Them Jeans

♠ I’ve been away for a very long time, but I’m always writing. I hope those who are into a little ‘gentle femdom’ enjoy this little foray into a not-so-commonplace Tuesday morning. I suggest that even if you’re not into full-on FEMDOM and might otherwise avoid it, you give this a try … you might find that a slightly more holistic approach does something for you. It certainly does for me. -X



He had left her in bed just 20 minutes before. There was no sound.


“I made coffee! French press,” he said. He busied himself cleaning up after a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage, and then grabbed two cups from the cupboard and waited. Still, the house was silent. He looked at his watch. It was after 8, and he had to be on his way soon.

He looked at the chipped but beautiful cups on the counter. He could have coffee alone, but he didn’t want to. She had come to bed long after he fell asleep last night, and the fact is, he missed her. She was always distant when she was working, but he didn’t dare call her out on it. After years of being the one to make his partner wait, it was a novel sensation. It sometimes irritated, but it didn’t frustrate him yet. He couldn’t quite form the thought, but … it was sort of pleasant.

To wait for her. To yearn, even on a Tuesday morning.

He sighed and stared out the kitchen window at the neighborhood. A bike whizzed by, ridden by a young woman. He knew she lived a few doors down. She was pretty in a rawboned, natural way, and she stared at him hungrily as they went out for their evening walks. He wondered whether she would stare as hard if he were alone, eyes forward, face tense. Whether he was as desirable without her to bring it out.

“Morning.” Her body pressed against his back. Her voice was a morning-rusty purr. Her breath smelled of peppermint. There was no preamble – she licked the flushed shell of his ear and wrapped her leg around him, her hands caressing his belly underneath his t-shirt.

He wanted to respond. His lips parted, but all that came out is a whimper. Already, blood rushed to his groin. She kissed the side of his face and ground against his hip. He caressed up her thigh to her hip, and a frisson of lust went up his spine at the fact that it was bare. He squeezed and groaned at her firmness, then reached further behind him to squeeze her ass. Her fingertips drummed on his hard belly, lower and lower, closer to the low-slung waistband of his jeans and the throbbing bulge below. He shivered when she muscled her tongue into his panting mouth. He turned to kiss her…

And she nimbly jumped back and walked away to pour herself a cup of coffee. He stared, slack-jawed, as she rubbed on her bruised thigh – giving him a tempting flash of ass- as she added a generous lash of half-and-half and sugar to the cup and took a long, slurping sip.

“Mmm,” she said, looking at him as she sipped again. She licked her kiss-red lips. “You always make the best coffee, baby.”

He cleared his throat. She winked at him.

“Where are you headed this morning looking like that?” she said, giving him a deeply appreciative glance. His t-shirt was still hiked up above his belly button. His cock still throbbed in his jeans.

“Just … there’s no set time, but I’m working on some background research. Avi’s put something together for me,” he said, speaking about his grad assistant.

“How is Avi?” she said, smirking into her cup.

“He’s fantastic. A brilliant mind. I’ll miss him when he gets his doctorate and goes off on his own,” he said, in a defensive ramble. His cheeks flushed again.

“I think he’s going to draw out that moment like a blade,” she said. Her frankness gave him goosebumps. “I don’t fucking blame him.”

“I’m not – I’m not-er-“ he sighed and pulled his shirt down, bested. She poured him a cup of coffee and pushed it across the counter at him. She watched him take a searing sip. She usually slept naked, and she had pulled a short, flowered dress on. It was busy with little orange, blue, and yellow daisies, and the silky soft fabric hugged her curves.

It was more sensual than nudity.

“You do you always have to tease about it?” he said, licking his lips.

“Because I adore the way you react,” she said.

“Irritated?” he said, putting the cup down.

“Flustered,” she said, reaching out to tug on his belt buckle. His half hard cock twitched. “I love the way you blush. You’re irritated?”

“I feel … strange about it. I wish we hadn’t all gone out that night, or drank so much wine.” He sipped again, and the large swallow hurt. “I don’t understand why you keep bringing it up. You don’t seem the jealous type.”

She took the comment in stride. “So you believe that the only reason I would bring up the fact that your very attractive research assistant wants to be railed by you in 25 different ways is because I’m jealous?” The corners of her eyes crinkled with mirth.

He poured his coffee in the sink and walked to the door.

“Stop!” He froze. He recognized that tone. And by now, his body reacted instantly to it. He turned, and she pointed to a high-backed kitchen chair. “Sit.”

He knew better than to mention the research, or his waiting assistant. He sat. She leaned over him from behind, running her fingers through his neatly combed hair, her breath warm and sweet on his cheek.

“Why be in such a hurry, beautiful? Anyone with any goddamned sense will wait for you,” she said, as she caressed down his neck. Her mouth followed her fingers, and he sighed. Again, she pulled on his t-shirt to bare his stomach. She raked her short nails from below his belly button to his ribs as she sucked on the taut skin of his neck. He leaned his head back on her shoulder, and she watched as red lines rose on his flesh. Her pussy throbbed. She pulled his old band shirt higher, to expose his chest. His nipples hardened as she bit his muscled shoulder. She sucked on his flesh, and groaned. The bulge in his jeans was enticingly large.

Her body tensed, and she saw herself pulling his hard cock out of his zipper and greedily fucking him into a screaming orgasm, his face dazzled and bewildered … but she wanted more from him before than moment. Looking as devastating as he did, he deserved it.

His throaty groan made her open her eyes. She was still biting him, hard. She stared at the sharp indents her teeth made on his flesh and her mouth watered. He groaned in pain, but didn’t pull away. She felt the swollen fullness of her clit between her slick lips. He always made her this way – just a throbbing, needy thing. It was a wonder she had convinced him that it was the other way around. He finally reached up to touch her face. He didn’t turn to her, and his eyes were closed and his head was still resting on her shoulder.

“More,” he said, dragging the word out until her belly vibrated with desire.

“Baby,” she said, moving to face him. He opened his eyes, and his hands shot out to grab her, but she laced her fingers in his and clicked her tongue. She straddled his long legs and kissed his forehead tenderly. He made another strangled whimper, and squeezed her hands, looking up at her adoringly. She bit her lip. “What am I going to do with you, hmmm?”

“Use me, if you like,” he said. After they fell in love, it had not taken long to introduce him into her secret world of pleasure. She didn’t need to train him much – his intelligence and deep sensuality translated beautifully to an intuitive, skilled lover, and an absolutely beautiful submissive.

“Is that what you want, my beauty?” she said, leaning into him. She let go of his hands and pinched his nipples. He gasped and arched forward. At first, he was a bit nervous at the thought of pain, but the look in her eyes when she did it…

It was worth the bruises.

Her eyes looked like they might swallow him, and he arched harder, and moaned. Her lips quivered, and she flashed her teeth and cursed. She sucked his bottom lip, then bit, squeezing harder at the same time. He bucked and grunted. His cock twitched.

“I’m feeling particularly savage today, angel,” she said, licking his bruised lip. His nipples were swollen and red, and her head darted down to lick the hot flesh. He hissed through clenched teeth, but shivered with lust. “My sweet boy…” she cooed, and caressed his bulge.

He moaned and bucked, chasing after her touch. She giggled in his ear and stopped, unbuckling his belt.

“You want to show it to me, yes?” she whispered in his ear as she unbuttoned his jeans and played with the waistband of his underwear. When they met, he wore boxers, but he had switched to boxer briefs without being asked after she had bought him some, and worshipped him avidly over the tight, silky cotton numerous times.

He’d wear goddamn rubber jodhpurs for her if she was into them.

She nuzzled him, then kissed his lips lightly. “You want to show me your cock, sweetness?” She rubbed him over his underwear, cupping his tight balls in her palm. Her cheeks were pink now, and her panting breath caressed his face. Her eyes glowed. She was ON. She licked her lips as she traced his shaft with a fingertip. “Show me your beautiful prick, baby. Don’t you want me to see how needy you are?” She slid her tongue in his mouth.

“Fuck, yes,” he said into her. She pulled away, her eyes avid. “Look,” he said, rubbing, then squeezing himself over the white cotton. She leaned over him, gripping the bulbs at the top of the chair. Her breasts were nearly completely visible through the low, unbuttoned neckline of her dress. They jiggled enticingly. Her nipples were taut and dark and his tongue rolled in his mouth with the desire to lick them. He pulled his jeans down and spread his legs. “You make me so hard.” He rubbed himself, and slid two fingers in front of his underwear, knowing what it would do to her. They gasped together.

“Fuck, you’re a tease,” she said hoarsely, and pressed her forehead against his and watched him touch himself. Her hand moved between her legs, and the hot, musky scent of her pussy wafted to him. He bucked and pulled his underwear down, and his cock twitched and bounced against his belly.

She looked at him longingly. “You’re my delicious little fuck doll,” she said. “You’re so good-“ she kissed him passionately, her hand a painful fist at the crown of his head. Her tongue slid deep inside his mouth and he parted his lips further to let her suck on him. Through the kiss, he could still smell her. His mouth exploded in saliva, but she drank him down, sucking his tongue like he ached for her to suck his cock. He heard her rubbing eagerly between her folds, and reached out to touch her, but she pulled away. His bearded chin was wet with their shared saliva.

She stood up straight and slowly – really slowly – pulled up her skirt to expose herself. She was already swollen, and messy with wetness. Her clit stuck out from between her folds like a promise. Her thigh muscles flexed as she straddled him again and rolled her hips wantonly for his gaze. She slid two fingers in her folds and spread her pussy.

“See what you’ve done, honey? See how needy you make me?” she slid her fingers into herself to the knuckle and pulled them out, and they trailed a long, crystalline thread of wetness.

“Fuck,” he said underneath his breath. His lip twitched. He gripped his cock, but she slapped his hand away, pulling hard on his hair. He sighed.

“I didn’t say you could stroke my cock,” she said, shaking her head slowly.

“It is … your cock,” he said, throwing his head back as she barely caressed his balls. He heard her touching herself again and closed his eyes, waiting for her direction.

Hot, wet fingers slid into his parted lips. Her hot juices set a bolt of pleasure into his brain. He shivered and opened his eyes. She stood over him and gripped his hair again while sliding her fingers in and out of his mouth. He groaned and whimpered, and his tongue swirled to clean her juices off, but she was patient, watching his expression as she worked her fingers deeper and deeper until he quivered, fighting his gag reflex.

“Is that-“ she slid her fingers to the back of his throat “-is that difficult, honey? Can’t you take it as eagerly-“ she leaned forward ”-as I can?”

He babbled something around her fingers, and she stopped stroking. He grunted in frustration.

“Awww, you’re needier that I am, hmmm?” she said. She took her fingers out of his mouth and stroked herself, coating them again. He looked up at her, rapt. “I think I need to see you suck before I consider making you come.”

She sat down on his lap, and he tried to hug her, but she reluctantly pulled his arms from around her.

“Soon, my beauty. But now, you swallow for me.” She slid her slippery fingers in his mouth and pressed close to him as she began to thrust them in and out slowly. He was lost in the sensation and flavor of her.

“Sweetheart, I said suck-“ she growled, and thrust her fingers to the back of his throat. He curled up and gagged. Thick saliva dribbled to his chin. She clicked her tongue. He panted and sucked on her fingers again. She smiled wide and leaned into him. His cock was now pressed against her damp lower belly.

He bobbed his head like he watched her do, his tongue a velvet pressure against her fingertips.

“Oh yes,” she said. She was kissing close, her eyes sleepy with lust. “You’re my sweet suck pig.”

He blinked. She’d never called him that. She kissed his cheek and pressed her lips to his ear. “You’re so good at it, honey. At sucking my tongue. My nipples. My wet, throbbing cunt-“ she rubbed her pussy against him, and her heat made him jump. He nearly bit her.

She giggled and held him close, her thrusting in his mouth matching the grinding of her hips. He was already so close. Her silky, sucking heat and her words were going to make him come hard, and soon.

She pulled her fingers out of his mouth, although she ground on the whole length of him.

“You understand why, right? Why you’re my perfect suck pig. Your mouth is heaven,” she said, and kissed him. He gripped her hips, trying to maneuver her into position to slide inside her, but she grabbed his hands firmly and pushed them behind him. “Tell me. Please.” She traced his swollen lips with trembling fingers.

His mouth moved around the words silently. He felt they were leveling up, breaking new ground in their dynamic. Suck pig.  Was he, for her?

His tongue still tingled with friction. His lips were swollen and pink with it. His mouth is heaven. She said it, and her voice cracked with her sincerity. His cock twitched against her warmth. She caressed him, watching for news of her fate.

He bit his lip. “Yes. Do it again. Deeper.”

“Oh shit,” she said, and fingerfucked his sucking mouth hard and deep. He began to slide off into the pleasant fog of submission. Her words began to grow muffled, although she whispered close to his ear. “You suck so pretty, honey. Mmmm, yes. Roll your sweet tongue on it. It’s like velvet…”

She gripped his wrists together behind his back and slid onto him with a moan.

“Keep those hands back there, and keep sucking,” she said, and fucked him hard. The chair creaked with her thrusts, and he was sinking deeper. She knew. Despite his dismissals and his blushing denials she knew.

He was her suck pig. He wanted to lick, suck, eat. Her saliva. Her sweat. Her copious come. And maybe … more.  Inchoate images of bodies intwined flashed in his pre-orgasmic brain. The scent of sweet flowers and bay. Both hardness and softness, and her indulgent voice. Sighing. Cajoling. Encouraging-

He sucked her fingers so hard they ached, but still she silently fucked the truth out of him. She felt the familiar growing heat and pressure that signaled a groaning, squirting orgasm, and she rode him harder, watching his head snap with every thrust. Their bellies slapped with her passion, and his beautiful eyes were cloudy with pleasure. His sweet lips were pursed tight around her fingers. His tongue licked, soft and hot. She wanted to see him suck … other things. Her excitement trebled at the thought, and she gripped his shoulders and pounded into him.

The games they would play. With each other, and perhaps…

She threw her head back and growled as she came on him, bucking erratically and soaking his cock.

“Yes,” she uttered and jumped back on him, riding him deep. “Fill me up, honey. I want you in me when you walk out the door to him.”

He opened his eyes, and her face was a rictus of pleasure. Her eyes were squeezed shut, her mouth open, and panting. She tucked her face into his shoulder. He gripped the back of the chair white knuckle-hard as pleasure made his toes curl in his sneakers.

“Fill me all the way up with your come, baby. I want every drop-“

He grunted in warning, and she started to do the roll and thrust that drove him wild.

Fuck. Give it to me. Gimme all of it-“

He bit his lip and grunted rhythmically as his cock spurted deep in her tight, delicious heat. She kept going in that slow, deep, relentless rhythm, drawing him out, making him twitch and spurt until he was a sweating, groaning, panting mess. Her breath was almost scalding hot on his neck. She kissed him. He whimpered.

“Three, I think. That’s a new record,” she said, and stood up slowly. His cock was still half-hard, but he was tapped out. If she tried to stroke another orgasm from him, he might hit the ceiling. She stretched, her arms high above her head. Her dress was completely open at the front, and the insides of her thighs were slick and creamy with their passion. She sighed and looked down at him.

“What a way to start the day, hmm?” she said. Her eyes were beautifully sleepy. He knew just as soon as he walked out the door, she would crawl back into bed for a nice nap, her belly still warm with him. It made his over sensitized cock twitch. She saw.

“I’m going to have to work a bit harder to wear you out,” she said with a smile, and kissed him lightly. “But now, you go to Avi.”

He stood up slowly. His thigh muscles trembled. He was slick halfway to his knees.

“Maybe I should jump into the shower again. Because … you know,” he said, nodding at his bottom half. Her smile slowly faded to seriousness.

“No, little one. You’re gonna pull those sexy jeans on, buckle up, and walk out the door,” she said, looking deep in his eyes. “D’you hear?”

His cheeks tingled. She was full of him, and he was covered in her. It was a fair trade-off. He knew she was capable of buttoning her dress and taking a long, meandering walk with his come still drying on her thighs. He sighed. The thought made him a bit breathless. Her, passing strangers, smiling as they turned their heads at the deep rolling of her hips, or the hint of sex in the breeze…

He did as she asked and went to the sink to wash his hands.

She stood by him, caressing his hair back into place. “I think your hands are the cleanest part of you,” she said. He paused for a second, and chuckled.

“True. Force of habit, I suppose,” he said.

She hugged him. He returned the hug and nuzzled the top of her head, eyes closed. Her hair was damp with sweat. It made his throat tight with love.

“I love you,” he said, and kissed her there.

“And I adore you. Passionately,” she said, looking up at him. Her eyes gleamed with it. They stood there in the kitchen for a few seconds, basking in the afterglow. She slapped his ass lightly. “Go and be great.”

He nodded, and reluctantly let go. “I’ll be back in a few hours.”

“Okay. I’ll be here, waiting.”

He kissed her hand, grabbed his keys from the bowl on the counter, and walked out. Her eyes followed him, and she smiled.

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


  1. “Her voice was a morning-rusty purr. ” What a beautiful description. Your writing is just as gorgeous as it ever was. So much in it and not a word wasted or unnecessary. The interaction of your characters is natural and believable. And, of course, Christ, the eroticism. What man, including me, wouldn’t want to be woman-handled like this? It’s nice to read a new story from you, Ximena. Your writing inspires me. More to learn from. :)

  2. Peter Rosenbaum

    If this is Femdom, it is excruciating and exquisite. How in all my years have I missed this? Is the description real? Does this really happen? Were the women I have known all Fems, but I just did not know, or even have a clue? Thank you, Ximena.

  3. RoseTree

    I haven’t read this story yet, but having just exploded for “Lemonade,” I have built up expectations and anticipations higher than for any other work of this genre–ever. In other words, I am ready and just can’t wait another moment.

    • RoseTree

      Thank you for this email. I too have been away for a while. I appreciate the reminder.

      On Fri, Apr 16, 2021 at 9:51 AM The Erotic Writer wrote:

      > lastofthefrogmen commented: “A very nice, long tease. It captures very > well the dynamic of a male sub and his mistress. Having him suck her > fingers like a cock and make him leave with her nectar covering him.” >

  4. I love the seamless switching between what he’s feeling and she’s feeling. And how needy they both are and each knows how to give the other exactly the right thing.

    In fact, if this is femdom, bring it on! I get that she’s leading or demanding, but short of grotesque exaggerated humiliation (yes, I know some like that as well) it’s hard to see that doing what your partner wants is anything other than a win for both.

    Plus, you’ve given us a long hot tease.

    Oh, and the hints of something going on or perhaps to go on with his male grad assistant is a little extra kick.

    Thanks again for sharing your work, Will. I’ve missed you.

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