Venus as a Boy

The mixture of horniness and curiosity makes for a heady philter. This kind of thing happens… a lot.X

Eyes followed them as they walked in the mall.

“What’s up your butt?” He swished beside her in jeans and a silk blouse.

“Not what’s been up yours lately, sweetie,” she replied. He flipped his blonde hair across his forehead and sucked his teeth. He was a sylphy man with gray eyes narrow hips and fantastic legs. She was loath to admit it, but he was more beautiful than most of the women she knew. Regardless of his penchant for wearing heels and makeup, he emanated a strength that was distinctly masculine. It drove most people mad.

“It’s more than you’ve been getting anywhere.” She didn’t mean to wince, but he still noticed. He pointed to a lingerie store. She balked.

“I am not going to watch you trying on panties.”

“You know you love that kinky shit,” he said. She rolled her eyes. His voice dropped an octave. “Trust me, some sexy underwear’s just what you need.”

“I don’t have anyone. Am I supposed to dance alone in my room wearing a teddy diamonds and a fur to It’s Raining Men-”

He held up his hand for silence.

“No excuses. You’re going to try on any and all I tell you – I’m buying.” He had a walletful of plastic. She was tempted.

“I can’t -” He hissed her silent. “Men love beautiful lingerie on beautiful women. And you’re beautiful.” He winked at her. “Anyway, it’ll be on Daddy.” Damn rich kid.

He led her to the dressing room and clucked at one of the attendants before she could say a word.

“Strip and give the woman your bra so she can size you. I’ll come back with nice things in a little bit.” His tone was solicitous. She felt strange as she handed the woman her plain black bra. It had been ages since she’d invested in anything fancy.

She waited.

She was drawn to her own reflection. The lights overhead were soft –  they wouldn’t sell much with fluorescents. She held her breasts in her cupped palms. Her hands were dwarfed by the overflowing firm flesh. Her hard nipples poked out between her middle and ring fingers. Her pubic hair made a shadow underneath her black mesh thong.

The door wooshed open.

“Oops!” he said. Silk and satin whispered over his arm. His frank look made her touch her temple self-consciously. “You look good.”  She reached for the first blue thing she saw.

“I love blue.” She caressed the luminous silky material. It was french cut and trimmed with black lace. She tried it on over her underwear, but her cups overflowed.

“Wow, wasn’t that a 34 D?” His fingers on her back gave her unexpected goosebumps. He gave her another long up and down look. “Interesting. Do you want me to get you a double D?” Again with the unfamiliar tone. She shrugged and pulled off the teddy before sweat ruined it. When she caught his eye, he didn’t attempt to hide it. She reached for a clingy black satin and mesh teddy.

“Really sexy,” he said. The mesh hugged her curves perfectly. His eyes caressed her ass avidly as hands. She appraised herself in the mirror.

“You have a fantastic eye.” He did.

“I picked what I’d like to see you in.”  He suddenly got on his knees in front of her. She instinctively buried her hand in his thick hair. Something silky slid against her mound. “Didn’t want the tag scratching at you,” he said. Her hand stayed in his hair. He saw the shadow of her pubic hair. “Peek-a boo.” His fingertips grazed the outside of her thighs. “You have really soft skin.”

“Thanks,” she said. She was a bit dizzy. She got confused with the straps, so he helped her take the teddy off. Her breasts brushed against his arms and his gold armhairs stood on end. When he bent to pick up a bra that had fallen to the floor, she saw down to his waist. His chest and belly were hard with years of gymnastics. The taut pinkness of his nipples made her mouth water.

He took off his heels and was eye-level with her. “That’s better.” He was so close her naked breasts pressed against his chest. She put her hand on his chest to push away, but he took it in his. His hands were broad and his fingers were strong, stirring up flesh memories in her. He’d foregone the polish.

“”Nessa, how long has it been?” He moved her hand underneath his blouse. The feel of his nipple made her own harden again.

“Stop playing!” His eyes went from summer shower to storm warning gray.

How long?” He moved her fingertips in tight circles, and his nipple hardened against them.

“8 months and…21 days.” Her hand moved from his chest to the fork of his legs. His jeans were tight and his heat made her gasp. He was hard.

She blinked 20 times in 5 seconds.

“I thought you liked cock.” She didn’t move her hand.

“I…” he said as he guided her to unbutton his jeans, “…like what I like.” He parted her legs and muscled in between them. “Don’t you like both?”

A good point. When she’d heard him speak about women, she thought he was talking theoretically. Maybe he really did think Jessica Biel is severely fuckable… She wasn’t sure.

“I’m wet.” Maybe that would stop the game.

He dropped to his knees and pulled her panties aside. Her pussylips shone in the mellow light.

“Sweet.” He lifted her leg onto his shoulder. His tongue made circles around her cunt, moving closer to her clit with every lick. She was so surprised she didn’t even moan. His eyes were closed and he was flushed.  His hard cock bobbed as he slid two fingers inside her.

He loved it. More importantly, she loved it. His shoulder muscles tensed underneath her leg. He slid his tongue inside her. His surprisingly bass groan rung her bell, but she still grabbed a handful of his hair and tugged.

“Shhh.” If people heard, she’d die of embarrassment. He stopped and smacked his lips.

“I’ve never done it before.”  Half of his face shone with her. “It’s fun.”

“What?” Her voice was weakening. He guided her hand to his cock. “Touch it.” He licked his lips, lizardlike. She slapped him.

“Ouch,” he said as he pulled her panties down to her knees and turned her toward the wall. “I shouldn’t be so skeevy.” He slid inside her. “God, that’s hot.” He wasn’t quoting Paris.

Her head spun. He worked his way in until he thrust in and out of her with his whole length. Her knees were weak so he wrapped an arm around her and held her up by her pussy. His palm rubbed into her hard clit with each thrust.  Everything was golden when his hair fell over her face and got into her eyes. As she breathed his breath, she realized it was different.

It didn’t smell of bubblegum peppermint or wine, like her friend’s… like his used to. It smelled of pussy and masculine hunger. She wanted to suck it right out of his mouth.

“Kiss me,” she said, each word punctuated by his thrusts. His lips were soft but not yielding. He sucked her tongue for a taste of her saliva and kissed her like he knew she felt it in her pussy. Just as she was about to topple messily over the edge, he stopped.

“Bend over the bench.”  Even his face was hard for her. When she complied he pressed the heel of his hand on the small of her back until her tendons creaked. “I want to see you arch.”

No man before had been that aggressive. Her pussy lips smiled plumply at him from between her thighs. He bent over and french kissed them until she shook, then entered her again. He didn’t work his way in this time – his balls slapped against her clit with every thrust. He fucked so hard her pussy resisted.

“I think I really like that.” He fought her.

He reached around and tugged on her clit. He didn’t rub, he jerked. The sensory overload made her drip onto the lingerie. He fondled her bouncing tits like a 12-year-old, tugging on her nipples too hard. His thrusts got harder.

“I want to know…” he whispered into her shoulder. She wanted to know what he meant, but she was too excited to ask. Her belly muscles tightened on his forearm and she barked into her hand with pleasure. She knew she was going to come everywhere, so she tried to pluck at the now rumpled underwear underneath them with trembling fingers.

“…want to know before…”

The image in the mirror was strange – a beautiful man thrusting into a woman less beautiful than him, yet the beauty of the image was complete. It felt right – at least for now. As she watched his perfect ass flex with every thrust, she remembered it was him who was usually in her position…

With that ass, did she blame them? No.

She tumbled into an orgasm. He put his pussy-fragrant hand over her mouth and watched her buck and shiver with a shocked expression that would’ve made her laugh had she not been coming. His thrusts slowed but didn’t stop. He rubbed and fucked and tugged through three consecutive orgasms that made his muscles bulge like they hadn’t since he was a gymnast. They were so intense she didn’t even notice when he came.

She collapsed onto the now sweaty lingerie and caught her breath. His come dripped down her thighs, warm and thicker than her own. He breathed above her, his face between her shoulder blades.

“Even if I don’t do this again, I will never knock it. Was that all one orgasm?” He was reverent.

“No, it was three.”He helped her up and kissed her temple. “Did you figure out what you wanted to know?”

“I think so,” he said, smiling. “Absolutely.”

Latest Comments

  1. paul1510 says:

    that was hot, one question, did he pay for the ruined lingerie?
    Warm hugs,

    • ximenawrites says:

      It took every iota of my being to resist writing some kind of epilogue where he pays for the lingerie, ha ha!

      He put it all on Daddy’s black AMEX.

  2. Squeaky says:

    “She wanted to suck it right out of his mouth.” My favourite part. What is it that makes a guy’s breath taste so. damn. good. when he’s turned on…?
    But…see… the pretty ones don’t really do it for me. Not sure why, because I could fantasize about a pretty girl all day long. But the boys…? They always seem so… fragile. Breakable. And dull… nothing written on their faces…
    Or maybe I’m just not looking properly…?

    • ximenawrites says:

      What is it that makes a guy’s breath taste so. damn. good. when he’s turned on…?

      It’s maddening, right? Pheromones. If your chemistry’s right, he smells and tastes irresistible. All of him.

      But…see… the pretty ones don’t really do it for me.

      I used to think the same way.

      Most women tend to write off pretty men because they assume they’re gay and/or insufferably vain. In most cases, we’re right.

      In some cases, we’re not. I too tend to gravitate toward ‘lower maintenance’ individuals, but If the man is willing and eager, why not give him a try? It might be an eye-opening experience. Some guys who look like twinks are just lovely *straight* (or straight friendly, tee hee) sissyboys in training – a veritable prize for a woman with a love of beauty and a Domme streak. Anyway…

      Beautiful women are the height and definition of femininity.

      Beautiful men (if they have the right mindset) are the best of both worlds.

  3. willcrimson says:

    Wow. You know what I really noticed about this story? Your writing!

    It felt spare but confident and controlled (not that your story wasn’t great). There was a good sense of rhythm too. Really feels like you were in control in this story, like you had a sense of style and were writing to it.

  4. vanillamom says:

    i liked that juxtaposition where i thought the male would be weak (sorry pretty boys everywhere, just an opinion!)…yet he led her throughout the romp….

    led her into trying the lingerie,

    led her into submission, tho the overall hint here is that she *isn’t* submissive by nature or general sexuality…

    but this one time, he was right, she was right and …

    dayam, Ximena…why do i always read your posts on ZNN day? *sigh* ah well, only 31 hours to go until i can have an orgasm…*laughs*…


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