The Garden of Earthly Delights ~ Part I

Pure botanical eroticism. Should I continue where I left off, or leave it at that? Tell me what you think in the comments. -X

I awoke in a garden where sunlight poured through the gaps in the trees like honey. My skin was warm with arousal, and the trees themselves could sense my need; they rustled and sighed, and presented the hoary sides of their leaves in excitement. I walked down a forest path, barefoot and covered in a thin linen sheath that wafted the vegetal scent of olives. On I went, the sun taking warm laps at the tops of my cheeks.

There was a grove of trees, and their limbs were reverently bent over a meadow strewn with Technicolor flowers.  I held my breath.

There was magic there, and my nose picked up a familiar but long unsensed scent that made my body react. I looked amongst the flowers and made sure to step lightly. Suddenly, my heart soared and my knees got weak. I fell to the ground and crawled up to it:

Asparagus febriculae!

It sprung out of the ground like the vegetable, but thicker; it had a plump, rounded head with a little indentation in the middle where once touched, it would split and release its musky sweetness – but only when ripe.  It was very warm to the touch, almost hot, and had a pinkish blush that only became more pronounced the closer it was to ripeness.

A whole crop of them pushed between the flowers and pulsed softly in the sunlight. They stretched toward the sun, toward warmth. My heartbeat had dropped from my chest to between my legs. I was determined to figure out these unusual plants. I found a particular beautiful specimen that stretched regally toward the sun.

I sat on my haunches and moist flower petals tickled my naked bottom, but I barely noticed. I blew softly on it.

It moved!

I watched as it slowly leaned toward where my face had been. They were like the touch-me-not ferns I loved to play with, but instead of shying away, it moved toward contact.

I breathed it in deeply. I smelled sweetness underscored by a mushroomy scent that sent my senses reeling. I pressed very gently on the tip of it near the indentation, and its color changed where I touched it … from a greenish pink to a lovely pinkish purple.

“Beautiful, ” I whispered, and it moved toward my face again, and the smallest crystalline drop of nectar appeared on the tip.

Its scent was so very suggestive … I bowed my head and licked shyly at it.

It tasted delicious – sweet and very perfumed, like a sugared rose petal. It pulsed softly and released more nectar, so I wrapped my lips around it and sucked. I closed my eyes and licked around the tip. It reminded me of the honeysuckle I ravaged whenever I got the chance, but this taste was more complex. I took it full in my mouth, wrapped my fingers around it and squeezed eagerly. I wanted it to burst on my tongue, but it only gave me one drop at a time.

I sat up, thirsty and frustrated, and jumped when something smooth and solid slid between my pussy lips. I raised my shift over my hips and saw that another stalk had moved toward the warmth between my legs – its tip already was already nudging its way inside me.

I looked around, suddenly self-conscious, but I was surrounded by a sheltering wall of trees.

Should I?  My thighs were slippery and warm with wetness.

I bore down, and it stretched me open. It was hot and hard and colors danced right underneath its skin as I took it in myself. I felt full, and my heat made it pulse so insistently that I felt it deep in my belly.

I took off the shift and my nipples hardened in the soft breeze that blew through the meadow. I tugged at them and moved up and down on the fat little plant, and the trees murmured their approval all around me. I noticed that the stalk that I just sucked on was leaking nectar. The little indentation on the tip had split, and it dribbled down the side in glossy streams. I licked eagerly up the stalk as I bounced on the other plant. It was very sweet – and muskier than the nectar it had first given off.

I wrapped my lips around the tip and sucked on it. I worked my tongue in the indentation, hoping it would burst completely and release its sweetness…

Something nudged at my cheek. Another plant right next to it had leaned toward the warmth of my mouth, also leaking nectar. I licked the sweetness from that one while working my thumb on the tip of the other one, and noticed that each plant had a slightly different taste. The other one was longer and thinner, and it was more musky. Another plant nudged my other opening. This one was sturdier and muscled its way inside me. I was completely filled – my mouth, my pussy, and my ass. The leaves sighed around me and the flowers emitted a high-pitched buzz that made me dizzy. As I watched, their deep cups reddened and glistened with moisture, pulsing and trembling. They echoed my pleasure. I slid a trembling finger in the cup of a blossom and it sucked my finger into itself so avidly I stopped moving. It dripped moisture off its petals and pulsed softly around my finger.


My cheeks burned and my pussy was swollen and tightening around the stalk that I had taken inside myself. I saw that the base was turning a glossy aubergine purple.    I looked up at the sky as I rode, full to the brim with the milk and nectar of pleasure as a flower leaned into me as sucked my clit into its deep rose cup. My orgasm took me by surprise, and I bucked and squeezed eagerly around the fat stalks.

The plants wilted and withdrew out of me as I leaked our mingled juices  onto the ground. I came out of the meadow glutted,  sticky with nectar. I was wet to the chest, and it made the insides of my thighs slick and musky. As I tripped blithely through the woods, I heard a sigh a bit deeper than that of the leaves. The sun was bright and the woods were dark, but curiosity compelled me to explore onward. As I walked toward the pleasant penumbra, I heard it again – a soft, drawn out moan, like wood groaning. The woods were perfumed with wet moss and earth, different from the meadow, deeper. The mixture of sound and smell made me tighten until I dripped freely down my thighs again. My body knew what my mind hadn’t quite grasped.

I tripped into a copse of trees, and found the source of the noise – a young man. His linen shift was bunched underneath his arms, and his naked ass flexed as he made love to the moist, silky moss-covered cleft of a beautiful tree.

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


  1. Ximena,
    well it’s different.
    That acid that you are using, must have some vegetable molecules,lol.
    This is very trippy, sex-a-tropic plants don’t do a lot for my libido.
    Sex alfresco is very nice, but I prefer my playmate to be human and female, boring I know, but there you go.
    Warm hugs,

  2. vanillamom

    oh my…a garden where young men and women are kept innocent of the world, there to succor the plants?

    boy that was hot…and the photos were exceptional…my fav was the waterfall…suggestive and lushly sensual…

    do i think you should add to this tale?

    oh yes, please yes…

    hell yes!


    • ximenawrites

      Done and done, ‘Nilla.

      And there are more photos of suggestive rock clefts and such… they’re what inspired the story.

  3. vanianthicke

    My dearest Ximena…I put thee high on a pedicel, where I shall stroke my flora as I gaze upon you playing with your fauna…let’s put the petal to the metal…yes, I have the stamena to fully satiate your every desire…and when I filament your ovule with my surging nectar, you will secrete sweet nothings whilst nibbling at my neck’s nape…and surely as the sun rises, so shall my stocky stem……

    Mit lust,

    • ximenawrites

      My dearest Vanian –

      I cannot compete with your uncanny way with words – I am laid low by your randy reply and left panting for more of your piquant pillow talk.

      Your response was an entertaining as the story…

  4. You realise those plants’ interest in you is purely as a pollenator, right? Seriously, this was beautifully written, very different and had an intriguing allegorical flavour. I personally would have left it there, but I see you’ve already added a sequel, so I’d better go read it now!

    • ximenawrites

      Yes, is was always purely pla(n)tonic – that’s why I couldn’t resist writing the conclusion.

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