I woke up moaning.

I tried to sit up, but his arm was draped over my ribcage. The muscles underneath the skin of his tattooed forearm moved sinuously as he pinched and tugged on one of my nipples.

His other hand was between my legs, but I felt his fingers sliding in and out of me before I saw them…the gothic letters tattooed to his knuckles glistened with my wetness.

I rubbed my eyes and blinked. I was confused. I’d been dreaming of someone licking my pussy – that’s why I’d woken up moaning and about to come.

I looked down past his tanned forearm and his face was pressed against my belly, which was taut  with arousal. I ran my fingers through his short blond hair and opened my legs, but his face remained pressed into my belly.

“What are you doing…?”

My voice dried up when the tip of his tongue slid into my belly button. I giggled as his tongue stabbed into it.

My bellybutton? Of all the places a man would lick on a naked woman’s body! He breathed through his mouth, then groaned.

Stab, lick, stab, sigh…stab.

The fingers in my pussy stopped moving, but I still felt pleasure. I caressed down his neck and traced the still virgin flesh between the tattoos on his back. His fingers curled and straightened in my pussy , then he rubbed my clit with his thumb.

Stab, stab, lick, stab.

My heart rate quickened. The morning light made the tips of his eyelashes gleam like hammered gold and his usually tanned cheeks were rosy. My hand slid down his spine and into the waistband of his underwear. The silky fuzz on his ass spit sparks against my fingertips. I arched.

Stab, lick, stab, stab, groan.

He groaned deep in his throat and it vibrated against my belly in the strangest way…the sound waves seemed to move in rings that hit every erogenous zone from my nipples to my knees. My pussy tightened around his fingers, and he pressed into my g-spot. His lips curled upward in a smile, and one of his blue eyes winked at me.

“You’re such a-!”

I’d meant to say perv, but I didn’t finish because he began to milk  my g-spot. My hand turned into a claw that scratched red lines up his back.

Stab, stab, groan, stab.

His tongue stabbed deeper into my belly button, and it felt good. Surprisingly, fantastically good. I traced the lines down his back and tried to sit up to touch his cock, feel whether he was as aroused as I felt, but the arm over my ribcage tensed. I fell back onto the pillow with a moan. I barely felt the hand inside me for the hot, deep stabs in my bellybutton. His breaths were quick and hard. The skin of my stomach was wet with condensation and saliva.

Stab, stab, stab, grunt, stab.

His belly tightened a little more with each stab. I longed to lick down the fine golden hairs of his happy trail and bury my face between his legs. My nose twitched and I felt the first weak pulse of an orgasm.

Stab, stab, stab.

Pressure built deep in my belly underneath his tongue; pressure and a deep, indescribable pleasure that made my eyes roll and made the hairs on my arms and legs stand on end. There was a direct connection between my nipples, my clit, my g-spot…and my belly button.

My belly button!

He stimulated multiple spots and I couldn’t think straight anymore. I felt pleasure everywhere – even the skin on my ass tingled. My hand balled up into a fist in his hair, but he didn’t stop.

Stab, stab, moan, stab,



I went from being really aroused to coming in seconds. My orgasm bounced from my belly to my chest to my brain and then back down to my toes and up like a pinball. My body was a parenthesis underneath him…

At first I didn’t hear his laughter through my moans.

I was still trembling when he finally lifted his arm off my ribcage and wiped the sweat from my brow. He pulled down his underwear with the hand still wet with my come and smiled at me. He was so hard his cock pointed at his chin.

My belly button?” I said, my voice barely above a whisper. He nodded and wiped the saliva off his chin. His lips were cherry red with friction.

“I bet you won’t ever look at a belly button the same way again,” he said as he knelt between my legs and thrust into me.

Latest Comments

  1. paul1510 says:

    this really tickled my fancy, unfortunately, not my belly button. :D
    Warm hugs,

  2. vanillamom says:

    beautiful descriptions of the coming undone…i especially loved the “parenthesis” comparison…it was an uber hot piece, from the very start right through the riotous ending!


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