The beautiful anachronism that draws me to you
embittered by ennui as I am.

You’re always charging at walls, I don’t think I envied the blind until I met you.
You dress up tired trivia as gospel truth
preach to me threadbare sermons I memorized long before you.
I listen, rapt, and memorize the exact shape of your mouth,
the dusky glow of your eyes,
the mischief disguised as a deep knowledge you say you possess and are willing to share with me
– for a song, a kiss –
a hint of the hidden fire you see dancing just behind my seemingly fathomless pupils.

Latest Comments

  1. LF says:

    Wonderful, wonderful! Would you please tell me where the image originated? I just adore it.

    • ximenawrites says:

      Sadly, I found it in a random erotic pic dump… I too wish I knew who painted it. As is, it looks as if someone saw it in a newspaper/magazine, cut it out and scanned it.

  2. LF says:

    Thanks for your response. Wish I could find this painting!

  3. LF says:

    Ximena, guess what I found?! I put the question out on facebook and someone I know tracked it down. Behold the magic of the interwebs!

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