Stroke It

I couldn’t help writing the continuation of Suck It. I hope you enjoy. -X


She cuddled deeper into the sofa and turned up the television. NOVA was on.

Agatha!” He extended the last syllable like a whiny teenager. She hadn’t bothered to put on clothes. She spread her legs and caressed her slit. She wasn’t worried about him – he could scream as loudly as he wanted to. It was a house, so no one would hear.


Her nipples hardened, and the little bars pierced through them felt cold.

He’d make her come if he said it like that again.

She drew slow circles around her clit thinking about his condition. Was he sweaty? Trembling? Was he hard, or had he gotten soft with the pain? Her vision blurred as she pressed into her hard clit.

She tiptoed to the door and pressed her ear against it. She could hear his breath – it was rough and quick. She opened the door.

“Oh God, I’m so-” He dripped sweat, and there were pools of it on the floor under his knees. Surprisingly, he was still semi-hard and the head of his cock was wet with precum. He’d loved the punishment as much as she had. She waved the handcuff keys in his face.  He winced at the reminder of his pain, but his cock bobbed up with a fresh burst of blood. He was hardening fast in her presence.

“You frustrated me, pet – made me go without.” She licked the salt from his erect nipples until he shivered. She tickled his balls softly. “I don’t know whether you’ve seen the error of your ways yet.”

His lower lip quivered like a boy’s. His eyes were liquid with entreaty.

“Will you be good if I set you free?” She squeezed his knees and he winced, biting his lower lip. She’d come in just in time. He would bruise, but just enough to remind him of their games for a day or two. He looked into her eyes, but didn’t say a word as her hands traveled up the back of his thighs to his ass.

“Answer me!” Her hands turned to claws on his firm flesh.

“Yes, Ma’am. I’ll be m-much better now.” That little stutter was deadly. She rubbed her body against him one as she unlocked the handcuffs. The strong smell of his lust fired her own. She wanted to bathe in his sweat. His arms dropped heavily to his side, but he still managed to caress her hips. She spread her knees until she rubbed at his bound cock and balls with her flat belly. The softness of her breasts against the tense hardness of his chest made his hips buck, but he did not try to touch her. He was a quick learner.

She grabbed a pillow and guided him to it with the leash. He crawled slowly, his jaw muscles clenched against the pain, but his eyes never left hers. She sat in front of him on the ottoman. Again, his eyes dropped between her legs, where she was now messy and fragrant with arousal. She knew his mouth was watering.

“Up!” she said, and pulled on the leash until he was on his knees. She gave him an appraising look. Most of the welts were gone, but there were a couple of good little bruises on his hips and thighs. As much as she liked the thought of another cropping session, she was horny.

She wanted to fuck.

She pinched each nipple until it was taut and deep rose, then sucked. He rocked on his knees at the delicious friction of her tongue after such hard pinching. She smirked. She made little circles with her thumb on the saliva-wet flesh of his areolas.

“Didn’t you tell me that this doesn’t do anything for you?” His cock pulsed fruitlessly in the air, dripping. “Do you like it when I play with your nipples?”

“It feels good, Ma’am. Very-” He arched and groaned when she bit his nipple. He trembled violently, and goose bumps make the hairs on his arms and legs stand on end. His reaction to nipple torture was beautiful to behold, but she had to take a moment.

“Stay.” He nodded once.

She went to her toy chest and looked through it, waiting for her heartbeat to slow. She couldn’t even look at him because she knew she would lose control, knock him down and ride his cock until they were both raw with friction burn… her hunger for him went beyond orgasm. She closed her eyes when she found a pair of clover clips on a chain and rode the enormous wave of lust.  She must be patient, because keeping her head while her body begged for release was the most exquisite part of the play.

He whimpered somewhere behind her and the chain leash rattled. His knees must be screaming regardless of the pillow. The fact that he had not dropped to his hands and knees to ease the ache was enough to make her pussy tighten slowly and forcefully. Her pussy lips were so swollen she felt her heartbeat between her legs.

“I have a little something to show you.” She held the clover clamps up to his face. “I want you to try them on for me.” He nodded his head quickly. Although they had never played with them, he must’ve known very well what they were. She massaged the flesh around his nipples until they were taut again, and pinched each one with the heavy clamp. He nearly went limp with pleasure.

“On your hands and knees,” she said, and jerked on the clip chain. He dropped with a groan and arched. When she let go of the chain, he sighed mournfully. She feasted her eyes on him. His face was flushed and sweaty and his eyes were cloudy with pleasure. She licked the sweat around her lips and leaned back. His cock bobbed pertly underneath him.

He was ready to take… or be taken. She pondered the possibilities for a minute as he savored the ever-present ache in his chest and knees.

Should she use one of her dildos on the clover clamps to vibrate his oversensitive nipples into a hands-free orgasm? Or maybe rim his tight starfish before fucking him with a strap-on until he paints her floor with come? Should she indulge his foot fetish and massage his cock and balls with her feet until he ruins her stockings?

She tried to think of something clever, but all she really wanted was to feed him her come until he nearly drowned in it. She sighed so deeply he gave her a questioning look.

“Get on your back.” The chain jingled as he obeyed. She straddled his head and crouched facing his feet until he could almost lick her. “If you do well, you’ll get your prize.” She sat on his face.

He grunted happily into her as his tongue worked its way from her opening to her clit. The tip of his nose tickled her asshole. She grabbed the chain connected to then nipple clamps and pulled viciously as she rode his face. His tongue danced so perfectly on her clit she lost her rhythm.

“Fuck, boy. You eat it like that and I’ll have to squirt on your face.” He groaned again and thrust his hips forward. His cock bobbed on his tight belly. He moved her little hood back with his lower lip and used the rough side of his tongue right on her bud. She lost strength in her legs and her full weight was on his face, but he grabbed her thighs and pressed her to him. He thrust his hips into the air rhythmically as her moans got more desperate and his belly was glossy with precum. The sensory overload and the promise of his hard cock buried in her still-twitching womb pushed her over the edge, and she came copiously into his waiting mouth. The orgasm was like riding a wave smoothly to shore – only an appetizer. She wanted more.

She moved smoothly down his body until she straddled his hips, and he slid easily into her.  The vision of his cock finally buried inside her, sucked and swallowed by her swollen lips was almost too much for him. He mewled and his hands hovered reverently a couple of centimeters from her quivering ass. He felt the delicious ache in his nipples deep in his belly. As she took him, he imagined the head of his cock nudging deep in her hallowed belly, still so tight from the orgasm he’d given her…

“I’m really close.” His voice was small. She turned to look at him but his eyes remained on her ass. She slowed down so she could feel the warning throb. She rubbed her sensitive clit and shivered on top of him. “Please, let me make you come again, Ma’am.” His hands turned to fists at his side. She crawled forward and he slid out of her.

She stuck her ass in the air and put her cheek to the floor. He sat up quickly and knelt behind her, but he was afraid to grab her without permission. She wiggled her ass impatiently. “Be a good pet and fuck the come out of me, hmm?” He grabbed her hips and plowed into her. They both cried out at the same time. Her smile faded and her fingers clawed into the floor as his cock reached the very center of her being – bless his heart but he had a big fucking cock – and her ears rang with pleasure. Her throat was hoarse from moaning and she began to tremble.

“Fuck me just like that, you fucking bastard!” It came out a whisper instead of an order he was so deep. She got on her hands and turned to him.”Say it.”

He reached around to fondle her clit as he fucked her.

“Goddamn it boy, say it! I want to hear you say it…” Her face screwed up with frustration. He stopped moving inside and felt her pulse softly around him. His hand caressed the sweaty skin of her ass.

“I want to fuck it into you…” He was a bit hesitant as he slid slowly into her.

She shivered. “Yes.”

He gained confidence. “…stretch you out, make you come on my fat cock…” His thrusts got deeper.

Her long hair stuck to the sweat on her back. “Don’t you stop, you incorrigible fuck…” She was getting rigid, and her breath sounded like a bellows.

He felt his come moving up his cock and his bruised knees shook on the floor. “I’m gonna fill you up with my come then keep fucking until I mix it with yours…”

“Oh no you didn’t…” she sat up with a wail and clawed at his arms as she came. Her pussy twitched so hard he could barely move, and her juices dripped off his balls. The lost look in her eye, seeing her lose control like that made him tighten painfully then let go. He bucked into her, never letting up as he did as he’d told her – he filled her up until he could felt his syrupy seed mix with her juices deep inside her.

They were both shaking as he withdrew and slid back to the floor. He was surprised when she laid beside him and wrapped her arms around him. She nuzzled his temple, then kissed him softly.

“You’re learning fast, pet. I could really get used to that.”

Now he was filled to the brim.

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


  1. vanianthicke

    Lots of vivid stuff here – one line I especially enjoyed is “his eyes dropped between her legs, where she was now messy and fragrant with arousal” – that’s some pud-pounding shit right there, lady. :-)

  2. vanillamom

    so sexy, so intensely erotic…i’m not a femdom person but. but. but… never fail to arouse me, my dear!

    i think i could melt the Antartic ice sheet right about now…


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