Light Lunch

This one is for all the beautiful submissive male readers — just like the woman in the story says, this is just the beginning… -X

She lifted one of the wooden blinds on his office window to see him walk to her with his head held high. She’d had to hold back a laugh when his assistant was nearly trampled by him as she waved a handful of messages at his stony face.

What a gorgeous asshole he is.

She heard the techs talking about him behind his back while they flattened the carpet around the water cooler, but they shut up and smiled as he passed them. He didn’t even bother to give them a look. The men rolled their eyes, and the mousy woman with the angora sweater lifted her face for the slightest whiff of his cologne.

They’d even talked about her. The men had pursed their lips lasciviously and made exaggerated gestures to each other as soon as his office door had clicked shut behind her. They’d licked their chops and cupped their hands over their chests to squeeze an imaginary pair of tits, and they’d moved their fists back and forth near their mouths and slid their tongues inside of their cheeks suggestively and laughed.

“She doesn’t know she’s just one in a dozen,” they whispered, not aware that she had the hearing of a fox. She rolled her eyes and her fingers tingled and twitched as she let the blind fall back into place.

The doorknob rattled as he opened the door, and he walked into the office and stood halfway from the door to his desk. His back was rigid and his expression remained proud until the door clicked closed behind him.

She crossed her legs theatrically and raised her eyebrow as he dropped the papers in his hand and fell to his knees and started to crawl to her, his face a livid mask of lust. He nudged her knee with his lovely nose and then bent low to kiss her foot, but she kicked his shoulder hard enough to make him sigh. She lifted her legs onto the sleek leather sofa.

“You don’t get to touch me yet,” she said, refusing to look directly at him. She heard his ragged breathing and glowed with pleasure.

If those imbeciles only knew

His cock grew in her peripheral vision.

I wonder why he’d want to see me here, so near to those who respect and fear him, considering what I’ve planned for today.

He stayed in front of her on his knees, his head bowed reverently. After a couple of minutes, she couldn’t resist looking at him any longer. She put her feet on the floor and pulled her tight cigarette skirt high above her knees so he could see that her panties had slid into her cleft. Her plump pussy winked at him, and he licked his lips and shivered, but remained still.


“You’ve been good, haven’t you, poppet?” She ran her fingers through his thick hair, ruining his perfect baby banker hairstyle. She tugged painfully at the longer hair on top of his head, and he grimaced and sighed.

“Yes, M,” he said softly. She moved her foot between his legs and tugged at his balls with her toes.

“What?” she asked, and pinched the shaft of his cock between her big toe and the second toe. He thrust his hips forward, but she pushed him back and put her foot back into her shoe. “What did you say?”

“Yes, I haven’t come ever since the last time we saw each other, Mistress,” he said clearly, and she smiled and nodded in approval.

Liar! I’m going to enjoy making him pay for his deceit.

She wondered why the thought of him spilling his seed for anyone else but her bothered her – after all, she most probably had more lovers than he did – but she brushed the though aside with a graceful hand and focused on the task at hand.

She pulled his coat off and tugged at his tie until his face was pressed against her breasts. He stiffened as if he’d just been struck by lightning. She knew that he wanted to lick the tops of her breasts and stick his tongue out to find her nipples, but he resisted the urge so well it almost vexed her.

This is what happens when a man is a true submissive – he trains too quickly.

She smiled wistfully into his hair.

“Ugh, don’t use so much goddamned gel, this shit is disgusting,” she said, and pushed him away. She studied his face to see his reaction, and was pleased that he seemed bothered.

“Would you like me to wash it off, M? I’m sorry I’ve displeased you,” he whispered while he ran his fingers through his sticky hair.

A perfect pussy.

He looked up at her questioningly, waiting for a response. She snapped her finger hard and pointed to the floor, then slapped him hard enough to make him rock on his knees.

“You don’t look at me until I tell you that you can,” she said, and he hiccupped and nodded.

So delicious.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Go wash that shit out of your hair!” She walked to his ridiculously huge glass and wood monstrosity of a desk and leaned on it. He nearly ran to his private bathroom, already struggling with the buttons of his shirt. She pushed his laptop aside and put her bag of goodies on the desk, sat on the blotter and waited.

He finally came out of the bathroom, his hair a mass of wet spikes. She pointed to the chair directly in front of her. He sat down with his back straight and looked down at his knees. She pulled her skirt above her hips and put one stockinged foot on each arm rest.

“You may look at me,” she said, and his eyes moved slowly to the fork of her legs.

What a pervert – I love it.

“Do you like my panties?” He nodded his head emphatically before she had finished her statement. She slapped his face softly and then grabbed it. “Wait until I finish before responding, or you’ll upset me,” she said, but her tone was soft. He blushed and nodded.

She tugged fruitlessly at the wet fabric between the lips of her cunt and mock-pouted.

“These are getting uncomfortable for me…you bought them a size too big.”

He looked down again.

Maybe I should lighten up on him…he looks so fine today.

“I can’t wear these for the rest of the day. Take them off for me.”

He nearly jumped out of his chair and tugged at the silk. Soon, he had a sodden red bit of cloth in his hands. She knew what he wanted to do with them – she could already see his nostrils flaring.

“Put those away!” she hissed, and he stuffed them into his pants pocket. She spread her legs and leaned forward so he could get a good look at her cleavage and her pussy. The corset she wore every day pinched into her waist painfully. She took a deep breath and her pussy contracted pleasantly with the pain.

She pulled out a glossy red vibrating egg out of her goody bag and started to rub her clit. His eyes widened greedily, and his knuckles turned white on his knees. She knew how much he loved to worship her pussy, but she wasn’t going to let him have a taste yet.

“Do you remember what we’ve been talking about for a while now, poppet?” she said, her face stern. He looked down at his hands, and then looked back up at her and nodded.

“Yes I do — about chastity, Mistress?”

She wasn’t sure whether he had excitement or hesitation in his voice, and it bothered her. She heard the whispers around the watercooler, and wondered whether he had really considered the implications of wearing her chastity cage.

Will he actually swear off other women for me, being the manslut I know he is?

She reached into her purse and pulled out a brand-new chrome cock cage and waved it in front of his face. The lock swung beside the solid brass ring that would go around his balls, and he swallowed deeply and furrowed his brow in thought.

“I picked it out especially for you – see how the metal rings are smooth, so you’ll fit into it comfortably?” She put it near his face. He nodded gravely. Although he had lines around his lips and on his forehead, his eyes were almost boyish, ringed with a thick fringe of eyelashes that made sharp oblique shadows on his cheeks. Her heart began to beat faster, and she had to use every iota of her self-control not to fidget.

How about if he doesn’t want to be mine, now that the moment had come?

She tried not to frown. Without a word, he moved her feet from the armrests and stood up.

Oh no…

He unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down. He tugged his clean, pale blue boxers to his knees and stood back up. His cock looked soft and rosy in his thicket of pubic hair, and she had to resist the urge to bury her nose in it, take his balls into her mouth and suck on them until he lost strength in his knees.

She pulled the key to the cage from between her breasts and unlocked it, and she had to hide the fact that her hands trembled.

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted any man more.

She knelt in front of him and quickly rubbed his cock with some lube, then slid the cage onto his penis. The rings were already snug around his thick shaft even while flaccid, so if he became hard it would cause him more pain than pleasure. The last ring circled the crown of his cock tightly, so he could still pee but not masturbate.

She secured the brass ring around the back of his balls, grazing her knuckle on his silky perineum. He sighed above her.

“Are you sure you want to do this, pet?” She held his metal-clad cock in one hand and the lock in the other.

“Anything for you, Mistress.” He thrust his hips nearer to her face. The lock clicked closed and the key went back to the cleft between her breasts, close to her heart.

He was all hers, for however long she should want him! Her nipples ached underneath her blouse. She dug at the bottom of her bag for a short leather crop.

“Go lie on the sofa.” He moved quickly.

“You’ve been so good that I think you deserve a little treat,” she said, and straddled his face. He made a desperate sound in his throat. Her eyes closed with pleasure as  his nose parted the lips of her pussy. She wiggled on top of him to make sure he couldn’t breathe. He was so eager he squeezed her ass as he licked, but she allowed him the privilege. He trembled underneath her with lack of oxygen, but his tongue didn’t stop swirling.

Oh God, he’s learning fast.

She lifted her ass for five seconds. He took a few short sips of air, then thrust his face back into her pussy with a grunt.

He wants to play… so we’ll play.

She pressed her pussy against his face and began to ride it roughly. She looked back and saw that his cock was beginning to harden, so she  prodded gently at his balls with her crop. He lifted his knees and opened his legs.

“You’re such a slut,” she said, and then gave his inner thigh a hard cropping that made him groan into her pussy and stop licking. She cropped his other thigh. “Did I tell you to stop?”

He began to lick again. She leaned back enough so that he could catch his breath through his nose, and he breathed once and then dove back in. Two fingers stretched the opening of her ass, but instead of punishing him, she leaned into his hand.

I couldn’t have picked a better sub.

Her grip on the crop loosened and it fell to the floor. He began to suck on her clit like he knew drove her crazy.

He’s so good and he’s mine now, all mine…

She bared her teeth as her dark side bloomed slowly and spread from her chest to her limbs.

She grabbed the armrest over his head and ground her pussy against his face. It felt so good that she forgot where she was. She threw her head back and moaned loudly. The tip of his tongue worked her hard clit as he sucked, teasing. Her cunt clenched dangerously.

I’m going to come all over his face with his assistant sitting just 45 feet away. He’ll be wearing me for the rest of the day, like aftershave.

“I want your tongue in my cunt!” She pinched his nipple. He stopped sucking and slid his tongue inside her. He patted her ass lightly, signaling that he couldn’t breathe, but she acted as if she didn’t feel it and continued to grind on his face. She looked back and saw two bright red welts on his inner thighs. His cock was semi-hard and strained against the solid steel rings. The head was nearly purple and glossy with precum.

He is in so much pain and he hasn’t complained once — and now we have so many fun games ahead of us…

He slapped her ass and thrust his hips forward as she rode his face, and her sudden intense orgasm surprised her. She bit into the inside of her lip so hard she tasted salt, and her vision became so clear saw the titles of the books in the bookcase across the room. He kicked his legs against the armrest of the sofa and trembled but he didn’t stop tonguefucking her, and that made her come even harder.

This is only the beginning.

She finally got up and he took a couple of wet-sounding deep breaths. His face was glossy and red but as peaceful as if he’d just finished a satisfying meditation. She knelt beside him and inspected his chastity cage. He had a solitary drop of semen at the tip of his cock.

It looks just like a pearl.

She bowed her head to lick it off. He still tasted a bit bitter, but soon he would be sweet for her – sweet and plentiful.

I’m the only woman who’s going to drink him down from now on. This cage is more binding than a wedding ring.

She kissed him deeply, loving the taste of her own orgasm mixed with his eager saliva. He opened his mouth and let her lick at his teeth and suck on his tongue. His perfect submission made her eyes burn in spite of herself. She smoothed back his hair and wiped his face off with the tail of his shirt. He smiled at her so sweetly that she popped up and walked toward her bag so he wouldn’t see her eyes shining with tears.

Should I tell him that he’s my first and only sub?

She pulled out a small leather box that contained two cocktail glasses and a small bottle of pale amber liquid. He stirred behind her as she poured and when she turned around, his pants were up and his shirt was neatly tucked into them. She handed him the drink and touched her cup against his. His eyes still open and trusting as a boy’s.

“To new beginnings,” she said, and they both drank deeply.

Latest Comments

  1. paul1510 says:

    Ximena, you write very well.
    But the thought of such submissive males disturbs me.

    • ximenawrites says:

      Ha ha, I know that some men would never, *ever* let a woman dominate them like that… but since there are so many examples of women being fantastically dominated by men here, I couldn’t neglect the men that like to be possessed in the same way by a woman.

      Thanks for taking a walk on the wild side and giving my story a read anyway : )

  2. mehryinett says:

    Oh that was so nice. Her sympathies made it so much more compelling. It’s strange that there’s not more dominant female stories around. I’ll have to make sure I contribute :p

  3. mehryinett says:

    And a cock cage! Brilliant. Do they actually exist?

  4. Squeaky says:

    Oh, this one was mouthwatering! The thought of dominating a male sub like that…? His need to worship…? ……mmmmm…*purrrrr*
    And i’m with mehryinett, her sympathies deepened the tale so beautifully.
    Mistressful! ;)

    • ximenawrites says:

      Thank you.

      I wanted to communicate her genuine desire to dominate and what it did for her physically and emotionally as opposed to just another tale of a woman who likes to subjugate a powerful man just to “make herself feel better”– or even just to line her pocket.

      They are dedicated to *each other*, and I’m glad that fact is perfectly clear.

  5. vanianthicke says:

    I can dig some female domination, but at the end of the encounter, she’s going to be tits-down, ass-up — with me furiously wheeling and dealing my trenchless hammerhead deep inside her rump ravine as she gasps for air and scrapes that dainty new manicure on the hardwoods…

    • ximenawrites says:

      Like the title says, this story is a ‘light lunch’, and you’re describing something much heavier… but who’s to say what a discerning Domme will be in the mood for at dinner time?

      She might be starving ; )

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