Like A Virgin

A long, gratuitous bit of smut injected with a bit of humor. It’s been too long – I forgot how fun it can be to write.

A little hint: the title is misleading…X


She started to giggle uncontrollably. He stopped kissing her and gave her a wounded look.

“What are you laughing at?” They were still new, and her laughter wilted him. She trembled with it. Her eyes watered and her mascara ran. “Seriously, what’s so damn funny?” She took a couple of breaths and let loose another peal of laughter. He tried to lift her off, but she just wrapped her legs tighter around his waist.

“I’m so-” giggle “-sorry, baby-” snort. She laid her head on his shoulder until it passed. When she looked at him, her face had black trails of eye makeup. Strangely, it only added to her allure.

“Are you going to tell me what the hell is so funny?” She bit her lip to keep from starting up again and nodded.

“It’s the way you grab on my ass. You grunt like a little pig, greedy.” She made the sound and giggled. He frowned, and she kissed his temple. “Don’t be upset. I’m flattered I bring that out in you. It’s been a while.” She bit his neck softly.  He was hard again almost immediately. “So you like my ass, huh?”

“I love it.” He squeezed to reinforce his point.  She pulled off her jeans, but left her panties on…an innocent pink cotton thong. The crotch was darker with wetness. He reached to pull it off, but she wiggled free.

“You want me?” He nodded and tried to reach for her again.

“You remember the first time I jerked you off? We hadn’t fucked yet, and you exploded like a geyser all over my dress…” she pulled off her shirt and bra at the same time and he groaned at the sight of her nipples hardening.”…I want to do that again.” He wanted inside her, but she was good with her hands. Very good.

“Sure,” he said, spreading his legs and extending his arms on the back of the sofa. She didn’t kneel between his knees or sit by him, and he became curious. “So…?” She smiled and fidgeted like she did when she wanted something.

“I want to try something different, something a bit kinky.” He was intrigued. She kissed him, a deep tongue kiss that made his balls tight. “lay down on the sofa.” He was so eager he hit his foot painfully on the coffee table. “You ready?” He nodded. She straddled him, facing his cock, and leaned toward his face. The wet thong was wedged deep between her ass cheeks. Her pussy lips nearly swallowed the thin strip of cloth. As he sighed, he realized he could smell her. When he tried to touch her, her thighs tightened around his arms – he couldn’t move them. He groaned in protest. She laughed.

“No touching.” Her hand moved underneath the cloth of her panties. Her fingers were instantly wet. The string moved so he could see her winking asshole. He whimpered. “Is it pretty?”

“Fuck yes.” Her wet hand began to stroke his cock. She didn’t touch the head, but moved her fist on his shaft. He was already throbbing. She wiggled, and her ass cheeks wobbled enticingly…but he couldn’t see her asshole anymore. She leaned into him so that the wet cloth rubbed on his chin as she stroked. He felt her clit underneath and groaned. She moved away before he could bite the cloth aside to get at her. She massaged his balls gently as she jerked, maddeningly slow. She blew at the wet head of his cock, breathed into him so that he knew how close her mouth was.

“You get wet so quickly. It’s really sexy,” she said. She let go of his balls and reached into her panties again. He could hear the tempting squish of her fingers in her wetness. “You’re the first man who has me beat.”

She stuffed her sodden fingers in his mouth, giving him a taste. His arm muscles bulged as he sucked and nipped at them. She slapped his mouth. “That hurt.” Again, he could see her asshole. She rubbed the remaining wetness on her fingers in it and slid her middle finger inside.

He hadn’t dared to touch her there yet, since he’d been afraid she wouldn’t like it. Her finger slid inside easily, and she moved it in and out just inches from his face. Her hand jerked harder.

“You want it, don’t you?” she asked, and slid a second finger inside her asshole.  Her panties covered her slit, but he didn’t care. He could still smell her musk. The whole panel was dark rose with wetness, and her clit was a firm little knot pressing at the wet cloth. She winked and squeezed around her probing fingers, and he strained forward to lick. She moved so he could only taste the air right in front of it. She kneaded his balls and stroked with one hand. He grunted. She squeezed around the base, making his foreskin swallow the head. The delicious stretch mixed with watching her finger herself made him squirt on her wrist. She stopped jerking, her hand a fist right underneath the head.

“Uh-uh. Not before me…” she fingered herself deeper, opening herself up. “You think you can fit inside yet?” she asked. Her fist pulsed slowly on him, keeping him at the edge. He moaned and shook his head. She let go of his cock.


“No, not yet,” he said, and she began to stroke his shaft again. He was aching to feel her hand, her pussy, her mouth on the head of his cock, but her thighs were deceptively strong. He couldn’t move. Moreover, he didn’t want to. She wet a third finger in her pussy and slid it inside her ass with a drawn out moan that made him squirt again. She stopped stroking and squeezed around the base again as her fingers moved deeper. He wanted to finger her pussy and her ass as she stroked him, feel both holes tighten around his fingers when she came. She started to hump her hand, and he could see the deep pink inside of her asshole. He drooled a little onto his chin. Her moans got harsher, and her thighs glistened with wetness. Her fingers were inside her to the knuckle and she pounded into herself with a gusto he’d only seen in pornos. He was shocked into silence.

“I’m gonna come,” she said, and for a second, he didn’t believe her. He couldn’t be that lucky…she squealed, and wetness dripped freely onto his chin as she squirted. Her asshole contracted so hard she couldn’t finger herself anymore, and her face was pink and smiling with exertion. She sat on his chest, panting softly, as her pussy juice soaked into his shirt.

“That was good,” she said. He grunted. “What’s the matter?” She drummed her wet fingertips on the underside of his cock.

“I want to come too.” She leaned into him and sucked his balls into her mouth. She rolled them around with her tongue like fucking everlasting gobstoppers. That had never happened before, and his toes curled so hard they ached. She circled his asshole, then slid her finger inside it as she sucked. It hurt, but then she moved it and pressed something that made him nearly sit up with pleasure. She giggled.

“Whoa there. I almost went head over heels,” she said into his perineum. “Relax.” Her tongue snaked over his hole (he’d never felt that before Jesus it was delicious) and then her finger muscled its way inside again. She lapped at his balls like a kitty as she massaged deep inside him, stroking his cock but never touching the head. He arched underneath her, groaning deeply. Precum wept out of the head of his cock.

“Is that all you’ve got for me?” she said softly, her breath caressing him where she refused to lick. “I know you want to give me more, don’t you?” She waited, and her hands stopped moving.

“Yes, yes, I want to give you more,” he said. Her hands started moving again, and he whimpered sweetly. He opened his eyes and her pussy was spread open just inches from his mouth, wetting him to the skin. He’d never wash that shirt. The cloth had moved, and he could see both openings, pussy and ass, twitch slowly as she fondled him. She blew on the head of his cock, and the pressure inside him increased. He felt on the edge of a huge orgasm, but he couldn’t come. He started to tremble.

“You want to come. Do it.” Her finger didn’t stop moving, and her fist moved faster on his shaft. A creamy bead of come appeared on his head, and she cooed with pleasure. “Ooh, that’s it…give me more.” She massaged his shaft until the  bead was a pearly streak that dripped down to her fist. She wanted to taste him, but it wasn’t time yet. He spread his legs like a woman and bore down on her hand. His puckered little asshole swallowed her finger hungrily, and she took a risk. She spit onto her finger and slid another one in. He grunted and bucked underneath her.

“Oh fuck-” It felt so good it hurt. He didn’t care what anyone thought about what he was letting her do. “I want more.” He was surprised by his own request. She wasn’t.

“No, baby. Not until you fill my mouth with come.” Her fingers moved in tight circles inside him, coaxing him. The veins on his neck stuck out and he wheezed with the pleasure of it – it felt more intense than an orgasm, but he hadn’t ejaculated yet. He got the sudden fear that he’d lose it in a way that would put her off.

“Please, I can’t anymore…” He dripped come freely, and she finally licked up his shaft while her other hand milked him.

“Yes you can,” she said. She licked his balls clean and bit the inside of his thigh hard enough to offset the pleasure. He spurted once, twice, but felt no release. His eyes began to burn with frustration. He raised his knees toward his chest until they pressed around her waist.

“Look at you, spreading like a virgin for me.” She sighed onto his cock and kneaded firmer. She wanted him to shiver like leaf in the breeze before she gave him release. He did feel a bit like a virgin; he was stupid with pleasure like he hadn’t been in years. Did women feel this vulnerable when they were first entered? He thought back to his first virgin, the way the girl had winced underneath him, silent with sensation.

She cooed between his legs. Her bottom wiggled in front of him, temptingly close. When this was over, he was going to pin her underneath him and fuck her ass balls deep. He was going to cross her arms over her back and ride her until she was full of his come and she was a whimpering, sweaty mess. He’d show her who was the man… she pressed oppressively hard into him, both inside and over his perineum, and he cried out.

“It’s time, honey,” she said, and sucked the head of his cock into her mouth. She rubbed the rough side of her tongue on his super sensitive cockhead and he arched underneath her, lifting her off the sofa. Pleasure exploded deep in the pit of his belly and shot up to his brain like an arrow…he thought the top of his head would blow off, but she didn’t stop massaging. Her expert mouth sucked every last bit of him until he she’d drained him inside and out. He felt wrung out as a dishrag.

She finally got up, and the sides of his arms tingled as the blood circulated.

“Kiss me, please,” he said, surprised by his subdued tone. He crawled off the sofa still trembling and got on his knees in front of her. He offered his mouth to her and she kissed him, her lips curved into a mischievous smile.

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


  1. paul1510

    damn, if that was a bit of fun, I’m not sure that I would dare to read you when you are serious.
    This must be one of your hottest yet, fabulous!!!
    Why have I never met a girl like that???
    Warm hugs,

    • ximenawrites

      Ha ha!

      When I’m serious, it’s a free-for-all that would make Bacchus blush! (Just kidding.)

    • ximenawrites

      Thank you so much, Harrison (May I call you Harrison?) Welcome aboard, and I hope you’ll feel comfortable enough to comment again. I love to hear from readers…

      I’m glad you liked it as much as I liked writing it :)

  2. vanillamom


    twice in one day.

    i know better, X, i seriously know better.

    Dayam, i’m gonna be squirmy all night.

    This was delightful, funny and hawt! Swear to Gawd, it was like the first time Master and i were together, and i broke out laughing like a loon…just from the joy of the pleasure, but it was a wickedly delightful memory…thanks for bringing it back to me in this delightful, and arousing, piece of work!


    • ximenawrites

      Don’t you know how much I love to make you squirm, Nilla? It tells me I’m doing right by you. :P

      Laughing during sex can be a sign of unbridled pleasure and joy, not derision. I’ve done it, but never to be cruel…and I’m glad my companion took it as a compliment and not an insult.

  3. Well, it might have been gratuitous, but there was a lot of truth in there about the power games underpinning intimacy (my inner feminist appreciated the woman winning hands – or should that be fingers? – down), plus the awkwardness and outright ridiculousness of moments of absolute pleasure. “He’d never wash that shirt again” genuinely made me laugh.

    • ximenawrites

      //“He’d never wash that shirt again” genuinely made me laugh.//

      To think I nearly deleted it, thinking it silly. I guess that should be the point, right?

  4. vanianthicke

    Once again, you take me back to my single days of unbridled kinky fuckage and suckage. Specifically, the young lady who I dub the “tuchus tactile terrorist” – in other words, she who gushed with great glee as she poked my prostate via pleasurable penetration whilst playfully pumping my painfully perpendicular pud. Any guy that has never experienced a volcanic buildup of blast-tastic baby batter courtesy of a naughty girl simultaneously doinking his hoop and stroking his Beef Luftwaffe truly hasn’t lived.

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