over my head. He bounced off the bed and picked something up off the floor, and before I knew what it was, he roughly stuffed my dirty underwear in my mouth as a gag. He leaned into me and his breath, still so sweet after the liquor and the second-hand piss, stirred the damp hair on my face. He looked at me with those beautiful eyes and leaned back, one knee on the bed and one foot on the floor, and I opened my legs for him to see how wet I was.

I still wanted him inside me, however he chose to take me. My legs trembled with exhaustion but I lifted them high and wide so he could see everything – my swollen pussy and my bruised, rosy asshole. He swallowed hard and licked his lips as he looked me up and down slowly. I looked into his eyes and pulled noisily at my restraints, making my tits jiggle just like he liked. I moved one of my feet toward him and flicked his boner with the long, thin heel of my boot.

I could taste myself in the underwear since I had wet them with my saliva but I didn’t care, just as long as he gave me what I wanted – a rough, deep fuck with him sweating on me and biting my bruised nipples, then coming on my tits or on my face.

Only he had ever made me feel this way, so completely his…

It wasn’t to be.

His face became impassive and then he just picked up his coat, walked out of the motel room, and slammed the door behind him.

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


  1. O. My. God.
    As in, wow.
    As in, maroon? Black? It’s fucking beyond the black horizon and accelerating.
    Nasty and dirty and dangerous and raw. And elementally powerful.
    Ximena, i loved this. truly, truly loved it. Looking forward to part two.

    • ximenawrites

      Ha ha.

      Your enthusiasm is encouraging, since I wondered how the story would be received. It is beyond black, in the best possible way…(at least, I hope so.)

  2. vanillamom

    gawd….if you could hear me say that, it would sound like a moan.

    that was so stinking pissy hawt.

    oh my gawd.

    and then he left her there.


    holy hell…

    and i? i am so friggin’ sqirmy now…

    x…gawd how do you do this to me so fast.

  3. ximenawrites

    This is one of the first BDSM stories I ever wrote, so it’s very close to my heart.

    I’m really glad to see you all liked it.

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