Slave To The Rhythm

Slave to the Rhythm ♦ A Photo Quickie by Ximena

“I have one question for you,” he said softly as he watched her from a corner of the room.

He found it hard to resist pulling aside the wet crotch panel of her leotard and sucking on her smooth cunt lips, but he liked seeing her lips tremble and part slightly as she tried to hone in on his position in the room, her body lax with submission.

She was still untouched, innocent, full of expectation. Soon, she would sweat, moan, and beg, and her perfect skin would be bruised wherever he could mark her. He’d reduce her to a beautiful ruin in his arms…

But not yet.

He ran his fingertips along her lean, silky thigh. She sighed, and the shelf of her ribs appeared and disappeared as she breathed deeply. Her nipples hardened.  She bit her lower lip, which was already swollen and nearly bleeding with anxiety.

“One question alone,” he repeated, and bent down and blew on the cloth covering her cunt. Her leg muscles tightened and she grasped the rope holding her hands up.

Even now, she was beautifully turned out, and her feet curved perfectly in her brand new pointe shoes. His cock hardened so fast it ached as he remembered all the times he had observed her dancing while he played the piano for the company’s practice sessions. He pretended not to want to lick the sweat off her naked uplifted thighs, or touch underneath the little crease of sweat on her leotard over her pussy as she plied and arabesqued, lost in her own world.

When she’d finally felt his gaze resting heavily on her, her reflection had smiled wickedly at him, and it’s as if he’d seen her for the first time. After he’d played the last note she’d walked up to him, face glowing, and asked whether he could stay for a private practice session.

He’d declined, then bided his time, touching her between classes and kissing her just enough to make her wonder what he really wanted from her.

His fingers twitched to touch, but he resisted. He was afraid he might hurt her with his eagerness. He licked his thin lips, thinking about when he’d get the opportunity to suck at her tiny, firm tits and tease her nipples with his teeth. He sighed a bit louder than he’d meant to, and she lifted her hips in response. She moaned softly and her lower lip began to protrude with frustration.

“You can ask me anything, but please, don’t make me wait any longer.” She rolled her hips so he could see her leotard slide into the cleft of her pussy. He walked between her legs and leaned down until his face was just inches from hers and finally hooked a finger through the wet gusset of the leotard and pulled it until her cunt was fully exposed. Her eyebrows knitted above her blindfold, and her lips curled into an O as he brushed her hard, hot clit with his knuckle.

“Will you be as much a slave to me as you are to your art?”

Latest Comments

  1. Vineyard Road says:

    Oh… yes… Ximena… THAT was beautiful.

  2. paul1510 says:

    Ximena, you are cruel, and this is beautiful. :P

  3. Lambchop says:

    Amazingly beautiful and hot, X!!

  4. Squeaky says:

    …rawrrrr… Oh, *delicious*, my dear!

  5. nilla says:

    oh wow.

    you’ve proven it …even short stories can be uber hawt….

    that was seriously a 5-alarmer—(and i thought i was feelin’ squirmy *before*….phew!)


  6. ximenawrites says:

    Thank you so much, ladies (and gentlemen).

    I saw that photograph while netsurfing during the day, and I had to stop everything and write down what I saw in my head. She looks so good…

    I’m glad you liked it : )

  7. willcrimson says:

    Brilliant. Hot as hell.

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