Milk and Honey

I humbly accept your challenge, Will. -X

My fists were clenched so hard that my nails bit painfully into my palms.

I promised I wouldn’t do this to myself, I thought. Promises, thorny pointless promises, I uttered bitterly underneath my breath. The chaste, asexual peace that I had found after my last crushing disappointment had disappeared the moment I’d laid eyes on him.

I ran my tongue over my canines and tried to keep still as we watched a nature show in the dark. The mating habits of bees. I attempted to concentrate on the screen, but his smell distracted me totally – a clean, crisp cologne undercut by pheromones so strong they made my inner thigh muscles tight. He sighed and shifted, propping his other leg onto his knee so he could lean into me. His face was so close to my own that my cheek tingled.

Pure as a mountain stream. I  sniffed. Wet maybe. Very wet, but very cold.

He seemed completely absorbed in watching the glossy folds of the queen’s thorax undulate, but his face softened into a smile.

“Didn’t your mom teach you not to stare?” His voice was irresistibly rusty. I looked toward the voluptuous queen bee again.

“Yeah…” I dragged the –ahhhhhh out a couple of beats too long.

“If you’re bored, we can find something else to do,” he whispered in my ear. I smelled the cinnamon from the Red Hots we’d shared earlier. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on my goal of dating at least three months without sex, but all I could see behind my twitching eyelids was me on my knees, with my mouth between his legs.

“Something else,” I replied, and he rubbed his mouth on the warm skin underneath my ear. I kissed him, hungrily sucking all the remaining sweetness from his mouth.

You’re not like other women, he’d said when I’d asked him to wait for me and he’d agreed.

Oh yes I am.

My hand tightened into a fist on his chest, wrinkling his shirt. I climbed onto his lap, my lips never leaving his. I moaned into his ear when the metal buttons on his jeans rubbed on my naked thighs. My skirt rode up so high he could see the white triangle of my panties, and I pressed his hands against my ass. He tongued the little hollow at the base of my neck as I ground my hips against him and his metal fly buttons spit sparks on my erect clit. I could’ve had an orgasm right then just from feeling his hips bucking, albeit chastely, between my legs. His eyes were cloudy with lust and his lips were glossy rose with rough kisses.

“Grant me a boon, kind sir,” I said, and he raised his eyebrows at my strange words. “I’d like to show you something.” I climbed off of him. “Let’s go into my bedroom.” He was going to say something about our little deal, but I put my finger against his lips and smiled, my face beatific.

“Stand right there,” I said when he walked onto an old oriental carpet in the middle of my bedroom floor, facing my vanity mirror. I lowered the lights with a dimmer until I could only see his eyes shining in the shadows. “Be perfectly still.” I took off my blouse and threw it onto the bed. He sighed softly. His eyes followed me.

“Eyes front,” I said, and unhooked my bra. My nipples hardened instantly in the coolness of the room. I squeezed them and had to bite back a moan. I unzipped my skirt and it pooled softly at my feet. When I looked into the mirror his eyes were glowing embers, brighter than the lamp light…I took off my panties and kicked them onto a chair laden with books. He moved to take off his shirt.

“Not yet.” I undid my loose bun,  dropping the bobby pins carelessly on the floor. It fell in waves down to my ass. He sighed again, and his hands tightened to fists at his sides.

“Close your eyes, precioso*.”  His eyelids dropped and the room became darker. I took him in at every angle. Broad shoulders. Flat belly. Arms that rippled with effortless muscle. Mouth so singularly lovely it made mine look  plain. I pressed my body against him, my mouth in the same place he’d put his earlier. I put my hands on his hips.

“What are you doing?” he asked breathlessly, but I smiled into his neck and raked my nails very softly back and forth on his belly.

“Shhh.” I rubbed my naked breasts on his back. He smelled like everything that’s good about the world. I licked his earlobe and rubbed the inside of my thigh against his jean-clad leg. “I just want to touch you for a while.” I barely grazed his nipples. He shivered.I  tugged on his shirt. He lifted his arms obligingly and tried to kiss me, but I held his hips fast. His chest became rigid with rebellion.

“Trust me, mi amor*,” I sighed into his shoulder, then bit it softly. I played with the hair underneath his belly button.

“You said you didn’t want to make love yet, but you know I want –“ he started and tried to turn again, but I wrapped my leg around him and anchored him in position. I shut his mouth with a kiss while I dipped down to touch the silky bristle underneath his boxers. His pulse hopped underneath my fingertips. I rolled my hips into his ass and my clit rubbed pleasantly against the stiff cloth of his jeans.

He finally relaxed and hardened in my hand.

“Good.”  I let go and he turned toward me, his hands already opening and closing in anticipation to touch. I held them at his side and licked his nipples.“Patience, corazón*, “ I whispered. It echoed hollowly in my skull, since all I could think about was my legs wrapped around him as he pounded into me balls deep, my hands trembling claws on his ass…

He gasped sharply, and I snapped out of it. I’d bitten the side of his neck hard enough to mark and my fingernails dug into the flesh at the base of his spine.

“I’m so sorry…” I rubbed my lips on the welt and kissed it. I couldn’t resist squeezing the back of his neck firmly where I’d bitten. He tried to pick me up, but I wrapped a leg around him and let him paw clumsily at my ass. I kissed him deeply, and he succeeded in running his fingers down in between my legs and pressing them into my wet perineum. I stuck my ass out and two fingers slid easily into my pussy.

He moaned roughly into my mouth and snapped into focus – a predator who’d caught the scent. He picked me up easily and put me down onto the bed. He spread my legs, then plucked eagerly at the buttons on his fly. I put my hands behind my head and arched my back like Marilyn, teasing him. He fucked up and accidentally pulled off one of the metal buttons. It skittered on the wood floor and settled underneath the bed.

I pulled his hips toward me, quickly undoing the remaining buttons on his fly. He was so hard the head of his cock stuck out of the top of his black boxer briefs. My lips tingled with anticipation and I kissed the skin right beneath his belly button. My chin rubbed against him and his hips bucked into my breasts. I pulled him onto me and kissed him, my hands playing with the  peach fuzz on his ass. I knew he could feel the wet warmth of my pussy soaking into the cotton of his underwear. He moved to pull them down, but I shook my head no. I wrapped my legs around him firmly and rubbed myself up against him, loving the cotton against the sensitive flesh of my open cunt.

“Just like that,” I moaned into his mouth, and the slick head of his cock slid back and forth and poked my lower stomach above the waistband of his underwear. My mouth watered at the thought of tasting him.

He bucked a bit roughly on me and it burned painfully, but I didn’t want to stop. Just the tiniest taste, I kept thinking to myself. It won’t hurt. I wrapped my hand around him at the base and squeezed gently until I got to the swollen head of his cock. I palmed the silky drops of precum.  He squeezed a tit between his two hands and began to suck on the nipple avidly, blind to the world. I raised my slick hand to my mouth guiltily, but when I got a whiff of his private perfume I forgot to feel perverted and licked him hungrily off my hand. My pussy throbbed and swelled so quickly it ached, and I pulled his face from my breasts.

“Get on your side for me,” I said, and he obeyed without a word. I got behind him, pressed into him, and pulled his underwear down just enough to expose him. I lifted my leg over his hip so my pussy rubbed up against his side and moved my hips in tight circles. He reached back and squeezed my ass, and I caressed his body eagerly. “Positively lovely… so goddamned amazing,” I moaned into his ear, and his body seemed to relax and become docile. I knew that he wasn’t ordinarily submissive, but the fact that he was allowing me to take my greedy little pleasure in his body made something that hadn’t moved in a while lurch in my ribcage.

“I want you to feel me.” My fingers tapped lightly on the underside of his dick as I ground my pussy against his hip. I cupped his balls gently in my palm and pulled them up so they rested on his shaft, and he moved his hips toward my hand. My orgasm rung like a distant peal of bells in my belly, making my blood roar in my ears, but I wanted him to go first – it’s the only thing that would make my orgasm sweeter. I  pressed that secret indentation in his perineum. His sighs turned into a long, ragged moan that made my clit vibrate dangerously.

“Divino,” I moaned rapturously, and continued to press into him while my wrist rubbed gently on the underside of his cock. I stuck my other arm out so he could lay his head on it and his neck wouldn’t get tired. I wrapped that hand around his neck softly and licked his open moaning mouth. He sucked my tongue into his mouth. His hand moved slowly forward and wedged itself between my pussy and his hip. I slowed down and let his knuckles graze the swollen lips of my cunt. He tried to touch me with his fingertips but when his thumb pressed against the  slick nub of my clit I lost myself. I mewled into his ear, and my hand was a trembling fist around the base of his dick. I buried my nose in the hot hollow of his neck, my eyes clenched shut, apologizing blindly for my lust.

“Perdóname, mi cielo, perdóname perdóname*,” I moaned as the growing waves of my impending orgasm began to make my whole body shake. I sucked at his lovely mouth again, nipping at his lips and running my tongue along his teeth. He suddenly moved his hand from my slippery wet pussy and shoved his fingers in between our lips. He was so eager he sucked at them even as he kissed me. His eyes fluttered open, and his pupils were dilated with lust.

“Oh my God, I want more.” He turned onto his back and tried to pull me onto him. I moved one of my legs in between his and pressed my cunt into the bony wing of his hip. My cunt lips spread and rubbed deliciously against him as he struggled to pull me up so I would sit on his face. I could tell he was beginning to get frustrated with the game, but I wanted to see it through until the end. I held his wrists firmly and pressed them onto the bed.

“Sex isn’t just cock in cunt, sucking and fucking,” I kissed his tense jaw slowly. “Relax, mi amor, and let me show you what I mean.” I sucked his lower lip into my mouth and let my hair fall around our faces, blocking everything out but him. He opened his eyes to half mast and I smiled at him.

He is so incredibly lovely. I kissed him softly and then pulled away.

“I want us to feel each other completely without penetration – would you like to try that?” My hand moved from his neck down to his nipple and caressed gently. He nodded, his eyes looking so deeply into mine it felt more erotic than a French kiss. I cradled the back of his neck and squeezed his cock. He trembled and closed his eyes, but I let go. “I need you to look at me, love.” He opened his eyes again.

“Good,” I cooed. I ran a fingernail up the underside of his cock. I rubbed underneath the head lightly and savored his little moans.

“You can touch me, you know,” I said, and his hands moved eagerly. One rested on my hip, the other cupped one of my breasts. I rubbed my cunt against him and he kissed my open mouth. I cupped his ball as my thumb rubbed underneath the head. I dripped onto the bed sheets and made his belly slick.

“I want to taste you.” He tried to touch my pussy, but I wrapped my thumb and forefinger around his dick and moved it up and down his shaft.

“And I you, but not yet,” I said, and barely caressed his cock. He trembled underneath me, and I pressed my chest against his. His mouth was wet and sweet and warm and begging to be kissed, but I wanted to keep my eyes on him so I kissed around it. He turned so my cunt rubbed against the top of his thigh and the head of his cock rubbed against my hip. Our bodies seemed to fit into each other perfectly and we moved against each other, giving and taking pleasure.

His face was getting sweaty with desire.  I  ran my fingertips up and down the middle of his back.

“You feel so very good,” he said and looked into me, and I felt the first weak pulse of an orgasm make my hip curl into him. I couldn’t see or feel anything but him.

“Your eyes are lovely as wet autumn oak leaves,” I sighed and pressed my mouth against his lightly.  Slow fire spread from my clit and licked up my belly toward my heart. I wrapped my hand around his cock again and began to stroke at him in earnest so he’d orgasm before me, but he pulled my hand off of him and placed it over his heart. “That’s the most beautiful thing anyone’s ever said to me,” he whispered into my mouth. He moved his thigh against my pussy and rubbed it slowly and deliberately. My hands clenched into fists on his chest again, and he nodded at me.

I came so hard I squirted wetness onto his thigh. He licked off my sweat as I trembled and moaned against him. I pushed him gently onto his back, hips still bucking and my cunt still contracting, and sucked him into my mouth.

He sounds so damn sweet.

I sucked at the silky flesh of his balls. I moved my lips to his shaft and rubbed them slowly up and down the underside of his cock.

I’m finally going to taste him…

Another orgasm began to make my breath short. I tickled the little notch underneath the head of his cock with my tongue and sucked rhythmically, gently kneading his balls while I did it. I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and squeezed and his belly muscles pulsed in the same rhythm. He began to breathe raggedly. I tasted the dusky sweetness that signals an orgasm cutting through the salt and tickled harder with my tongue. Almost…

“Oh God,” he groaned, and his cock contracted in my hand. The first shot of come hit my soft palate surprisingly hard.

Oh, that’s it! I continued to suck eagerly as he bucked into my mouth. Fuck, there’s nothing like this!

My second orgasm made my still tingling cunt twitch around nothing again. I fingered myself as I sucked every last bit of come out of his cock. I didn’t let go until he’d stopped contracting in my mouth.

“You…” he said hoarsely, still trembling. I looked up at his beautiful groggy face and smiled. “You…you –“ he started again, but I kissed his sweaty temple and smiled.

“I cheated. I know.” I straddled him and moved up his body until my  pussy was only six inches from his face.“What are you going to do about it?” My eyebrow was cocked in challenge.

Without another word, he grabbed my ass and pressed his face into my cunt.

*Please excuse the occasional Spanish — it just so happens that it’s my first language. The good thing about using those little words in the heat of the moment is that their precise intonation makes them quite understandable, even if you don’t speak the language…

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


  1. nilla

    oh, holy mother of gawd…moi bonito…(if it’s bad en espaniol, tis coz tisn’t my first language, nor a good 2nd one…!!!)

    Ximena…you stagger me. That was lush and hot hawt steaming smoking toe-curlingly wonderfully HAWT.


    i feel totally like spooning with someone now…



  2. Damn Ximena! I’ve never read erotica, by a woman, like yours. You make me share in your lust for men and your lover. I begin to feel sex through a woman’s eyes, tongue and thighs. Beautiful. I love the image of your skirt pooling at your feet.

    The sexual suspense and tension was beautifully drawn out.

    Your need to look into your lovers eyes, to feel and hear is response, felt true to life. And I loved that the woman led the dance. I’m with Nilla.

    • ximenawrites

      I begin to feel sex through a woman’s eyes, tongue and thighs.

      That’s what I’m going for. I want men to know intimately precisely how hot we burn for them underneath our sometimes nonchalant exteriors.

      My stories are paced the way that they are deliberately…I want the reader to get lost in it, to feel themselves become aroused in *real* time along with the characters. Yes, some of them are a bit longer, but my hope is that the open minded reader isn’t daunted by its length and goes on that journey with me. Like making love to a woman, it takes a bit of time and dedication but it’s worth the effort in the end.

    • ximenawrites

      Hello, Jade!

      Thank you visiting me here and commenting…I hope you’ll go in the archives and read, Monocle and RedBud are brilliant for letting me write for their amazing blog.

  3. I keep reading and rereading your beautiful story and thinking that there must be a flaw somewhere but, no, it’s simply perfect. So many people underestimate the extraordinary power and pleasure of teasing and of sex without penetration. Thank you for this.

    • ximenawrites

      So many people underestimate the extraordinary power and pleasure of teasing and of sex without penetration.

      Not to sound corny, but there *is* something almost magical about those moments after the initial kiss, but before coming together. Breathing their breath, sipping their sweat, and listening to their quickening heartbeat…that’s when we fall in love (or fall back in love, if it’s a long-term relationship).

  4. vanianthicke

    Ximena, my dear…that tale took my breath away, and left me engorged and grinning lasciviously at the thought of becoming subjugated to the whims and desires of your wandering hands….

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