• Not a Tool User

    I’m going for the tush trifecta today. Another quick exercise-level flash, originally from Twitter’s #fucktoyfriday, though in fact it’s decidedly anti-toy. –M Not a Tool User When presented with a lovely ass like yours, so sweet and soft and round, raised just so with the shiver of anticipation, I know those who swear by belts,… Continue Reading

  • Sweetheart

    Friday finally, home from work at the same time. It begins with a swat to your tush as we kiss our hellos in the doorway, accompanied by my “Daddy needs you, Sweetheart.” You know exactly what it means. With a glint in your eye you hop over to the couch and climb on, knees on… Continue Reading

  • Sleep

    — You look so peaceful in your sleep, love. Pretty and still. Innocent. Which makes me smile, because I know. All I have to do is pull down the sheet a little to see your night clothes hiked up and your hand tucked between your legs. Only a little more moving and looking shows your… Continue Reading

  • A Recurrence of Nightmares & Visions

    I’m very pleased to announce that my book of 100 dark, and I do mean dark, erotic flash fictions is back, at Burning Book Press. The fantasies we dare not tell. The ones we often won’t even admit to ourselves. We imagine them, unbidden, anyway. They lurk under our beds. They hide in our closets.… Continue Reading

  • What Now?

    I’ve made myself  little commitment, or challenge, to get back on the writing horse. I promised myself I’d spend 15 minutes a day, every day this month, writing. It may not be erotica, but it’ll be creative. It may also be junk, so not everything I produce will end up here. Plus, it’s always possible,… Continue Reading