Suck It

Hard Femdom ahead. All subsequent hard femdom stories will be posted on Obsidian Lens. If you like it, I want to hear from you! – X

He was bent over the ottoman naked save for a leather collar. His eyes already had that glazed look of anticipation that made her belly muscles tighten. She was taller than him in her stilettos, and she only wore a silk garterbelt and stockings on her well-turned legs. Her nipples glittered with tiny gold bars with a diamond hanging from each on a delicate chain – a collaring gift from him.

His back still had marks from their previous session, but his ass was unmarred by bruises. His cock and balls hung, tender and pink, between his slim thighs.

As her favorite author wrote: Such things were made to be loved.

Her nylons swished as she knelt beside him. He held his breath as her gloved hands moved up his thighs, pinching.

“Did you do exactly as I asked, boy?” She parted his asscheeks, exposing the puckered pink of his asshole. He twitched as she let a thin stream of saliva drip from her tongue onto him.

“Yes, Ma’am.” He was breathless. She slid two fingers inside him to the knuckle. The lines of his body blurred with the pleasure of her touch. They’d been working on opening him up for a while, but he was still exquisitely tight. Her clit throbbed as she found the hidden bump of his prostate and pressed. He groaned.

“Mmm, you like that?” His cock was already semi-hard and wet. His balls tightened. He nodded his head, his eyes already closed. He looked beautiful. “You like it when I finger your sissy cunt just like this, don’t you? She massaged his lower belly with her other hand until his hard cock  hit her knuckles with every thrust. She slid another finger deep inside him and moaned as he tightened. He arched and ground into her hand.

She grabbed his cock and pressed her middle finger between his balls. The separated liquidly around it as she rubbed the underside of his cock with her thumb. His smooth pale brow was shiny with sweat, and his lips were a feminine flushed rose over his five o’ clock shadow.

“I bet you want more,” she cooed at him. He nodded at her, his hazel eyes a rich caramel color with lust. His ass muscles tightened with each thrust, a reminder of his masculinity. His lips were parted and wet and she was tempted to drink from them…

She pulled her fingers out of his ass and stuffed them into his mouth instead. He retched they went in so deep – she was eager.

“Is that asshole clean enough for me?” She continued to tease his cock with her thumb as he licked her fingers clean. The sinuous strength of his tongue between her gloved fingers was maddening.

“Good boy.” He glowed. She walked to her toy table, stripping off her glossy black latex gloves – she wanted to feel the heat of his skin.

“Tell me a number between one and ten.” She grabbed a fine chain leash and clipped it to his collar. She pulled firmly for good measure and smiled when she heard him choke a bit. She raked her fingers in his thick hair from the base of his skull to his forehead and tugged playfully. “You’ve got to pay attention, pet. Anticipate my movements.” She pulled the chain over her head again, and this time he stood up without choking. She gave him a long, slow up and down look that made his cock twitch.

He smiled dreamily. She slapped his cock. “The number?” He was breathing so deeply she could see the distinct outline of his belly muscles with each breath. She grabbed a short crop off the table and knelt in front of him.

He nearly thrust his cock in her mouth, the cheeky bastard! She gave him a lash the made him squirm with agony.

“Pull any more shit like that and I’ll think you don’t respect me.” She lashed him at every other word. His knees trembled as she put a leather harness on his balls – she liked them tight, shiny and separated for her viewing pleasure. His peelslit was dripping precum and his musk made her want to hurt him for being so irresistible.

“Seven, Ma’am. Seven.”His cultured voice never failed to unnerve her. She loved it.

She stood up, letting his cock rub against her flat belly. “You want number seven?” She let his cock slide between her stockinged thighs and rubbed at him. He exhaled his hot sweet breath into her face. She walked dramatically to her toy table and held something behind her back. “Are you sure it’s what you want?” Her tone made him fidget, but he nodded.

She waved a brand new English tawse in his face. His lovely eyes widened in greedy delight. She walked around him, tickling him with the stiff leather.

“You like it?” He nodded vigorously. She smiled slowly, and his smile faded. “We’ll see about that.” She sat down on the ottoman with her knees spread just enough so he could see the wet lips of her pussy. He licked his lips even as she pulled viciously at his leash to get him to kneel in front of her. He moved to get on his hands and knees to lick her, but she laughed and tugged at his collar until their faces almost touched.

“Greedy fucking bastard, must you always compel me to be firm?” His face flushed as the collar cut off his air. His cock rubbed against her wetness. She moved to kiss him and he closed his eyes. His lips parted again, knowing how much she loved to suck on them. Before their lips touched, she pulled him firmly over her knee. His cock throbbed on the side of her thigh.

“I’m going to enjoy this a lot more than you are,” she said softly before she started to spank. The leather was still very new and soon his ass was crisscrossed with cruel red lines from the edges of the tawse. He grunted and trembled with pain, but his back remained arched for every blow. She lay the slapper on his back and pinched the bruised skin of his ass. Sweat made his asscrack slippery, and her fingers slid easily to his trussed balls. She tugged gently. His asshole winked at her – blew her a kiss. She wanted to kiss back.

She slapped his ass hard on the most vicious bruise, and he cried out beautifully.

“That feels so fucking good,” she said, and did it again. Her eyes were reduced to painted slits as she back-handed his ass, then slapped it again. Her pussy began to drip to her asshole right underneath his tight belly as his screams became more desperate – she wasn’t big, but she was strong. She made sure her bare hand spankings hurt. Her clit almost ached it was so hard – he was in agony, but he wasn’t moving away from her blows.

She let out a long, low groan. He held his breath, thinking she had climaxed. He was nearly right. Precum had made her thigh sticky and hot. She grabbed him by the hair and pouted at him. He struggled to focus his eyes.

“You silly, greedy little fuckin’ whore…” she whispered into his face. “You’ve ruined my brand new stockings.” He blinked at her, still lost. She thrust his head down to her thigh. “See? Look what you’ve done with your cock.” The stockings were dark and gleaming with wetness. His eyes were vacant. She rubbed his face hard on her leg. His nose cartilage clicked dangerously.

He tried to lick it clean, but she stood up and pushed his face to the floor hard enough to make a sound. “Stay.” She was frustrated, and it bothered her. She grunted and stepped on his cheek. She put weight on it. His ass wiggled, puppy-like.

“Painslut.” The word came out soft. She dug her stiletto heel in the muscle of his broad shoulder. He actually spread his knees a bit and arched as the heel dimpled his flesh. She pulled on the leash until his airway was constricted as she continued to trample him. His face reddened and he fidgeted, but his hands remained  by his head, palms down.

She sighed with the beauty of it.

She didn’t let up on the leash until he slapped the floor in desperation. Even then, she waited three long seconds before letting him catch his breath. His shoulders were now marked with dozens of little pinpoint bruises from her heel. He sucked in air greedily.

She sat down again, knees spread wide. His bulging eyes fell on her swollen cunt and he actually stopped breathing again. Her clit stuck out, eager and rose. She grabbed a handful of hair at the crown of his head with her fist and pulled his face into her cunt.

“Suck it like you want it, slut. Make me cum in your mouth.” He moaned as he made slow circles around it with his expert tongue. His trembling hands kneaded her calves gently, moving up. She tugged on his hair, but they still moved between her legs to massage her hot slick folds. Her grip loosened as his fingers curled inside her. She opened her eyes and saw he was looking at her. His eyes were reverent, luminous…


He knew she loved him between her legs, needed his tongue, his hands, and his cock as much as she did his misery. Her smooth belly was slick with sweat and her big, firm tits heaved with each ragged breath. His defiance grew with her pleasure. She had picked him because he was proud, but she couldn’t let him…

He massaged a particularly sensitive part inside her and she let out a rough groan. His tongue swirled on her swollen clit faster.

“Feed it to me, Mistress,” he whispered in between slow licks. She was temporarily soporific with pleasure – she didn’t want to care for a bit longer.

“French my cunt, suck it till it quivers.” Her tongue was heavy. Pride began to come off him in waves. He straightened up and looked deep into her eyes as he fingered her, his thumb rubbing up and down the little shaft of her clit. She shivered.

He had her, and he knew it.

She pulled a pair of handcuffs from underneath the ottoman and slammed them on his wrist.

“Oh no you don’t.” Her voice was rough with lust but her eyes were crystal clear. She dragged him to the other side of the room, and the other side of the cuffs clicked high on the base of her heavy brass bed. He was kneeling on the floor, one arm uncomfortably handcuffed over his head. She smiled. “That’s not the way this goes. You don’t take what I don’t choose to give you.” She handcuffed his other arm to the bed so his arms were spread wide.

He looked confused but gorgeous. She kicked his knees further apart until he was nearly sitting on his haunches  – he was handcuffed too high to sit properly. She played with his balls with the pointy tip of her heel. “So tight and full for me…”

He nodded.

She knelt in front of him and squeezed the head of his cock gently until he groaned. “I was so close to giving it to you, but you got too big for your own britches.” She slapped the underside of his cock fast. “I don’t flip-flop, honey. You will never top me.” She sucked  the head of his cock so eagerly the sounds bounced off the walls. His thigh muscles trembled. She took the base of his cock in her fist and rubbed her swollen lips up and down his shaft. His cock was fat and the perfect size – just enough to make her gag if she took it completely in her mouth. She did.

She tugged on his trussed balls as she deep-throated him, her tongue swirling around his crown  as she pulled out. When she looked up at him, his eyes beseeched. She laughed and pinched one of his nipples so hard he curled into himself. She straddled him.

“You want to give it to me, hmm? You want to come?” He swallowed hard and nodded. She nuzzled his face, rubbing her lips against his slick temples. His cock slid between her swollen lips and kissed her folds. Her lips settled on his ear. “How?” The handcuffs rattled.

“I want to bury my cock in your cunt and fuck you until you bathe me in your come then feed my jizz to you like you love.” His voice was rough and deep – he was speaking as a man, not a sub. She looked into his eyes as his cock slid slowly inside her. She tightened around him and began to move her hips.

“Like this?” she asked softly.

“Yes…” He licked his lips.

Her hips moved in wanton figure eights that got steadily deeper until he was in her balls deep. She held on by the collar and fucked him rough, her teeth bared and her eyes closed. Her breasts bobbed so hard the little diamond chains sang. He began to thrust his hips into her and his balls slapped on her perineum rhythmically. She twisted the collar in her hands and grunted. The steady slap of his balls and his cock stretching her insides finally pounded the orgasm right out of her. He cried out and fought his restraints, wishing he could bury his fingers into her ass and finish her off. She tightened deliciously around him, twitching around him and wetting him until her musk filled his nostrils.

“I’m gonna come,” he said, his brow furrowed with pleasure.

“Oh yeah?” she asked, continuing to ride him.

“Let me feed you, Mistress.” Her jaw tightened with temptation. She suddenly stood up and walked to the door. He stared at her, agog. She clicked her tongue at him.

“You didn’t think I wouldn’t punish you for that little stunt earlier, did you? Silly pet.” She laughed lightly before closing the door behind her. She walked to the kitchen, not caring about her wet thighs she was so hungry. She deserved a nibble after he had deprived her of her favorite snack of all because of his impertinence.

After grabbing a greek yogurt from the fridge, she looked down the hall at her bedroom door longingly.

The floor was hard, and his knees were bony. He would begin his penance soon.

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


  1. Oh this was very very well done.

    If you are going to put more behind the veil of Obsidian Lens, I want to see within! I didn’t think anything there was going to interest me, so I didn’t ask for access. If you have more of this, though…

    And what an ending. Nice.

  2. I’m terrible at commenting, never have before. Not sure what to say but I really enjoyed this post and many of your others. I enjoy how the internal dialogue sounds natural like what I would be thinking, noticing in a similar situation; it doesn’t jar me out of the sequence of events/the fantasy until it’s over. Anyhow, i’d really like to read future stories like this if you wouldn’t mind letting me behind the “lens” and I’ll make a concerted effort to drop a note or line in from time to time.

    • ximenawrites

      You don’t have to say anything clever to any of us in the comments. We’re just happy to see that you like what you read. You did brilliantly…

      Thank you.

  3. saucywriter

    This was a wonderful story of FemDom, quite the best I have had the pleasure of reading in a long time. It was highly-sexualised and a perfect example of the dynamics of power-play at their most extreme – a quite wonderful story.

    If I might make just one observation, however: Penitince is ‘the quality of being penitent’, one’s personal sorrow for having committed sin. Penance is the (usually voluntary) act of self-abasement or mortification to show that sorrow; the two are not synonyms although they have closely associated meanings. It is tiny things such as this that make a very good story a great story!

    Again, my heartfelt thanks for this wonderful piece of erotica.

    With all good wishes,


    • ximenawrites

      Thank you so much for commenting, saucy writer, and for taking the time to really tell me how you felt about the piece.

      I took it to heart – see above :)

  4. vanillamom

    You know i’m not a femdom bitch at all…yet i loved the tautness of this story…the pacing was intense, and i could *feel* her want building…his too, but this was almost more about her controlling both of their desires…

    an intense piece, m’dear, And so. damn. good!


  5. Squeaky

    *gasp* oh, gods, Ximena, I fucking lovelovelove it when you write femdom. you bring such a special, breathless reality to it – devoid of all the pathetic and nauseating posturing that seems to be generally associated with it. The unique intimacy you write with continues to blow me away. Can’t tell you how excited I am to read more.
    P.s. the expression on his face in the second pic…? Made of rawr!

    • ximenawrites

      The first two photographs are fantastic, right?

      The man is the first one looks like he was ripped right out of my imagination… he couldn’t be more my type.

      As for the posturing – I feel the exact same way. The sub should know how much he turns on his Mistress, if not, where’s the heart? It is a relationship – albeit a D/s relationship – and a relationship is a two-way street.

  6. lunadear

    I never thought femdom would be some thing that I be interested in reading, but I believe that I’ve read this post …hmmmm 20 times since it’s been posted. Love the visuals. Please more more more

  7. I love this Ximena. I finally read it and I love it. It’s great to read this from a woman’s perspective. You take me right into her mind and sex. I get it in a way I didn’t before. This inspires me to write some femdom, but you’re the master or, should I say, mistress?

    The thing that I really enjoy is knowing how much he turns her on.

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