Midnight Snack



♦ ♦

She slammed her basket on the conveyer belt, terrifying me out of my stupor.

“Long night?” she said as she pulled the groceries out of the basket. My heart was still trying to punch its way out of my ribcage.

“Yeah.” The register beeped as I began to scan the items. Canned green beans. Corn. Kidney beans. Coffee. A chicken. Various jewel-colored drink powders. A sack of sugar. The rhythm of my movements were lulling me to sleep again.

“It’s empty in here about now – I love comin’ at this time.” Her accent was voluptuous as maple syrup in milk, and I looked at her face for the first time. She was younger than I’d imagined. Younger than me, but the hard lines around her mouth made us equals. She smelled like work and wood smoke. There were still ashes worked deep underneath her nails. I stared in her crystalline blue eyes a second too long as I scanned a black and white composition book and a package of pencils. “For the little one. School’s ’round the corner.”

I nodded and looked away.

“You got any kids?” She chased eye contact, but I kept my eyes on the register. I wasn’t about to waste my time.

“No. Love ’em though.” I totaled everything up. She dug deep in her jeans pocket for the money, revealing inked whorls on the wing of her hip.   She stared hard at me as I gave her the change, and there was a faint smile as she grabbed her bags off the counter. Music echoed through the empty aisles. It was too late for shame – I stared at her ass as she walked away, forgetting she could see my reflection in the plate glass in front of the store.  She stopped mid-step and turned around. Her eyes were different.

“When you gettin’ off?”

“Me? I don’t know.” My skin was on fire underneath my beige smock. “At three. I was only supposed to fill in tonight for someone.”

“I know. I always come here at this time, but I ain’t ever seen you.  Seen you a couple times in the morning though.”

“Yeah. That’s my usual shift.”

“You got a vehicle?” She dragged the word out so it had three discernible syllables. Vee-hick-cal.

“No. I usually take the bus. I was planning to wait a bit in the back until the first bus rolls around today.”

“I’ll give you a ride. Got my cousin’s truck.” I noticed she didn’t say that she’d take me home. She only offered to give me a ride. Mother of God…a ride.

“I don’t live too far away. Just too far to walk.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Her straightforward gaze made my nipples hard. She noticed, and reacted in kind. She stood there just long enough for me to see. “I’ll see you in a couple of hours,” she said as she headed out, hips popping.


I swallowed my words to the woman relieving me when she walked in.  She wore the same jeans, but she’d replaced her t-shirt with a wife beater she wouldn’t be able to get away with in the light of day. She cocked her head as soon as she lay eyes on me and walked back out.

Just like that.

I waved goodbye to the lady and scurried out, holding my breath. The big truck growled in the front of the store.

“Come on, girl. We ain’t got much time!” She yelled out the window. I was confused, but I still jumped in. She was driving before I slammed the door. The cabin smelled like motor oil and man sweat, and there were some bobble-tits on the dash. She rolled her eyes and laughed. “Like I said, it’s my cousin’s truck.” She made sure to stare as we hit a speed bump so she could see my tits bob. As we pulled out of the parking lot, she didn’t ask which way to go. The outline of her puffy nipples made my temples pound. I wanted to stare again, but I closed my eyes instead.

“Jocelyn,” she said.

“How’d you know my name?”

“It’s right there, big as life.” She flicked my name tag.

“Right.” I felt silly. Her fingers slid between the buttons of my smock and searched underneath.

“I’m Tania. I hate it.”

I gasped as she found the hard nub of a nipple and pinched. I let out a hollow moan and curled into myself. My hips bucked once. My face was about to burst into flames – I’d surprised myself with my reaction. Before my prudish bitch of a conscience complained I slid over to her and rubbed between her legs. The jeancloth was soon hot and wet. She smelled like warm flesh and flowers.

“Just wait one minute, woman, or I’ll crash this truck-”

I whimpered and put my mouth over her cunt, breathing, sucking at the moisture there. There was that hint of musk, the metallic taste of rain collected in a barrel. I bit softly at the swollen flesh underneath as I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled. I yanked until cloth was flesh and my tongue found its target.

“Jesus please us, we’re almost there…” Her voice had gone from rough to broken. My tongue skidded down and found paradise, tight and tart. Her thigh muscles jumped against my forehead and this time she bucked. She grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled. She shone just a hair’s breadth from my tongue. “Look at me.” I sat up and wiped my mouth on the cloth over her tits…then bit. Softly. “I’m right down this street, honey,” she said. “Right over this hill.”

I slid back to the window, breathing slow. Sweat glistened golden on her temple and the smooth curve of her armpit. Her hands trembled a bit on the steering wheel and her arm muscles were taut. I wanted to lick at the lines they formed.

She laughed weakly. “And here I was, thinkin’ you were a shy one.” She turned into a wooded driveway. The shit in the back of the pickup clanged as we bounced on the hillocky dirt. A small ranch house with a large shed behind it hunkered in the dark. She parked in front and a floodlight blinked on.

“I’m not shy. I just don’t talk a whole lot,” I said as I slid across the seat. I grabbed a handful of her thick hair and kissed her. She arched and opened her mouth to me. Her fingers bit into my hips as I  bit into her swollen lower lip hard enough to make her moan. I massaged her tongue with mine and she excreted such sweetness, a saliva so eager it soon made our chins wet. Instead of being repulsed, I licked her chin and smiled woozily at her. Her lip had a livid red spot where I had bitten. “Let’s go inside.”

She pulled her pants up but left the fly undone. My pussy was swollen, a plump solid thing between my thighs as she opened the door and led me into the darkness.

“Shhh. Connie’s asleep in the den,” she said, and tiptoed into a room cluttered with bright plastic toys. An older version of her snored drunkenly in on the sofa. She pulled a blanket up to the woman’s chin. The woman burped, and turned.

I was a bit dazed as she pulled me past a bedroom with the door slightly open. Inside, a girl slept with her arm hanging off her bed. She gave her such a soft look it made me smile, then closed the door and walked me to her bedroom.

It was clean but spare. There was a computer desk, and a low bed with the green bedspread. I sat on her bed, heavy with sudden knowledge.

“Was that … your mama? Your little girl?”

She started to strip in front of me, kicking off her boots and lifting her wife beater over her head. She sighed. “No and no.”

“Oh.” She knelt in front of me and started to unbutton my tunic. My eyes were glued to the cherry pinkness of her nipples. I was surprised to find a small crescent moon tattooed right underneath her right areola. It stuck out from the flesh around it, more a colored scar than a tattoo. Her nipple stiffened again as I traced it.

“It’s my sister and my niece,” she said as she unclasped my bra. She sighed appreciatively as my breasts bobbed and settled. Her hands moved to my jeans and unbuttoned solicitously – the blind skill of someone who’s used to undressing someone who can’t quite undress themselves. “Stand up.” I complied and she pulled my jeans and panties down. The blush on her face wasn’t the same it was before, and her eyes were now stormy sea-colored. I watched her as she pulled my wet underwear from my jeans, then folded them. She unbuckled my sandals and rubbed the red lines off my feet. I was now completely naked.

I put my hand on her head and her hands stopped moving.

“I’ve told her time and time again not to do that shit around her,” she said, and stood up. My arm remained outstretched for a second, then fell to my lap.”She could stay and get back on her feet, but not doing her stupid alcohol shit around that girl…” she kicked off her jeans. My reaction at the beauty of her nakedness made me feel selfish. Her accent was getting thicker and thicker the more upset she got. “What with all I’ve gone through, with the tests and the doctors … she don’t need her bullshit ruinin’ that little’un’s fragile peace of mind.”

Doctors? Tests? Her beautiful face was twisted and sweating with some barely restrained grief. My head was spinning. Just 10 minutes ago I’d wanted to consume her, but now all I wanted to do was comfort. How is it that like attracts like so easily? It goes deeper that both being dog lovers, or democrats. Memory made me shiver.

I stood and put my hands on her waist. “We don’t have to do this.”

She hugged me hard. “I don’t want you to go.”

“I don’t want to go,” I replied, caressing her silky hair. “I can hold you if you want. I got lots of spare love.” I had meant to use the word ‘affection’, but it was too late. She trembled with anxiety.

“Love. I give a lot, don’t get a lot,” she whispered into my neck. I wanted to wrap her in a chaste blanket of affection, but my hands still cupped the lobes of her ass, then squeezed. She ground her hips against mind and our mingled musk rose between us.

“I’ll do whatever you need,” I said although I was beginning to sweat again.

“Then fuck me,” she said and pushed me hard. I lost my balance and fell, and fell, and fell…onto the bed. She jumped on top of me and pushed and pulled until I sat up. Her mouth sucked at mine as she guided my hand between her legs. She was sloppy with wetness, hot and open and my fingers slid right and curled against her pubic bone. She grabbed my shoulders with both hands and arched, her wavy hair flying in an arc that slapped my wondering face as she ground against my hand. Her tits bounced right in my face and I bit again, right over the tattoo, hard enough to make a white halo around the moon. She bit back a moan and moved her hips double time. My fingers gripped her from the inside and I just let her ride, knowing as a woman what she was feeling. My cunt had soaked through her sheets and I wanted her to fuck me, but this was too good. My other hand slid effortlessly back to her ass and between her cheeks. Her rosebud was tight and slippery with cuntjuice and sweat. My hips bucked underneath her.

“Do it. I want you in both.” Her breath nearly scalded my temple. I licked two fingers wet. My lips puckered at the taste of her, then slid slowly in her ass. She muffled a groan as I pressed into her g-spot with my other hand. Soon sweat dripped off my body in rivulets with her heat. My lips head heart cunt pulsed fast and hard. My wrists hurt but she was beautiful with her hair sticking to her chest with her sweat, her nipples so hard they were rough against my tongue.

“Do you have a dildo?” I said, surprising myself.

“Yeah. Lots.” She giggled into my shoulder. Her heart slowed down against mine.

“Lemme see.”

She bounced off the bed and produced a cardboard file box. I was hoping, looking for a specific thing … I grabbed a perfectly thick, curved silicone toy and moaned softly with anticipation.

“Lay down. On your stomach.” She gave me a lopsided grin and obeyed. I sucked the bulb of the toy wet. Her long legs were slick with sweat. “Open your legs for me. And lift your ass.”

The muscles on the insides of her thighs, the ones that drove me crazy, flexed. Her cunt was swollen open, ready. She purred. “I see what you’re doing-”

“Shhh.” I crawled between her legs. Her ass jiggled. My pussy twitched. I pushed into the small of her back until she arched perfectly. “I have to do this.” I bent and licked the line between thigh and ass, then bit her. She moaned into the pillow as I squeezed and bit and licked the welts. I kept worshipping until her cunt dripped to the sheets, then buried my whole face in her. I stuck my tongue out and guided her hips until she ground against my face. I wanted to feel her with everything before I fucked her. I moved up her body against and rubbed my breasts against her back, then straddled one of her legs and lay on her. She shivered as my cunt’s heat sunk into her hip, then shivered again as the bulb of the dildo pressed against her seam.

I licked the sweat from her shoulder and rubbed slowly against her, knowing that she could feel the hot hardness of my clit. Her lower lip trembled as that bulb slid into her and gripped right where it mattered.

“This is my favorite position,” I said, then licked her earlobe. “Let me show you why.” I bucked hard into her hip. The dildo went so deep my hand was wet. “Move with me,” I said and bucked rhythmically.

“Oh…” she said, but I cut her off with a kiss. We moved together until she was slick to the knees with her juices and mine. She was up on her elbows and I could see her breasts jiggling with every thrust. The long line of her neck was mottled red with bite marks. She wasn’t quite the woman I’d first seen at the store – there were no worry lines, no hard set jaw. She looked timeless with pleasure, and I was knocked breathless with desire. When she ground against me I pulled the toy from inside her and slid three fingers in. I needed to feel her coming. Soon.


I curled my fingers and jerked firmly into her, rubbing her clit with my palm. Her lips parted, and her eyes lost focus. She was beyond blushing. Now, she glowed. I jerked harder, feeling her tight and liquid on my aching fingers. I wanted to make her feel good enough to forget a while.

Then, maybe, I could forget too.

Heat pulsed from my clit to my belly button. I moaned almost more desperately than she did. Her trembling hand slid between her hip and mine.

“Sweet Jesus,” she said.

I sighed and bit softly into the back of her neck. Her whole body tightened against me. The tendons in my hand sang, then there was new wetness as she gripped me with her twitching pussy. I could barely hear her moans, my own desire was too loud. She moved from underneath me and turned me around. Her eyes were slits and she was flush rose from her belly button to her thighs as she pushed my knees far apart and got her first real look at me. She licked her chops, then disappeared between my legs.

Long, strong fingers muscled their way inside me as her tongue traced tear drops on my clit. She didn’t let me adjust, sweet revenge, and soon her fingers were knuckle deep inside me. It was painful. Not only against my swollen lips, but deep inside, but it was the kind of pain that I didn’t want to stop, the kind that heralded an orgasm that would leave me in a grateful stupor for a day.  I couldn’t moan, so I wheezed and caressed her with trembling fingers. She fucked hard but licked softly. I opened my eyes and tried to focus on her face. I wanted to see her, see that glow that made me feel like part of the human race again, but she moaned and sucked my clit into her mouth.

The world flashed golden and I came once, then again in quick succession. She put a wet hand over my mouth to silence me but she kept fucking me until tears and sweat mixed on my temples and I tightened so hard she couldn’t move her fingers in me anymore. She didn’t take her fingers out of me even as she licked the sweat from my brows then kissed me. I was full, so full, and I didn’t care that I had no idea what her last name was, or what her problems were. She felt right. Really right.

She settled beside me and caressed my hair from my eyes. As my vision cleared I realized the golden flash I’d seen had been the morning sun coming through her window. It now shone over her shoulder.

“Tania,” I said softly and traced her lips. They were still wet with me. I felt that deep comforting warmth again, and knew it wasn’t the sun shining on my belly.

“Jocelyn,” she said, and kissed me long and deep, then bounced to the edge of the bed and picked up her shirt. “I gotta jump in the shower before Kerry gets up,” she pulled on her panties and combed her fingers through her tangled hair. “That’s my niece’s name. I make her a quick breakfast and drive her to her bus stop each morning.”

“Oh, okay. I guess I’ll…” I got up and started to put on my bra.

She gently plucked it out of my hands and held me. “You don’t have to go. I mean, if you don’t have to work again or anything like that. I’d like for you to stay.” Her gaze gave me goosebumps. For a split second, I’d seen her soul.

“Stay?” I heard little feet walking in the hallway, then running water. The television going on in the den. The rhythms of her life. I tucked my face against her neck and nodded. “I’ll stay.”

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


    • ximenawrites

      Thanks, Paul.

      I miss knocking about on here with Monocle and Will, but I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve not had time to dedicate to my characters…

  1. vanillamom

    You’ve been missed.

    And when you come back with something that is not only hawt as hell, but so emotionally moving? Your return is heralded.

    This was beautiful. An intimacy deeper than sex. A sexuality full and lusty and needy. A true delight!

    Thankxx Ximena!


    • ximenawrites

      Nilla! It’s been too long :-D Thanks for those kind words.

      I’ve been working on longer stories, and have missed being a more active part of the blogosphere – both here and elsewhere. I wrote this particular story in one sitting yesterday, and it felt GOOD.

      (Furthermore, it left me with a moderate case of sex flush, ha!)

    • vanillamom

      Dearest Ximena…isn’t it grand when one of our own stories gives us a good case of “sex flush” (great name for that, btw!)

      I’m so happy that you MADE time for your adoring fans. I have a girlcrush on you, and this was…was a perfect little tale. Welcome home. :)


  2. April

    This is different, in a good way. It’s really thoughtful. Besides being very erotic, I felt very satisfied at the end. It’s just beautiful.


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