Anything For Love

“Damn good shinny.” I poured another glass of champagne.

She smiled at me as she ran her fingers through his prematurely salt and pepper hair. He wiggled with the pleasure of her touch, but his insolent brown eyes didn’t leave mine. I drained the champagne.

“So, are we still going to do this?” I directed the question at her.

“Do what?” he asked, looking up at his wife.

She patted his head and kissed his temple.

“Don’t worry yourself about the dealings of women, darling.” She freshened up his mineral water. He had the glassy-eyed looked of confusion as he sipped dutifully. “Come on, then. I’m so ready.”

I started to dance, unzipping my cocktail dress slowly. He sighed as it fell to the floor. I was naked save for panties so flimsy they were more cunt decoration than covering. I bent so she got a good look at my parted lips. She licked his earlobe as her hand moved between his legs. She smiled indulgently when she felt hard heat.

“Aha! I think he likes you,” she said. I rolled my hips to the music, fanning the scent of my desire toward him. His nostrils reddened. He gulped his water. He leaned back when I tried to touch him.

“Don’t you want to touch her, darling?” She ran a fingertip down my spine and squeezed my ass, then slapped it. He whimpered as he watched the firm flesh quiver. She took his hand and tried to put it on me. His knuckles brushed the insides of my legs, but he pulled away. His touch made me liquid.

“Honey!” His perceived duty to his wife gave his plea power. She laughed.

“Honey what? She’s beautiful, is she not? She’s a fantastic fuck…I should know.” He gave her a wounded look that made my muscles tight with lust. I played with my panties, pulling them down so he could see my naked pussy. I knew I was glossy with wetness, and I wanted him to see.

I wanted him to not care that his wife was sitting right beside him.

“Look at her, darling. It tastes just as good as it looks.” She reached out to pinch my pussy lips together over my clit. I nearly fell on his lap.

“I want him. Right now.” I nudged his knees together and sat on his lap. He gasped, but he wrapped his hands around my waist. His expelled breaths on my breasts made my nipples ache. I ran my fingers through his hair like she had, tugging a bit at the crown. His hands squeezed lightly. I rubbed against the fashionable stubble on his face and licked his lips. I sucked the bottom one into my mouth and he shivered underneath me even as his eyes rolled up to meet his wife’s. I moved my hips over his dick and grinded.

“Do you like him?” She asked me as I slid my tongue into his mouth for a taste. He was salivating. His warm wet softness was so delicious it made my eyes roll.

I drank him down and nodded. “Ooh. Yes.”

I slid off his lap and knelt in front of him. I undid his belt and pulled it off with a flourish. The buckle crashed into a glass top table behind me. He gave her a pleading look until he felt my hands on him. He whimpered again as I pulled down his boxers and licked the salt off his flat belly. His cock pointed toward his belly button. True north.

“It’s as beautiful as you said.” I licked from balls to bellhead. He bucked into me, but his hands still reached for his wife.

“Why are you letting her-”

She pulled his hair hard. “You’re mine, are you not?” He nodded. His brown eyes were big as a boy’s, regardless of the gray in his temples. “And that I could do whatever I want with you as well as with myself?” He nodded again. She moved his head so he was looking down at me. I played with the bead of precum coming out of his peeslit with the tip of my tongue. “She wants you, and I want to watch her have you. Will you deny me this?”

I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth and pressed him into the roof of my mouth until he wept more precum. My clit throbbed at the lost look in his eye, his genuine moral distress. I almost wanted him to refuse – part of me felt that what happened next, regardless of his reluctance, would be sweeter if he did.


I wet my index finger and pressed it against his asshole. His mouth fell open.

“He likes that. A lot,” she said, laughing. I took him further into my mouth. His thickness made both sets of lips tingle with anticipation. His asshole squeezed around my fingertip in the same rhythm I licked his cock.”Isn’t he delicious?”

I groaned.

His asshole swallowed my finger and he moaned. He ran his fingers through my hair, then caressed my face. She lifted his leg onto the arm of the sofa and scratched softly at his muscular inner thigh. My mouth was full of him and I was so eager my saliva ran down his shaft and began to drip from his tight balls. I moved my hips in slow figure eights.

She patted his thigh and  moved to the coffee table behind me. “Isn’t that a lovely sight.” I spread my legs further apart and arched for her. My finger pressed rhythmically into his P-spot until he began to give me precum in earnest.

She walked back around to my line of sight, and she was gloriously naked. Her cunt lips were already messy and rose. Her small tits glistened with her own juices – she’d been pinching her nipples and rubbing her clit as she watched. He tore his eyes from my bobbing head and gave her pussy a hungry look.

He tried to touch, but she slapped his hand.”No you don’t. Lick hers.”

I stood up and lifted my leg over his. The cool air on my hot folds made my knees weak. He didn’t take his eyes off me – he liked looking at a cunt other than his wife’s so close up. She reached over to touch my wet thighs, then sucked her fingers. His lips pursed, aping her. He wanted to taste, but he was still shy.

“Touch me,” I said.

“Touch her,” she said, and guided his hand between my legs. He gasped at my wet heat, and his face looked pained as his fingertips massaged my little fluted lips and pinched my clit. His eyes darkened as I moved toward his touch, encouraging him. He leaned forward and his lips parted.

“Yes…” I took a fistful of his hair and pushed his face into me. She wrapped her arms around me, helping me to stay on my feet as his tongue rooted around my cunt. He licked expertly as he thrust two fingers inside me, deep and slow.

Her mouth was at my ear. “Isn’t he a treasure? He eats pussy like he doesn’t have a cock.” I leaned into her and ground into his mouth. He tugged at my nipples. The beauty of the muscles on his broad shoulders made me squeeze into them, my hands claws, until the pain fucked up his rhythm. I smirked and shoved his face into my pussy again.  He flicked his tongue on my hard clit until I cursed, then sucked it into his mouth. Now there were three fingers inside me. His touch was rougher since he could taste my orgasm.

She rubbed her lips against my cheekbone. Her breath was quickening. “He’ll suck it until you come, then lick you clean until you come again…”

He looked up at me as he brought me closer. His eyes were so soft, almost shy as he licked, but his fingers went deep and hard.

Oh shit…” My eyes watered it felt so good. I looked at his pretty face, wet to his cheeks with me, and curled into myself with pleasure. All mine, and it’s just the beginning…

My orgasm shot straight from the tips of his fingers deep inside me to the top of my head. She held me up as I shivered through it and laughed huskily in my ear. “Mmm, that’s it, come in his mouth like you have in mine.” He grunted and his fingertips dimpled the firm flesh of my hips as he licked frantically, trying to coax every last bit of pleasure out of me.

Her hand pressed his face into me. “Come on, baby – make her do it again.” His tongue swirled on top of my oversensitive clit as his fingers pressed into me. The pleasure was so acute it ached. It took my breath away, but I didn’t want him to stop. I suddenly felt anxious, and I gave her a flash of a smile. He knew what he was doing with his hands. She pressed into my lower belly and wrapped a strong arm around my ribcage. I began to tremble, and I couldn’t see anymore.

“I want to see you drink her down,” she whispered. I arched in her arms but he didn’t stop milking until I’d clenched tight around his fingers. My orgasm was like a dull explosion that filled my mouth with sweetness, a sound and taste as well as a sensation.

I came to to the sound of her laughter. “I’m sure the neighbors heard your moans,” she said.

I slipped out of her arms and into his lap. His hardness against my swollen flesh cleared my mind of the pleasant orgasm fuzz. I spread my legs and guided his cock between my lips. I teased him, watching his face. He squeezed my breasts and his eyes fluttered closed. His lovely jaw twitched underneath the stubble with pleasure. I scratched at the silky hair on his chest, then pinched one of his nipples. He looked at me, his lips parted…he had that helpless look down, and it did it for me. With a flick of my hip he was inside me.  He gave a low, long moan that made her sigh behind me.

He leaned back and put his hands on my hips, softly guiding as I moved on top of him. My eyes took him in as I fucked him – taut nipples, muscles, smooth skin. The little lines around his boyish eyes, the thick lashes and the soft, well-formed lips made me tighten around him. My hands didn’t stop moving over his body. I slid two fingers in his mouth and he sucked them deeply, his tongue moving over my fingertips.

“Isn’t he lovely? The acquiescent slut will suck anything you put in his mouth. You should see him suck my cock.” I looked back at her, my interest piqued. He got my attention by thrusting into me. He looked into my eyes as he sucked slowly on my fingers. I leaned forward and licked the corner of his mouth as I rode.

“You almost make me wish I really had one for you to suck,” I said, and he nodded and groaned. I stuck my tongue in his mouth and he sucked it just as eagerly. Her fingers rubbed on my clit and I stopped kissing him.

“Don’t let him fool you. He’ll fuck you so good your hips will pop.”

“Oh really?” I said, looking into his eyes. She stepped away. I squeezed around his cock, and his hands moved from my hips to my breasts. “Lick them.” His head moved obediently. His stubble burned, but his soft lips soothed. My nails dug into his shoulders again. I was getting anxious. “Fuck me.”

He started to roll his hips into me and groan, but his sitting there so passively suddenly made me angry. I pulled his hair.

“Fuck me, damn it!” I growled. I heard a soft laugh behind me. His insolent eyes flashed, and I found myself on my back on the floor. He lifted my knees toward my chest and drove deep into me, his mouth curled into a snarl. His longish hair tickled my face as he grabbed my wrists and pinned them to the floor. Frustration melted into fulfilled lust. I couldn’t even speak he was so deep. His pretty face was screwed up with passion. He pounded into my clit with every thrust, and the sharp bursts of painful pleasure made me writhe underneath him.

“Show her what you’ve really got, darling. I know you want her.” Her voice sounded far away. The view of his belly muscles tightening and loosening made me hold my breath. Oh so lovely… his beauty made me squeeze around him, but he withdrew.

“Don’t stop!”

He forcefully turned me on my stomach and lifted my hips until I knelt. I didn’t have any strength left to lift my head.

“Good girl.” It was the first time he’d addressed me, but I couldn’t look at him. He worked his cock into me an inch at a time, pulling out then sliding back in just a little further. My hands turned to fists on the cold floor.

“Isn’t her asshole luscious?” she asked. He must’ve been looking at it. I turned to look at him and he raised an eyebrow. He was getting bold. I groaned.

“Watch this, honey,” he said. He pressed down into the small of my back and reached around to pinch my clit as he drove into me. He was so deep I felt him nudging the base of my neck from the inside.

“Yesyesyesyes-” I couldn’t raise my voice above a whisper.

She crouched and patted my head tenderly. “I told you…” I tried to nod, but realized she wasn’t even speaking to me. “She’s a pussycat in a tiger costume.”

He parted the lobes of my ass and stuck a pussy-sticky thumb in my asshole. I wiggled with discomfort but didn’t stop grinding on him.

“Fuck! Totally worth the act,” he growled. He winked at me. His beauty had hardened – there wasn’t  a trace of submissiveness left.

“But honey…” He pounded into me so deep I yipped. He withdrew and dug his fingers into my hips. “I don’t think this is right.” He slammed into me. My cheek hit the floor painfully. “What on earth will the priest think?” He slapped my ass hard enough to make me gasp.

He fucked me, hard jabs deep into my womb that made me whimper. He rubbed my clit hard enough to make me curl into myself.

“Don’t like that? I do.” His hard belly hurt against my ass he was so rough. I was confused, but too far gone to say anything.

“This orgasm’s taking a while,” she said to him.

He laughed. “No bitch can resist this-”  He scooped me up so I was on my hands and knees and wrapped an arm around my belly so my hips moved forward. I squeezed even tighter around him, so tight I could feel the friction of his cock acutely. I mewled softly.

“I think you’re right, baby,” she said and tugged at one of my nipples. My next orgasm snuck up on me. I tried to close my legs but he plowed steadily into my twitching cunt. My body was slippery against his with sweat. I just wanted to go to sleep…

He let me go, and I fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes.

“Oh no you don’t. I’m not done yet.”  He raised my ass again and plunged into my asshole. I screamed with the sharp pain of his thrusts, but he was merciless.

Told you she was a backdoor virgin.” She sat on my head so I wouldn’t raise it. “I’m almost jealous. She didn’t let *me* fuck her ass.” Her hands moved down my ribcage and opened me up for his cock. He grunted. “Come in her ass. I want to see it dripping…”

He dug his fingers into me like I’d done to him. I heard sucking sounds as they kissed over me. Just as the pain was melting into something else, his grunts turned into a long, raw moan. He twitched deep inside me and wet warmth leaked down into my slit.

“Aw yes. Fill that tight little ass to the brim…” Her breasts pressed against my back as she leaned in to watch his cock pulse.

She held me open as he pulled out. “What a pretty gape. You have potential, sweetie.” She leaned forward to lick around it. Although I hurt, I still twitched at the feel of her hungry tongue. Suddenly both of them were cleaning me, their tongues fighting for a taste.

“Oh God…” I couldn’t think straight anymore. He hadn’t had my permission to take me like that, but I wanted to do it again. I hadn’t known until that moment that I could take it as well as I could give it.

My trembling hand moved between her legs to touch. My asshole tightened around their tongues when I felt her pulsing softly against my fingertips. She bit my ass hard enough to make me sigh.

“I think it’s my turn, honey,” she said to her husband and reached for the strap-on underneath the coffee table.


  1. I sat here, quietly reading your new tale – my salt & pepper-festooned dome swaying lightly back and forth…a vertiginous feeling overtaking me…it was then I realized where the blood was flowing towards, as is often the case when I read Ximena’s words – my jeans working a swing shift at the fulfillment center…high and tight rides my girthinator. I’ve wondered where my own moral compass would point in such a situation…suffice it to say, the answer is likely ‘true north’…and as for the loosely loin-girding cunt decoration, I offer my homemade warmed, pearly frosting for such tantalizing triangular trimming…

    1. Such a brilliant response deserves to stand on its own.

      I’m glad to see you’re lurking the blog, Mr. Thicke :)

    1. When I first thought of it, I played around with it being a straightforward Femdom threesome…but the temptation to have it all turn around on her was irresistible.

      And, far better reading.

      (I’m glad you agree.)

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