Sweet Sacrifice

“Excuse me, miss?”

She turned from her pow-wow with a drunk middle-aged woman and smiled. She recognized him immediately, since she’d received a photograph of him on her cell phone earlier that evening.

“Give me one second.”

She turned back to the woman, whispered something in her ear, and stroked her hair.

“Thank you,” the woman said, her voice hoarse with cigarettes and sorrow.

She downed the rest of her club soda, nodded at the bartender, and stood up. She let him lead her out of the bar, past the small knot of people smoking their cigarettes just outside the door, past the parking lot, and into a narrow alley.

She pressed him to the brick and squeezed his semi-hard cock through his jeans. He reached for his wallet with a trembling hand as she stroked him and pulled out three crisp twenties.

“Is this alright?” he grunted as she unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxers. She got on her haunches in the alley. She squeezed the head of his cock with one hand as she tucked the money in her shoe. She could tell which ones were truly needy, and that man was hungry…he wore a tarnished wedding band and brand new boxers.

She pressed against him, and he groaned helplessly. Although he’d been the one who’d sought her out, he acted as if he was being accosted. She blew her breath on his parted lips, and his hands finally moved to her ass. He gave it a test squeeze.

“You know I’m a sure thing, right?”

She laughed rustily  and moved one of his hands  between her legs. He shivered when he felt wetness, and the side of his mouth twitched. She thrust her hips forward, and his searching fingers went inside her.

He looked as dumbly aroused as a teenager – it was endearing and heart-rending at the same time.

She was about to get on her haunches to suck him off when he shook his head.

“Um…can I…uh…”

She already knew what he was going to ask. “I’m clean.”

She was.

He knelt on the pavement and gave her a disarmingly grateful look before lifting the front of her skirt. He spread her thighs apart to get a good look at her cunt and gave the sweetest sigh when he saw her lips were wet. She ran her fingers through his salt and pepper hair and pulled him forward until his lips touched hers, but he reared back. He wrapped a hand around her knee and pulled gently.

“May I?”

She lifted her leg and put it over his shoulder. He sighed with satisfaction at the sight of her parted pussy lips. He looked up at her questioningly again, a conditioned reaction.


He went straight for her clit. Oh, this one was starving. His tongue moved to the opening of her cunt to taste her, then back up to her clit to make a slow soft circle before sucking her into his mouth again. She swelled and throbbed in his mouth, and her knee started to shake as he swirled his tongue up and down her slit. She didn’t even realize she was moaning until he let her hard clit slide out of his mouth and shushed her.

“There are people around!”

She  giggled sweetly and nodded, and his eyes flashed nostalgically.

He stood up and held his hard cock like an offering. She dropped to her knees and kissed the head softly, tasting the salt in his precum. She grasped his balls and tugged on them, and he bit back a groan above her. He wouldn’t take long…

She relaxed her throat and took as much of his cock as she could into her mouth, but there were still a couple of inches left when she felt the head stretch the back of her throat. She moaned as her tongue swirled and undulated on him, and a little drop of saliva dripped from the corner of her mouth and off her chin. She fondled his balls and squeezed rhythmically on the throbbing base of his cock as she sucked, and she tasted a rare sweetness that made her anxious for what came next. His thigh muscles loosened and tightened against her shoulders as she sucked and tugged and licked.  Just as she began to taste his climax, he pulled out of her mouth and trembled against the wall. His cock glistened and pulsed softly just inches from her face.

She reached into her bra and pulled out a condom. She tore the package open with her teeth and started to slide it on his cock, but grasped her wrist.

“He told me that for a little more, you’ll let me come inside you.”

He had the same beseeching look in his eyes – that of a man who knew he was begging for something that should already be his.

“Make it an even hundred; He’ll be pleased.”

His cock bobbed sharply as he reached for his wallet, but she walked into him so his cock slid against her slit.

“Don’t worry about it until later. I know you won’t cheat Him.” He grabbed her waist.

“I want you from the back.” She got up against the wall, arched her back, and spread her legs. He looked at the silky cleft of her ass, and she wiggled it and giggled.

“Do it in the name of the…” He shot forward and slid inside her. He was much bigger than normal, and her mouth fell open as he thrust himself balls deep. He reached around and started to pull and rub on her clit as he fucked her, but she didn’t made a sound – she could barely breathe. All she heard were the wet sucking sounds of her tight pussy grasping his cock and his breath in her ear. He reached into her blouse with his free hand and pinched her nipples, and she had to bite her lip not to moan.

What a bittersweet sacrifice, she thought as he jerked off her clit and fucked her with his eyes closed. She knew he might be thinking of sweeter times with his wife, or maybe just trying to remember the feel of her, of a tight wet pussy just as eager for his cock as his cock was for it.

She knew, and she understood.

She ran her fingers through his hair as he thrust into her. He licked her earlobe and grunted in approval. She ground her ass against him and turned her eyes to heaven like St. Theresa when she was pierced by an Angel’s golden spear. She felt sanctified, joyful, free.

Her orgasm was intense and sweet. It spread slowly from her pussy to her chest, then to her limbs until the hand in his hair not only stroked, but pulled. The stars twinkled a bit more brightly as her cunt pulsed forcefully around his cock, and a perfect V of geese flew past the full moon.

It was almost like a blessing from above…

She heard his orgasm before she felt it. He held his breath for a couple of seconds as he thrust into her, then he groaned roughly into her ear and released his seed deep inside her. He twitched inside her, and his balls tightened and loosened on her perineum as he emptied years of frustration into her.

“It’s alright, let it all out,” she cooed into his ear, and soon he was spent. She tapped his shoulder, and he sighed and stepped away from her. His penis was glossy and limp – satisfied, at least for a little while. He stuffed himself back into his pants and dropped to his knees in front of her.

“Thank you so very much.” He  pressed his sweaty forehead against her belly. She put her hand on the top of his head.

“Go and be happy with your wife,” she said and caressed his face. As he was reaching for his wallet, he saw something on the pavement between her legs and grabbed it. He held up a delicate chain strung with a crucifix and a simple gold circlet. Her eyes widened.

“Thank you.” God was truly with her on that night.

He also pressed a couple of hundred-dollar bills into her palm. “A donation – for your ministry.”  She tucked the money into her bra as he walked away.


She retrieved her purse at the bar, and then hailed a cab.

“St. Bart’s, if you please.”

The driver nodded and turned up his radio. As he drove, she took a closer look at the necklace and saw that the clasp had broken – it would be easy enough to fix. She polished the gold band on her skirt and slid it back on her left ring finger as the cab lurched to a stop in front of a church that lumbered in the dark, almost as if in slumber. She tried to pay the cab driver, but he shook his head and pointed at the rosary swinging from his rear-view mirror.

“No charge.”

She smiled and made a quick cross in the air toward him, and he crossed himself and drove away. She walked into the sanctuary and touched her fingers on the holy water and put it on her forehead. Her heels clicked loudly on the warm stone floor, but there was no one praying except a familiar figure in the front pew.

She slid into the pew directly behind him, knelt, and waited until he was done with his devotions. After a while, he whispered an Amen and turned toward her.

“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned,” she said as she pulled the money out of her purse. He took it and tucked it somewhere in his robes.

“God is merciful, and He forgives all trespasses done for the Greater Good, Sister,” he said, and she finally looked up at his comfortably lined face.

“Praise Him,” she whispered, and her eyes were glossy with tears of joy as she looked up at the gilded altar.

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


    • ximenawrites

      You know Paul, this story started out as something a great deal more conventional.

      As a woman who grew up going to church, this particular iteration was a bit of a surprise even to me. I’d rejected the idea of sacred prostitution as perversion in the thin guise of worship…a cheap excuse to fuck a strange woman/man in the name of their token household god.

      It’s funny how age and experience begin to skew the crisp lines of morality so carefully drawn up in childhood.

  1. oh snap!
    sorry, I don’t know why that’s my reaction, but as a fallen away catholic this was hot and oh-so-wrong! Fantastic twist, I had no idea what was coming.
    Loved it ximena :D


  2. nilla

    oh geeze that was hawt….the scene in the alley…the “he knows you won’t cheat him” line making complete sense…after…

    sneaky, and delightful (and kinda wrong…you know what i mean?! *grin*)

    and X? I *loved* it.


    • ximenawrites


      I thought you might like how her Master might’ve been the big Him…or was she really answering to the older man she gave the money to in the church? Pick your pleasure.

      A young, beautiful religious woman can be manipulated to do interesting things when she’s desperate…and impressionable.

  3. vanillamom

    was she desperate? i don’t think so…compassionate, passionate, to be sure…she understood the sacrifice, that a sacrifice is oft called for in matters of the spirit, yes?

    and she gave, willingly, it seemed to me, of the gifts that had been born in her.

    i think it was a marvelous piece…skewed, perhaps, but what solace religion could bring if *willing* participation in the JOY of flesh, rather than the mortification of it was regular ‘practice’…


    • ximenawrites

      Oh Nilla!

      You described far more beautifully than even I ever could have. Thank you.

      She did have an almost virginal eagerness and ‘wide-eyed’ view of sex, didn’t she? Since she did it for what she perceived as the greater good, she wasn’t prey to the guilt and shame that inhibits far too many people from enjoying sex as it was meant to be – open, frank, and fun.

      If done right, even with a stranger, it certainly can have traces of the divine.

  4. vanillamom


    well, as an ardent, yet mellow pagan…i understand that sacrifice is often part of the wholeness of life, of which religion should be a part, no matter your particular view.

    there was a …hmm… a lightness of being as she played with her stranger…and the money, while it shocked me at first, was more a balm to his conscience (reminscent of the Catholics of earlier era’s paying for sins…do they still do that?) than a fee for her body, imho.

    i think this was a very thought provoking piece, wrapped in a gorgeous taste of divine chocolate, if you will. *grin*

    And i thank you for your kind words. This was a really excellent piece of writing, X…one you should be very proud of.


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