Sorry About The Mess

Sorry About The Mess ♦ A Photo Quickie by Ximena

Her head was beginning to swim, but she tried to hold still as he rubbed his hands over her sore ass. He’d been particularly vicious that day, ordering her on his lap without waiting to see whether she was in the mood. The look on his face had told her that she would’ve only suffered more if she argued, so she’d complied without a word.

He’d pulled down the white cotton panties that she wore while she menstruated and blushed when he’d not reacted at the string pinched between the oversensitive lips of her cunt – he knew that she had a thing about sex during her period, that it nauseated her, but he’d simply pointed to the floor and gently pushed her torso off his lap.

“What are you doing-” she’d asked, but he’d simply given her jiggling ass a squeeze as she wrapped her thighs around his slim hips.

“Elbows bent, palms to the floor. You can rest your cheek on the floor so the blood doesn’t rush to your head as quickly.”

She obeyed, and shivered against the wood. Her house shirt rode up to her shoulders and her naked breasts mounded over his cold bare feet. She wondered whether he had felt her nipples harden. He touched the rosy welts on her ass so painfully that she began to wiggle off his lap with the sting.  He smacked her ass hard enough for her to grunt into the floor.

“Wrap your legs around me, tight!” She whimpered and obeyed again. His hands caressed the insides of her thighs softly, then pulled at her panties to get a better look at her pussy. He pinched her lips closed near her clit and stroked until she began to lose strength in her legs, then tugged on the tampon string.

She felt a hot flash of anger and tried to wiggle free.

“Please don’t. You know this is the one thing I just don’t like, it’s too messy,” she said, and lifted her head. She heard him unzip his jeans and pull himself out of his boxer shorts. She lifted her torso with her arms and squealed when she felt two saliva slick fingers slide into her asshole and spread her open.

“oh god,” she whispered reverently, surprised at how good it felt. He chuckled above her.

“Stay still, or I’ll fuck you whether you want me to or not — I’m not afraid of your wrath,” he said as he worked his fingers inside her and grabbed greedily at her ass.

“Mmmm…you’d be surprised how delicious you smell,” he said, as he observed her begin to drip and make the plump cleft of her cunt glisten with her arousal. She breathed deeply and jiggled her ass for him. He moved one of his hands to the small of her back and pulled.

“Just a little bit higher,” he whispered, and she pushed until she felt his warm breath on her stinging skin. He grabbed her cheeks firmly with both hands and licked the hot flesh of her ass slowly. His stubble prickled her, and her clit throbbed. He licked her perineum and started to rub her clit with his thumb. She moaned and tried to lift her ass higher, temporarily forgetting about her condition and aching to feel his tongue on her.

“Look at that wet pussy,” he said, and clucked regretfully. “Pity it’s off-limits.”

She shook her head at the floor. She wanted him to make her come, and she didn’t care anymore…if he didn’t care about the mess, why should she?

“You can do whatever you want,” she said, and moaned as he slid his fingers between the swollen lips of her cunt and pinched them lightly. I’d forgotten how good it felt to be touched when I’m so sensitive, she thought, and squirmed as he tickled the opening of her cunt. He tugged on the string again and she bore down to help him pull it out, but he let go and gave her pussy a slap.

“No,  you’re right. I think I’ll respect your wishes today.” She pouted with frustration. She tried to get up, but his hands turned to claws on her ass and he pushed hard enough for her to bang her cheek painfully on the floor. Her eye started crying from the pain, and her face slid on the slick wood. She knew he was punishing her for being so contrary, but didn’t he know that she was over-emotional at this time of the month?

It isn’t fair, she thought, and hiccupped back a sob. He pinched the flesh of her breasts with his toes, and she arched. He thrust his hips forward, and the head of his cock parted her pussy lips. She tried to grind on him, but he smacked her ass again. He held her hips firmly in place.

“Stay,” he said breathlessly, then he began to slide his cock against her slit, watching it swallow his length and make it glossy with wetness. His mouth watered and his eyes took in her lovely ass as he moved his hips back and forth against her. The crown of his cock caught deliciously on her throbbing cunt, then at her clit. Her pussy lips turned a darker shade of rose with arousal. He spread her ass cheeks to look at her winking at him as he jerked himself off on her. He was so aroused his lips tingled and throbbed and his toes curled while they pinched her hard nipples. Her thighs tightened around his waist with the sudden pain, but her clit twitched and throbbed on the underside of his cock. His balls tightened and his pulse quickened, and he licked his lips and pulled her closer toward him, loving the way the firm skin of her ass dimpled around his grasping fingers. He growled when her thighs began to twitch around his hips…she was closer to coming than he was.

He slid his index finger in her ass to the first joint and squeezed her plump pussy lips closed around his cock. She quivered, and he sighed and bit his lip with concentration. He ground the underside of his cock slowly on her clit, pulsing up and down, and rolled his eyes with pleasure as the head slid on the smooth wet flesh of her perineum. She dripped so freely on him that it was beginning to trickle down her belly toward her breasts, and her hands were clenched into fists against the wood floor. He moved down so that the crown of his cock caught on her clit again, and she came so hard that he had to hold her legs down so that she wouldn’t kick him.  He watched her cream and surge around his dick, then he spread her open and watched her pussy pulse around the wet little thread. He pressed a clean finger into her, and she groaned softly underneath him.

What a pity, he thought,  then came as her pussy grasped his finger firmly. He took it slow, letting the intensifying waves of the orgasm wash over him as he pressed his head against the still twitching opening of her cunt and filled it with come.

She sighed raggedly as he pulled her panties back on and helped her to her feet. He caressed her sweaty face, but she waved him away and wobbled to the bathroom. His cock twitched again when he noticed that the insides of her thighs were glossy with their mixed juices.

“Sorry about the mess,” he said, and tucked himself back into his pants.

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am

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