• Daddy

    Daddy by Ximena Ximena sent me this just yesterday — how she imagined the events before my own story, Orgasms. This sort of thing is a rare gift. I get to see my own characters through the eyes of another reader and writer. I get the feeling I didn’t really know them. ~ Will Crimson She… Continue Reading

  • Red

    ♦ This story has been knocking around in my head for over a  year now, but for some reason, I was afraid to write it. Now that it’s out, I can’t say why. It was not meant to be a theme story, but it so happens that I finished today, on All Soul’s Day. How… Continue Reading

  • Breath

    You sighed, soft on my face as you passed me by. I took a step, then stopped and looked behind me. You had stopped too, to look.  My cheeks were pale, my nipples hard. My throat tightened. My desire was completely wrapped up in the scent of you, since it was all I had, all… Continue Reading

  • Temporary Madness

    The summer night was so hot and humid they both regretted their desire for it during the harsh winter months. The canned laughter coming from the TV made him melancholy. “Fuck the boob tube. What could would you really love to have? Right now. At this very second?” “Dunno.” She stretched out on the sofa… Continue Reading

  • Long and Hard

    ◊ I’ve been working on more than one much longer stories, and haven’t given myself the time for something quick and dirty. This did the trick. That photograph is just…*sigh* – X   She pretended to be asleep when he walked into the bedroom. He got in the shower and she heard the way he… Continue Reading

  • Touch

    Touch ♦♦ By Ximena     She sat down, needlessly hugging her purse to her body. He took a deep drink of scotch and sighed. “I’m not one for hemming and hawing.” “Uh…excuse me?” “I don’t do small talk. Not in the conventional sense, at least.” “Oh. Right.” She put her purse on the table.… Continue Reading

  • Identity

    I’m not just a warm hole. I want to feel, know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you wanted to fuck me, not the idea of me. That you jacked off thinking about doing things to me, and having me do things to you before you found the courage to tell me so. Me,… Continue Reading