Bug spray, three different types of disinfectant, degreaser...


Her nose burned from all the chemicals so she wiggled out from underneath the sink until her shoulders rested on the wood framing of the cupboard. She saw everything but the glass cleaner she needed. She sighed, then sneezed.

Her boyfriend walked up behind her.

“Hey, have you seen the glass cleaner anywhere? The bathroom mirrors are disgusting.” His knuckles lightly grazed at the bare nape of her neck. Her mouth watered, but she still waved  him  away. “Quit it. I’ve got to work.”

He knelt behind her and wrapped one arm around her waist. She laughed and tried to pull his arm off.

“You know that I can’t do anything right now, baby, I’m on my peri-”

She felt wet warmth on the nape of her neck. Her nipples hardened underneath her threadbare dress. She gasped.

He grunted in satisfaction. He had her full attention.

He caressed the silky stray hairs from the nape of her neck and rubbed his lips against it. He squeezed her mound over her panties and his teeth grazed her skin at the same time.

“Oh my god…” she whispered softly.

He gently guided her head out of the cupboard. He reached between the buttons of her dress and pinched one of her nipples. Hard.

There was a part of her that knew she would let him do whatever the fuck he wanted with her and to her, and another that wondered why the fuck he was even interested – she was wearing her  wash day dress, no makeup, and her long hair was tied up in a messy bun at the top of her head.

He traced the musky wetness between her legs over the cotton and licked her earlobe. “Don’t say a word.”

His voice was more felt than heard against her neck and her pussy tightened. Relaxed. Tightened even harder… her upper lip was suddenly salty with sweat and her cheeks were hot. He ground his hips against her ass. He was so hard it felt almost uncomfortable against the small of her back.

She could barely breathe she was so desperate for release. She imagined him pulling down her panties and burying his cock in her ass and feeling herself grip him when she came, her eyes looking out the window over the sink but not seeing a damn thing…

She smelled the sweetness of his breath as he exhaled. She tried to turn her head for a kiss, but instead, he lightly bit the nape of her neck.

She moaned and reached for his cock. He wore an equally threadbare pair of jeans, and the cloth tore when she tugged at the fly to set him free. He reached into her panties and grunted when his fingers slid on her wetness. He was almost scalded by her heat.  He licked the bite mark on her neck.

How come nothing else turned her on so quickly? Not even his tongue on her clit made her so hot.

She reached into his underwear and jerked his cock. Her hand trembled as she rubbed at him; it was like their first fumblings in the dark. He pinched her pussy lips over her clit and felt her heartbeat down there. He traced around the pebbly hardness of her nipple and rubbed his lips on a fresh expanse of neck flesh.

She was in such a state of arousal that her ears rang and her eyes watered. She curled in on herself, so he had to move his hand from her chest to her neck to pull her towards him.

He looked at her face in wonder. He wasn’t fucking her or even really fondling her, but her cheeks were pink and glossy with sweat, her lips were swollen and rosy, and her chest was mottled pink – a textbook case of full-fledged sex flush – but there was no sex.


His cock twitched, and he ground it against the crack of her ass. She was so hot – he wondered whether she’d get mad if he stuck it in her ass…he wanted to come surrounded by that heat. His fingers slid on the sweat on her neck as he bit down harder.

She pressed his face into her and let out a guttural moan that he never heard, even when he first sank into her pussy. They’d been together for years but he was only getting familiar with her secret triggers and buttons… If she opened her eyes, she would see a crooked grin blooming over his bared teeth.

She pulled down her panties and arched her back.


Her voice was breathy with lust as he slid his hardness back and forth on her. She grabbed him and pressed him into her ass, and she was already winking and on the edge of coming. He pushed away the urge to slam into her balls deep and made a couple of livid interlocking rings on the back of her neck with his teeth.

He wanted to be clear-headed so that he could observe her orgasm closely.

She tried to bear down on him and take him into herself, but he moved back so only the head of his cock stretched the grasping opening of her ass. He licked the bite marks on her neck again, then sucked on the flesh right over where her carotid jumped. When she felt his teeth graze underneath her jaw, her belly muscles tightened in warning.

“What are you – why…?”

He pressed into her swollen clit and bit down at the same time, and she let loose a high-pitched moan and wet his hand with her orgasm. She  grabbed a handful of his hair and bucked in his arms, but he barely registered the pain in his scalp he watched her so closely.

She was having a full-on squirting orgasm on their kitchen floor, but he had barely touched her.

It was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen, and the most perplexing. He felt like a voyeur although in the back of his mind he knew he caused her orgasm…or had he? She reacted so quickly and passionately that maybe anyone could make her come if they knew what he knew. The thought hurt almost physically; his heart thumped and his belly and thigh muscles tightened with it. He bit down on her harder than he’d meant to, but she just ground her hips into him eagerly.

The top three buttons of her dress had popped off and her breasts and her firm belly were still heaving and shiny with sweat. Her bun had come undone and her fine wavy hair stuck to her cheeks and between her breasts. His mouth watered when he saw her nipples were still hard with her orgasm. He cupped her breasts in his still-slick hands and caressed her nipples.

He kissed her neck softly where he had bitten before, and she hiccupped.

“Solamente tu tienes tanto poder sobre mi cuerpo, mi bien…”

She only reverted back to Spanish with him when she was pissed or feeling very romantic. He wished he knew exactly what she’d said, but after years of careful coaching on her part, he was too embarrassed to admit that he still didn’t know. She reached between her legs and giggled when she felt her panties and thighs sticky with not only her come, but his. She wiped the sweat from his brow and then kissed it.

“We acted like a couple of teenagers,” she said as she pulled her panties completely off and waved them in his face. It was only then that he noticed the stickiness on her ass – he’d come while watching her come. He plucked the panties out of her hand and started to wipe his belly and her ass with them. She kissed him, her tongue going deep into his mouth to taste him. His cock twitched again, and she softly bit his lower lip and played with the stickiness on his belly.

“Let me help you clean that up,” she said and moved toward his cock, her lips already parted to take him in her mouth.

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


  1. paul1510

    this should come with a serious health warning, it’s so hot it’s almost radio-active.
    Brilliant! :D

  2. vanillamom

    Geezuz…exactly so…exactly.

    nothing gets me as hot, as close to orgasm as His mouth biting my neck, or His fingers curled and caressing there.

    Another perfectly executed piece….


    • ximenawrites

      I haven’t revisited the story since I posted it, but just reading your comment about the neck biting or massaging made my toes curl.

      Oh yeah.

    • ximenawrites

      There’s nothing like it, is there?

      Thanks for commenting!

      (I love your screen name :D)

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