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She sighed hard enough to make the skin of his hand warm, but his eyes remained on his magazine.

She moved closer until he felt the warmth of her naked breasts on his arm, and then sighed again. This time, the page riffled and moved against his fingers. They’d been together for years so he knew well that she wanted to talk, but she rarely disturbed him during his sacred reading time. He’d never explicitly told her not to bother him – she loved him enough to have noticed his irritation whenever she tried to get his attention while reading early on in their relationship.

Her breasts pressed into his shoulder as she took in air for another sigh. He closed the magazine and turned to her.

“What’s on your mind?” He tried to hide the irritation in his voice, but it still made her wince. Her lower lip quivered like a little girl’s about to go into her first wail and his heart dropped. She wasn’t ordinarily so sensitive about his moods…

“Nevermind,” she said, and turned to face the wall. He watched her long dark hair slide down the satin pillowcase, tendril by tendril, before caressing her shoulder.

“Tell me what you’re thinking.” She turned around and her eyes were shiny, almost childlike in their bigness. She laid her head on his chest and buried her nose in his neck. He kissed the top of her head and held her closer. Although she was such a tough woman, it still surprised him how fragile she was and how although she might not ask, she still desired his undivided attention.

After she’d breathed him in for a couple of seconds, she raised her head and looked him in the eye.

“Are you happy? I mean, with m- us?

The question surprised him. They’d just made love for hours the night before, and it seemed like she’d been in high spirits that very morning…he sat up and pulled her up with him.

“Of course I am! What on earth would make you feel otherwise?”

She looked down at her hands and bit her lip until he thought she’d surely begin to bleed, and his patience was dwindling. Was she the unhappy one? He suddenly felt as if he’d swallowed a dry piece of bread.

“Well…um, yeah last night was fantastic, but-”

She wrung her hands as his life began to flash before his eyes.

Did I forget something?  Her birthday is months away, our anniversary just passed… was I a jerk to one of her friends?

He felt the blood creeping from his jawbone to his temples. She looked up and her eyes widened ominously.

“Do you…truly find me attractive anymore?” She inhaled as if she’d been holding her breath.

He squinted at her like he always did when he was baffled. Hadn’t he worshipped at the temple of her womanhood *three* times not 24 hours before? He’d thought she was too beautiful for him when they’d first started dating, and found her even more beautiful afterward, when he’d gotten to know her well.

“What? Of course I am, you’re absolutely gorgeous! What would make you think otherwise?”

“It’s just that, well, you don’t ever chase me around and pull me over your knee to spank me anymore,” she said, and gave him a tentative look. “I really, really liked that.”

He could hear his blood rushing in his ears he was so pissed. She nearly made him have a coronary over spanking? It had been so long since they did anything like that… although he’d get aroused when he noticed her wincing just the tiniest bit whenever she sat down for days afterward, the horrible purple and red bruises ruining the silky caramel of her ass made him regret the rough play.

Also, although she’d never complained, she’d never explicitly told him she liked it.

He got out of bed and walked angrily to a rocking chair by the window. He snapped his finger and pointed to the floor.

“Get over here!”

She jumped out of bed and jiggled beautifully to where he stood – she didn’t like wearing a stitch when she slept. Her cheeks were already flushed with pleasure, and for some reason, that only made him angrier.

“Grab your hairbrush in the bathroom – the flat boar’s hair,” he said. She ran into the bathroom, her long hair streaming behind her. He took it and rubbed the solid wood against his palm – he’d never spanked her with anything harder than his bare hand…but she had asked.

And she would receive.

He sat down at the edge of the chair and patted his lap. Naively, she just sat on it.

“Damn, woman, has it been that long?” he said, and wrapped his arm around her waist and twisted her bodily  so she was properly over his knee. She giggled and wiggled her ass at him, and although he was angry, his cock began to get hard.

“Stay still!”

He moved so that his arm went underneath her and between her legs to hold her ass up a little higher. She wriggled again, but got quite still when he began to rub the smooth back of the brush on her ass. He cupped his other hand on her pussy, and she was already wet.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, and moved toward his touch. He raised his arm and gave her ass a test spank. Her ass jiggled beautifully…and just as soon as there was pink on her ass, he saw red. He spanked her, alternating cheeks as she twitched and groaned on his lap, until he counted ten.

“Is that enough?” he asked, and noticed that he was out of breath. There were little welts on her ass where the corners of the brush had hit hardest, and his mouth watered. He gave the hot skin of her ass butterfly kisses. She cooed beneath him, and he realized the hand between his legs was soaked.

She really does like it.

He gave her another one right in the fleshiest part of her ass cheek, and she yipped.

“It hurts so good, baby – do it again.” Her voice was gravelly with lust. He pushed her head closer to the floor and spread her legs so he could have better access to her pussy and asshole while he spanked. By then there was aubergine blooming along with the crimson, and his cock was rock hard in his boxers. He wanted to keep going, but he was still wary of hurting her.

“Can I keep going?”

She arched her back to further tempt him with her heart-shaped ass.

“I want you to go until you can’t anymore – I want to know what it feels like.”

His cock throbbed against her side and he groaned at the absolute pleasure of her words. He lowered his boxers so his cock rubbed against the little curve between her ribcage and her hip and dropped the brush. She turned her head to look at him, thinking he was going to stop, but he pointed at the floor.

He licked his fingertips wet and traced the welts on her ass, concentrating on the darkest ones, and slid two fingers of his other hand into her pussy. She was so aroused she throbbed gently around them. He caressed her bottom as he fingered her, watching as the little cup on her lower back right above her crack deepened every time she arched and ground into his hand. He knew they could come hard just like that, her on his hand and him on her hip…

He dug his fingers into her ass until she stopped moving. He caressed her ass, and then gave it a slap that made both cheeks jiggle. She sighed underneath him and tightened around his fingers.

“Again, please.”

He spanked her again, rubbing his hand over the hot flesh. The rocking chair creaked as he moved his hips back and forth so his cock rubbed rhythmically against her. He loved the way she’d let out a long moan after every slap. She soaked his hand midway to the elbow with her excitement, and he could feel her clit pulsing against the bottom of his palm as she ground against it.

His handprints looked so beautiful on her ass, and he knew they would only look more lovely tomorrow, and the day after. He knew then that he hadn’t feared hurting her – he’d only feared that she didn’t like it. Her cunt pulsed around his fingers when he pinched a particularly livid bit, and he smiled dreamily.

She didn’t like it – she loved it, and he loved her all the more for it. He leaned forward and licked her ass. He was so horny he craved the taste of her sweat, and he dug his tongue in her crack and licked from the top to where it swelled into her pussy lips.

He had three of his fingers knuckle-deep inside her and he stopped to look at his fingers moving in and out her. He’d been having sex since he was fourteen (and more than two decades had passed since then) but he never tired of how miraculously such a tender little orifice could stretch and swell and suck so avidly at his cock, tongue, and fingers. He was afraid to tell her how many times he’d jerked off while fantasizing about using the dildo she had in a shoebox in her closet on her – getting between her legs and teasing her clit while sliding it in and out of her, his face just inches away to see the way her pink slippery cuntflesh stretched around it.

He sighed forcefully into her ass.

“Is that all you’ve got?” Her voice was muffled against her arm.

He growled into the skin of her ass and spanked her, each time lifting his hand over his head and landing his hand just so her tight bottom still quivered like jelly. She began to fidget on his lap, and she lost strength in her legs because of the pain.

“Oh God!” she cried, but he didn’t stop because she only called to the Deity when she was close to coming. He ground his fingers into her, stretching her insides and feeling her wetness squirt around them as he rubbed and spanked, rubbed and spanked. Her ass was red and shiny as candy, and he suddenly pushed her off him and got on his knees behind her. He grabbed her by the meat of her ass and pounded into her, pinching and massaging her bruised flesh as it bounced with each thrust. He didn’t know whether she trembled with pleasure or with pain but she still parried each thrust. As his balls tightened and pleasure began to make his cock twitch he imagined spurting all over her ass, and pulled out just in time.

He was so horny he missed her ass and shot nearly up to her shoulder blades, but she still reached back to scoop it up and smear it on her bruises. He rubbed his cock against the slippery crack of her ass and watched her, enjoying the pleasant fog that always descended after an intense orgasm.

She got up and walked to the bathroom, and her gait was loose and wanton.

“Come now – was that all you had?” she said, and she giggled and slammed the door before he could catch her.

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


  1. Ximena
    Wow, thank you so much, I am honoured, that was so hot. :D
    I wonder if you would think me so lovely, if I had you in that position.
    But you said that you liked spanking. :)
    Mind you the hand was mainly for warm ups, or gg’s, the cane and three tailed tawse were our favoured implements,
    In case you hadn’t guessed I’m British. ;)
    That was wonderful, once again huge thank yous,
    Warm hugs

    • ximenawrites

      It was my pleasure, Paul.

      Mind you the hand was mainly for warm ups, or gg’s, the cane and three tailed tawse were our favoured implements

      A man after my own heart! I thought about using a tawse in the story, but I wanted it to be a bit more organic… that being said, I’ll keep those implements in mind for next time.

      I wonder if you would think me so lovely, if I had you in that position


      But a good point…the more liberal the hand, the better, right?

  2. Lovely story….one of my favorite pastimes is thoroughly pleasuring a woman’s ass, spanking, licking, fingering, massaging, fucking. I love it. Women love it too.

    There is some good writing on this blog!

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