This is the first time I’ve written in response to a prompt for #anything, but this is for #wankwednesday. I hope this is a good start. – X

She stooped suddenly to tie the ribbon at her ankle, and he bumped into her.

He was so hard she yipped before looking behind her. His face was twisted in a grimace of lust and misery.

“Timothy?” He was both familiar and strange, the face you see so often it blends into the crowd, becoming invisible.

She had been so focused on herself she’d never seen him following her form as she danced across the floor along with the other women. He’d been the unseen hand always ready with a cold bottled water or a fresh towel to dry the sweat from her limbs, whispering advice or encouragement.

Dancers appeared and disappeared in the shadows backstage – powdered wraiths, silent with concentration. The air tasted metallic with nervous energy, but her limbs still became languid with recognition. His gaze had been the reason she’d sometimes find she was wet after rehearsal. It had moved over her body, molding and caressing her… the heat that had made her muscles all the more pliable and strong.

Now she knew why her dance instructor had asked whether she’d gotten a private tutor.

He took a step closer, limping on his broken ankle.

“Where’d you come from?” Her voice sounded unnaturally high. She’d been stripped of her strength. Her nipples were visible underneath the beaded leotard. Her thighs tightened, poised to jump.

“I’ve been right here.” He looked down to the darkness extending from her legs. His narrow hips jutted forward, prow-like with arousal. She thought of saltwater, of copious sweat and the satisfying burn of straining muscles… of the smell of musk and the rhythmic wet sound as his cock hammered into her. Arousal hit her square in her belly, making her exhale sharply.

She knew that he had studied her body well – erotic kinesics – and had taken the time to figure out the motivation for each movement. Where others had guessed, he would know. And he would please her like none of them had ever done.

She extended her leg and gracefully put her foot between his, anchoring him to her. His eyes shone her way into the darkest corner backstage, where the heavy red curtain and the roar of the orchestra would muffle their cries.

Latest Comments

  1. Monocle says:

    Brava, Ximena. An excellent intro to WW! And a nice, compact little story.

  2. ximenawrites says:

    Thank you, Raz.

    Even I was surprised at how short it turned out… I forgot how interesting it can be to write to a prompt.

  3. paul1510 says:

    yes, a great little story, thank you.
    Warm hugs,

  4. Marie says:

    This was a fab short story.. So much going on in so few words.

  5. vanillamom says:

    truly, a dance of lust….there in the shadows, just out of sight…

    a delightful piece X!!!


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