The Garden of Earthly Delights ~ Part II

I dropped down into the loam before he noticed me. I had never seen anyone else.

His hips thrust slowly, and tendrils of his long auburn hair stuck to the sweat on his neck. His thighs were thick with muscle, and I could see the freckles on his back from where I lay. His toes dug deep into the dirt, and fragrant sap dripped from the cleft.

Something was pressing into my lower belly. I didn’t want to take my eyes from him, but whatever it was ached.  When I rolled over, dried moss stuck to the insides of my thighs making them an alien shade of greenish-brown. The plant I had been lying on looked very much like the plants I loved, but paler. I got on all fours for a better look.

It had the most tempting ridges, and the cap of this plant didn’t have an indentation. I sniffed. It had an earthier scent, of sweat and dirt. Less flowery, but no less desirable. I felt heat between my legs again, and I gave it a poke to see whether it would move.

Instead, it exploded, releasing a cloud of whitish dust into my face. I coughed and giggled at the same time and crawled away from it…right into the young man’s legs.

He’d been there the whole time, staring at my naked ass wiggle in delight. He’d seen my legs part as I bent to inspect the plant, and how my moss-covered pussy lips had gotten slick and wet…

His cock stuck out of the hair between his legs like a thick log from a flame. Sap made his flat belly glisten, and his pale pink nipples were taut in the cooler air of the woods. I burned in his hungry gaze.

“You’re like the trees, but smaller.” I sat with my knees apart on the ground, and his eyes didn’t move from between my legs.  My shift was dirty, so I took it off. My breasts made him sigh. “And softer. Much softer.”

“You’re like the plants, but bigger.” His stalk was rosier, with veins that pulsed with each heartbeat. “And harder. Much harder.” I wondered whether his sap was as sweet and abundant. He knelt between my legs and touched my breasts with his sap-sticky hands. He flushed and licked a nipple. He squeezed and sucked until I dripped to the loam. His mouth was so much hotter, and I could actually put my arms around him… His bluebell bright eyes startled me.

“Do you think that maybe…?” He caressed the moss from my thighs. Could we? Should we? What of my plants, the nodding blooms and matriarchal trees? I was lost in thought until his fingertips skidded on my seam.

“So warm…” I lay back and spread my legs. He opened me and caressed me until I trembled. “You’re beautiful like one, but are you as sweet?”  His thick copper hair tickled my belly as he bowed to taste. His tongue explored me gently, licking the leftover nectar from my inner petals of my pussy. His breath was quick and his hands trembled on my thighs.

“My turn.” He was reluctant to move from between my thighs, and moss stuck to his cheeks like a beard. He sat on the ground, and his stalk poked up. The cap reminded me of my plants, split and glossy, but there were two silky rose globules on the base, like the mushroom. I touched it, and his eyes fluttered closed. It dripped fresh sap. I was eager to taste, but still apprehensive.

“Will it burst?” I was afraid he would burst, then wither forever. He caressed from my face to my breasts and smiled at me. I wanted to stick my tongue on the dimples in his cheek.

“Yes, but I can burst, wilt, then harden and burst as many times as I want.” My eyes widened.

“It’s like magic.” I licked him. He had a salty sweet vegetable taste that made my mouth water. Saliva dripped down his shaft, and his legs twitched. “You can suck it out if you like. I’m almost ready.”

“Would you like to burst inside me?” He nodded so vigorously his thick hair bobbed. I pushed him back and straddled him. His stalk throbbed promisingly on my seam. We both looked up at the trees for a sign, but the boughs swayed gently above us, urging us forward.

I sat on him slowly, and we both moaned in the same timbre. All of his muscles tautened underneath me. It felt like a sign that he was alive and ready to fill me. His mouth was sweeter than any plant, and his hands caressed the loam from my skin as I rode. We were soon covered with musky sweat, so I licked and nipped at his arms, shoulders, and neck. He moved his hips into me, reciprocating every thrust…for the first time, I didn’t feel alone in my desire. His eyes were filled with a deep emotion that made my drum-tight belly flutter. When I smiled, he smiled back and I was so joyful I laughed. He took me in his arms and drove his stalk deep into me, deep enough to ache like I’ve never ached before. Pleasure made me hiccup, but he nuzzled my flushed face and sighed.

“Not alone anymore,” he whispered, and burst inside me. His sap was so abundant I felt it fill me up, sticky and hot. His twitching stalk made me twitch around him. My pleasure was the perfect echo of his, and it moved through my whole body until I shivered on top of him.

As he wilted and slid out of me, I reached between my legs to taste him. He was cloudier and saltier than I imagined, but the taste and smell still made my mouth water. It was better than the nectar I’d grown used to sucking. It was made for me. He threw his dirty shift aside and extended his hand to help me up.

Not alone…never again.

We went off together to explore the seemingly endless pleasures of the Garden.

Latest Comments

  1. Paul says:

    Now this I like, I can imagine the first man and woman exploring like this.
    Different, but very good.

  2. vanillamom says:

    this was…breathtaking.

    The photos were spectacular, but what a divine twist there…


    profoundly moved…

  3. Alice Bluegown says:

    Unfortunately, I anticipate problems once the Gardener catches up to you (pro tip: pretend you DON’T KNOW that you’re naked).

  4. vanianthicke says:

    Vamos a copular bajo el sauce llorón, mi amor.

  5. sesolosapessero says:

    Such a wonderful picture you painted with your words.

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