Tempting Fate

The question is…should I keep going? -X


“Keep still!” She slapped him.

His belly made a hollow plop that made him flush.

“You’re really blushing,” she said, cracking a lopsided grin. She continued rubbing her cheeks against his calf. The golden hairs crackled against her skin. “Why?”

She pressed her fingertips into the softness at his side. He was a bit soggy ’round the midsection, and very pale. His sandy pubic hair was smooth and glossy as candyfloss.

His silence felt long-suffering, and it made her pout. She lifted his leg on her shoulder and moved up until her pussy pressed against his ass. It was fuzzy and firm against her. Her slit trickled a wetness that made his toes curl by her face. Her firm breast rubbed against the back of his thigh. He groaned. She rubbed both breasts on him.

“Isn’t it strange? They feel so different there than on your chest, or your face.”

He nodded. His thigh muscles tightened and loosened against her. She pressed his big foot against her chest. She didn’t want to verbalize it yet, but she loved his feet. She was so high on lust she had to push away the urge to lick his instep. His soft, well-groomed toes curled against her breast. She guided his foot, rubbing her hard nipples with the pad of his big toe. He twitched, wanting to pinch it.

He looked at her, slack-jawed. “This is different.” His cock was beginning to stiffen.

“Different, but still amazing, right?” She got off him so he could get on his back. She snaked up his body. Her breasts, heavy silky orbs, rubbed against his thighs, then the softness of his lower belly. He winced. She straddled him and wiggled her firm ass against him. “Why’d you just wince?”

He actually bit his lip. His dyed brown hair was stringy with sweat against her pillow. She rubbed his chest. He was nearly 30 but he barely had any chest hair. His pecs were soft over the hardness, very pinchable. His little pink nipples protruded nearly as much as her brown ones. Her lips pursed to suck.

Her hands were claws on his flesh. He gasped and rubbed her sticky hot thighs. He lifted his knees up so she could lean back comfortably. She temporarily forgot about sucking on him.

“Touch it.” She said it in such a rough, dirty tone that he blushed. Again. She licked one of his thick fingers wet and guided it down her slit. His cock poked promisingly against her crack. He  flicked his finger on her clit, looking at her for approval. She giggled.

“Uh uh,”she said. “Touch it like you want to.” His mouth fell open. No female had ever told him that. Not one. She shrugged her shoulders. “I’m curious.”

He sat up and grabbed a thick handful of her hair. “As you wish.”


Latest Comments

  1. Aisling Weaver says:

    Ooooh. Color me intrigued….

  2. paul1510 says:

    most definitely, continue please.
    Warm hugs,

  3. The Lustful Literate says:

    My interest is piqued. Keep going… I’m interested in this male character especially… different…

  4. Squeaky says:

    Srsly X, you have to *ask*?!
    Yes. Please do continue.

  5. Mud says:

    More please….

  6. Dana says:

    Oh please do! xoxo

  7. leejaye says:

    Love these Quickie pieces – snippets of moments that give you enough to intrigue you and beg you to tease out the picture outside the frame…your words are fantastic

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