The first time I was taken from behind – A Guest Post

The first time I was taken from behind
Erotica by our visiting writer: Ximena
  • Another offering from a reader and writer. Please comment if you enjoy her beautiful story. Encourage our visitors to write more.
I’ve been a writer all my life (it’s not so much an admittance of skill as it is a confession of passion), but it’s just lately that I’ve started to have an interest in erotica. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m single and not so ready to mingle. Maybe it’s my obsession with observing and mentally documenting all that I can’t touch…or maybe I’m just a randy bitch that likes to tease. Who knows?

I’ve been following the blog for a couple months now, and I enjoy both your and Monocle’s work. He seems to have a soft spot for bondage which I like, but I’m fascinated by your special way of expressing yourself. That piece about the angel of death was a revelation…I don’t think I’ve read anything so inventive, beautiful, and powerful in this particular genre. It made me want to put my laptop aside and give you a standing ovation.

Thank you.

I was still new – you still hurt a little when I wrapped my legs around you, bit into your muscular shoulder and begged you to go deeper. I still cherished the throb after we’d spent time together and I’d have your smell tangled in my long hair.

“Turn around,” you whispered to me, and I felt myself tighten with excitement. It was not a request, I could see that in your eyes. I got on my stomach and raised my ass like I’d seen in the movies. I pressed my hot hot face into your sex scented flannel sheets and waited.

I was still innocent… I still trusted your every word and believed every promise you’d utter to me in the afterglow.

You got behind me and put your large hands around my waist, lifted me up and pulled me to your chest. You cupped my breasts and buried your face in my hair.

“You slay me every time, did you know that?” you said, and the fat head of your cock began to spread my still narrow pussy lips. My nipples hardened in the warm air. I felt the now familiar burn as you slowly slid inside me, almost halfway, but then you stopped. Your hands trembled on my hips but you didn’t go any further, and I whimpered. You pressed your lips in to my shoulder and one of your hands moved down to my clit and started to rub it while you moved your cock inside me, but just barely.

It was still strange to feel this pleasure while my chest was naked, and not having you rocking restlessly between my thighs.

I reached back and tried to press you into me. I longed for that magic moment when the pleasure broke through the ache and I couldn’t take enough of you. You groaned into my neck and pushed me forward until my forehead touched the bed, and I felt you sliding further into me. I I tried to touch you, but you moved my hands away. You grabbed my hips and grunted as you began to fuck me so hard I could hear it. I grabbed twin handfuls of sheet in my white-knuckled fists and pressed my face into the bed. My mouth opened in a silent scream as you went deeper and deeper, whispering incoherent words underneath your breath.

I was still green…before now, I’d seen pink light pulsing behind my closed eyelids while you wrapped your arms around me and slid deep into my belly, but this time was different. I saw flashes of red, and black dots danced across my vision as I stared slack-jawed at your headboard. My swollen nipples rubbed almost painfully into the sheets and the edges of my mouth were wet with saliva. You felt so deep, deeper than you’d  ever been, and I looked behind me. Your face was a rictus of agony. Your teeth were bared, and your eyes were half closed with pleasure.

“So good,” you said, shaking your head as I started to answer your thrusts and my ass bounced pertly. You pressed down on the small of my back and spread my cheeks open to take a better look. I blushed down to my tits, but I still ground into your hips. You looked down to see your cock spreading my swollen pussy lips and licked your lips. The animalian pink of your tongue made my clit vibrate, and I lost my focus on your face.

I was still inexperienced…my parted lips were aching to be kissed and I’d grown used to feeling you sliding on my belly with our mingled sweat. Now, I could only feel your cock stretching my pussy open and your balls slapping into my mound. I had unspeakable words at the tip of my tongue but I didn’t dare speak them. You’d caressed my body so many times whispering “angel” and “perfection” into the hollow of my hip, and I didn’t want you to think badly of me. I still cared about such things.

“Fffuc…mmmm,” I moaned. I felt your body tighten and you slowed down. I tried to back up into you but you held my hips firm.

“Tell me,” you whispered, and my heart began to pound. You squeezed at my narrow waist and I could feel the tip of your cock throbbing on my thigh. “I feel it, but I want to hear it.”

I trembled but remained silent. You began to tease me with a maddening in and out that made my toes curl, but I knew you wouldn’t take me like I wanted you to until I admitted that I wanted you this way. I looked behind me and you licked your lips again when you noticed the sheen of sweat on my neck and my erect nipple pointed at you. Oh God, I thought, and sighed. I reached out to touch your chest and I tightened around your cock.

I was still a novice…I didn’t know I could do that. I groaned when my pussy gripped you so firmly. You cried out raggedly and fucked me just like I wanted you to, but had been too shy to say. I saw red again, so different from the pale yellow and and the green I’d seen before when you filled me up and caressed my skin until it shone.

This was primal. I didn’t feel like an angel, or the art nerd, or the poet. This was visceral. This was fucking – something I’d heard of a thousand times before now, and wondered about when I touched myself underneath my flowered sheets.

You pounded into me in the same rhythm as my beating heart, and as my abdomen tightened and my vision blurred with my orgasm I turned so you could see my face. I wanted you to see what you did to me.  Your head was back and your mouth was open. You were lost in the sensation. When I saw the tight muscles on your belly and hips as you thrust into me I pulsed around you so hard that I ached like I’d never ached before. My orgasms multiplied like ripples on a pond, and my mouth filled with an unfamiliar sweetness. So good, I thought as I looked at your lovely eyes taking me in hungrily, wishing you could fully understand how you made me feel when you’d sink your cock into me to the hilt.

“So very good,” you groaned, and I felt your hips bucking as you started coming inside me while I still tugged and squeezed you with my twitching cunt. You leaned forward and pressed your face between my shoulderblades and thrust into me. After you’d teased the very last contraction from me, you slid out of me, gathered me into your arms, and sunk your teeth softly into the back of my neck. My limbs were heavy with a lustful languor I’d never quite felt before, and the honey sweetness in my mouth still hadn’t faded.

“So that’s what all the fuss is about,” I whispered before I slid into a blissful slumber.

All is Love

Latest Comments

  1. paul1510 says:

    Ximena, this is beautiful, some people have the words, some don’t!
    You so obviously have.
    Thank you.
    I hope that you will write more.

  2. willcrimson says:

    This is like reading my alter-ego.

    You made me experience it from a woman’s perspective. There’s something so primal about taking a woman from behind. Like you write: It’s fucking. It’s abandoning ourselves to your bodies, completely to your maleness and femaleness. I love taking you, you as “Everywoman”, from behind.

    When I take a woman from behind, I really do feel like I have her on my cock in a way that no other position matches.

    This writing is incredibly hot.

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