Tug of [Love]

He watched her silently, still indolent with his orgasm. She was about to get up when he tugged at a tendril of her hair hard enough to make her sit back down.

“What’re you doing?” She slapped his hand.

“Why are you in such a hot rush to leave? I trust you had a good time.” He traced the livid red crescents marked on his upper arms, passion marks she’d given him just minutes before. She rolled her eyes and moved her hair to her other shoulder, exposing the back of her neck.

There was a bite mark bruised into it.

He rolled to her side of the bed, still naked and smelling of sex.

“We’ve had enough fun for tonight. I’ve got to get going, I have an early day tomorrow.” Her smile was wistful.

“Tomorrow’s Saturday.”

She noticed her panties were soaking wet and pulled them off. He picked them up and refrained from bringing them close to his nose for a smell of her perfume. He caressed her neck hard enough to make her bruise ache.

“Please. Let’s not postpone the inevitable, ” she said, but lingered. She kissed the warm freckled skin on his shoulder. “I wish they tasted as good as they look.”

“What’s inevitable? Taxes? Death? Our chemistry’s fantastic, but I don’t think we’d fuck each other to death, would we?”

He was instantly embarrassed with his silliness. He licked her earlobe. She was still wearing diamond studs, and the jewel glistened brighter with his saliva. He cupped one of her breasts, sighing at its perfect heavy silkiness.

“This little story we’ve got going…We waited a while, but you finally got what you wanted. You satisfied your curiosity, and you’ll just lose interest once the blood goes back into your brain.”

He was stung by her statement, and stopped mid-caress. “What? I’m a bit confused. Wasn’t this a mutual thing?”

She took his face into her hands. “Of course it was…”

“Then stay with me.” He fell back and pulled her onto him, and her still wet seam slid and sucked on the flesh of his belly. She grabbed his cock.

“When you said you want me to stay with you…” she started, and began to stroke him.”…I imagine it’s not to have a deep conversation.” He was hard almost immediately, and she got hot and syrupy with the thought of feeling him inside her again.

He nodded and kissed her chin.

She sat on him on the word deep, and they both groaned.  After a few endless seconds, she leaned into him and bit his lower lip. She squeezed around his cock without moving.

“Is that what you like?”

His toes curled, and he nodded. She traced his upper lip with her tongue. She moved back and forth and watched his face closely for signs of impatience, but his expression was beatific. Just squeezing around his hardness made her dizzy with pleasure, and she was tempted to come and then take her leave. He sensed her mood.

“Oh no you don’t.” He wrapped his arms around her.

She began to ride him, knees wide apart and hands flat on his chest. An unnamed anxiety seized her, and she was suddenly fucking him so hard that the  bed springs creaked underneath them.

“Is this what you want?” she said in clipped whispers between thrusts. In one fluid movement, he grabbed her waist and turned so that he was on top of her.  She was genuinely surprised. He lifted her leg high as he sunk into her, looking into her eyes. He kissed her deeply as he moved inside her. When they separated for air, she looked lost.

“This is what I want.” He caressed her face and kissed her again. She traced the line of his spine, moving in the slow, deep rhythm he’d established. They were belly to belly, heart to heart and she didn’t know whether the pain she felt was from being empty, or full.

She wrapped her thighs firmly around his hips and flipped him so she was on top again. “Enough of that, let’s try this.”

She turned so that her ass faced him. Her hands shook with anxiety as she guided his cock inside herself, putting her hands flat between his knees for leverage. She moved her ass in graceful figure eights and looked back at him. He was so lovely with his flushed face and his tangled hair. His hands moved right over her bouncing ass but didn’t touch. His eyes had a faraway look that was comfortingly familiar to her. Soon he’d be finished, and then she could walk away (run away) unscathed (unloved).

She moved so that her ass and her tits bounced with every thrust, and he let out a drawn out moan.

“Mmm, I want you to spray my ass with your hot come.” Dirty words came easily to her.

As she rubbed her clit, he grabbed her so he could get on her knees behind her. She wriggled with glee and got on her elbows, but he wrapped an arm around her ribcage and held her to him as he slid into her again. She started to move her hips, but he held her still.

“Like this,” he whispered in her ear, and spread her legs apart so that she was bearing down on him just right. She closed her eyes, and he breathed with her as he moved inside her. He rubbed her clit in the same rhythm, and slow waves of pleasure made her limbs heavy. “Look at me.” He kissed her temple. She kept her eyes closed, wishing he’d just let it be. When it was slow she was forced to feel him surround her completely, body and soul. For a split second she didn’t feel herself; she felt the two of them, moving as one. The keen pleasure of the union made her tighten around him, and he held her even closer to him.

When she realized what she was doing, she tried to slide out of his arms, but he turned her and held her wrists over her head. She squirmed underneath him. He waited until she was still.

“Damn it! Is this what you want?” he squeezed her wrists painfully at every word. His eyes had gone dark and glassy, and his mouth was twisted into a grimace. She smiled at him, but she knew she’d done something very wrong. He parted her legs with his knees without letting go of her wrists and rammed into her. His thrusts were so hard and deep she was silent. Although her belly tightened like it did just before an orgasm, she was suddenly so cold her teeth chattered.

That is not what she wanted. Not from him.

“N-no, this isn’t what I want.” Her voice sounded so small he didn’t hear her. She began to fight him to get his attention, and he finally turned to look at her. He loosened his grip as soon as he saw the look in her eyes. She wrapped her legs around him and caressed the sweaty tendrils of hair from his temples and neck. She kissed his flushed cheeks. He cradled her head in his hands and kissed her, barely moving inside her. He smiled, just the slightest hint pulling at the sides of his mouth. She went lax underneath him and sighed.

“Show me your way again,” she whispered into his ear.

He was glad to oblige her.

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


  1. vanillamom

    i am so so so behind…and so very deeply *wink* glad that I had time to read this. Erotic, moving, and exquisitely crafted!


  2. Mystique

    One of the most confusing, myriad pieces I’ve ever read.
    That means it was very well done by the way, lol

    Rather than Tug of Love, felt like a Tug of Fear, but the switching and doubting and hesitation ad confusion between the two (especially the female) and how that manifested in their movement and acts was very well done.

    I felt as confused both of them did, but it added a lovely dimension of very subtle power play that kept the sex scene hot throughout the story.
    Can’t say I’ve experienced a storylike that before, very interesting read (and a bit of a mind trip) :p

  3. alex

    WOW. Very well done. Not sure what else to say, just for the simple fact that I have never read anything quite like this before.

  4. ximenawrites

    Thanks for the thoughful commentary.

    This is one of the stories that was heating up my HD for a while, because I didn’t know quite how it would be received. The sex was hot enough, but I felt the emotional element was…too heavy for the average smut reader.

    I’m happy that you all understood what I was trying to convey – her hesitation, and his desperation to get through to her.

    • Ximena, I would have been proud to write a story like this. The sex tells the story; and that’s the best kind of erotica. In truth, I think it’s the only way to write erotica well. Wow.

      And don’t worry about the average smut reader. I’ll bet they and appreciate a good story when they read it. :-)

  5. Amiele

    Yes. Again. Wow and just right…
    The ‘if it’s just hot hard sex, I can pretend I have no feelings towards the other’. And how quickly that pretense fails…
    Bacause well, sometimes, those two worlds entangle, whether we want it or not…
    It was beautiful!

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