• Che Bella

    This is for Stephanie, inspired by one of her comments. Consider this, as always, a first draft. That’s what my blog is for—first drafts. So offer corrections if you see them. And don’t gobble this up too quickly. I don’t know when I’ll have the time or opportunity to write another in the near future.… Continue Reading

  • The Cliff

    Originally posted in December 2009, removed for Through a Tinted Lens. Reposted July, 2016. The Cliff by Raziel Moore I gazed over at him. Nick looked like he was supporting the cliff, instead of the other way around. In the pale moonlight, his sinewy arms and legs were the same blue-gray as the granite wall.… Continue Reading

  • Fog

    Originally posted in November, 2009, this story was taken down for inclusion in the now-out-of-print Through A Tinted Lens. Restored here and now. I shift the authorship here from Monocle to Raziel, because this story is, I think, an early part of Raz’s emergence. (This vignette riffs on some themes and ideas I’ve loved from Will’s… Continue Reading

  • In The Dark

    It’s both one of my oldest long stories, first posted here in November, 2009, and until I took it down to be included in an anthology, the most commented on story I’d written (even before the blog). A look at it shows how much I’ve changed as a writer. It’s definitely Monocle’s piece, even though… Continue Reading

  • My Turn

    This was originally posted here, in November 2009, one of my earliest pieces on the blog.  I removed it save for a teaser when it was included in the anthology “Through a Tinted Lens”. My Turn by Monocle Tonight is Friday, and it’s my turn, and I’ve been waiting all day. I dressed just a little more… Continue Reading

  • Red

    ♦ This story has been knocking around in my head for over a  year now, but for some reason, I was afraid to write it. Now that it’s out, I can’t say why. It was not meant to be a theme story, but it so happens that I finished today, on All Soul’s Day. How… Continue Reading